21 October 2010

A Rainbow of Miku

by 21:45
Today, we'll take a look at some custom Miku which I happened to stumble across from VERY avid fan, if I may add.

So, I've been following Itabeya-san for almost 6-7 months now, ever since he started his blog about a year ago.
During the 5th re-release of the Nendoroid Hatusne Miku, he highlighted a few other works from some acquaintances.

This was when I came across one particular blogger, "おとーちゃん / Oto-chan". His collection of Miku related merchandise is ridiculously large, from plushies to prize figures and even limited editions before turning towards custom paint nendoroids.

Note:Will be on a trip to SW Australia for a week, back on next Sunday (31/10/10)

18 October 2010

A Certain Sparky Post!

by 18:20
"I-It's not like M-Misaka posted this for y-your sake, y-you know? 
S-She's just doing it f-for someone e-else", says deredere Misaka.
Like Biribiri expressed, I'm not actually doing for your sake........maybe. (*゚ー゚)
*NSFW content included. You've been warned*

14 October 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#10)

by 23:24
It went "KYUN", ya hear?

Heyya, it's October. And like every month, I drag thyself to bring you goodies. But hey, I've got a Nanasaki motivator cheering my on, so all's good.

We've finally reach that double digit month "10", which goes for this comparison as well. It's amazing how I could keep this particular monthly post alive for 10 months and hopefully as long as I can. .
So here's your complimentary news before he head off to the comparisons;

The new international terminal of Tokyo's Haneda Airport has been shown to the press prior to its opening on 21st October.

The interesting part is not the fact it's five-story floor space has three times the area of Tokyo Dome, or that it could house 100 shops, or the fact it has a zone recreating a town in the Edo Period, but the fact an area dedicated to anime character merchandise shops for travellers, right at the airport!

Me thinks it's a great idea and can't wait to visit Haneda's new terminal soon.

Anyway, this new terminal is said to double the airport's current operational capacity to 400,000 annually, once the new D-Runway is completed as well. Seems my country is listed on the arrival side of the new terminal, so that's certainly something to look forward to. Check your route to see if you land at th new international terminal too.

On another happy note, I've finally finished my papers and plan to kick back, relax and watch all 38 titles in the comfort of my cool home, in contrast to the skin-blistering heat I've been enduring for the past few days.

Fans are rendered useless with air-condition units my only salvation left, which can only be switched on during the night.

And the drought season is just over the horizon....

Now back to comparisons.

It seems I've bitten off more than I can digest. Initially, I planned to cover 248 characters, with 124 seiyuus for the next three months, with some OVA/OAD occasionally covered, escalating the initial target. This is by far the largest comparison coverage in a season.

So this immense load resulted in some self-reflection on why I continue this blogging business in the first place. Personally, I think social networks killed the blogging community, as people can enjoy games, chat, and other fun stuff which you can't when posting your own nonsense for others to view what you're ranting about. So you could say I'm against social networks, which now determines whether one is still alive by their updates. >_>

But, hey. We all know I love abusing myself, right?
Planned to enlist a helper to bear some of this season's pain, but why share this overwhelming load when I can have it all to myself?

So this month's theme is "blast to the past", as we review some older roles these seiyuu previously casted in, since I'm feeling rather nostalgic and started to watch some oldies again. You might not recognize them, unless you've covered some older/ non-mainstream stuff back in the days, but try your best, ya?

Seiyuu Comparisons

Nanasaki Ai                                             Li Meiling

For some reason, her call name is just "ゆかな". Nothing more.
But to my surprise, she casted in a very old favourite series of mine.
And one more thing; HANDS OFF NANASAKI.
[Shintani Ryoko]

Sakurai Rihoko                                  Sakuraba Milfeulle

Cookies for those who remember Sakuraba. Galaxy Angels anime is craptacularly boring, void of any plot. I followed the manga instead, with "real" adventures and it's much better than it's anime adaptation. 
[Nazuka Kaori]

Ayatsuji Tsukasa                                     Oomichi Miyabi

Twas happy to get to watch one last OVA of G.A. I love easy going shows like these, which reminded me of Hidamari Sketch for the most part. 

01 October 2010

Guess What's This???

by 17:11
I'll be busy over the weekend studying for my next 2 papers (yeah, right >_>), with the following Friday being my last. So here's a teaser of the next update on what's to come.
Try guessing what's this, but the colours might have given it away;

Hint: Sale ends today...
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