14 October 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#10)

by 23:24
It went "KYUN", ya hear?

Heyya, it's October. And like every month, I drag thyself to bring you goodies. But hey, I've got a Nanasaki motivator cheering my on, so all's good.

We've finally reach that double digit month "10", which goes for this comparison as well. It's amazing how I could keep this particular monthly post alive for 10 months and hopefully as long as I can. .
So here's your complimentary news before he head off to the comparisons;

The new international terminal of Tokyo's Haneda Airport has been shown to the press prior to its opening on 21st October.

The interesting part is not the fact it's five-story floor space has three times the area of Tokyo Dome, or that it could house 100 shops, or the fact it has a zone recreating a town in the Edo Period, but the fact an area dedicated to anime character merchandise shops for travellers, right at the airport!

Me thinks it's a great idea and can't wait to visit Haneda's new terminal soon.

Anyway, this new terminal is said to double the airport's current operational capacity to 400,000 annually, once the new D-Runway is completed as well. Seems my country is listed on the arrival side of the new terminal, so that's certainly something to look forward to. Check your route to see if you land at th new international terminal too.

On another happy note, I've finally finished my papers and plan to kick back, relax and watch all 38 titles in the comfort of my cool home, in contrast to the skin-blistering heat I've been enduring for the past few days.

Fans are rendered useless with air-condition units my only salvation left, which can only be switched on during the night.

And the drought season is just over the horizon....

Now back to comparisons.

It seems I've bitten off more than I can digest. Initially, I planned to cover 248 characters, with 124 seiyuus for the next three months, with some OVA/OAD occasionally covered, escalating the initial target. This is by far the largest comparison coverage in a season.

So this immense load resulted in some self-reflection on why I continue this blogging business in the first place. Personally, I think social networks killed the blogging community, as people can enjoy games, chat, and other fun stuff which you can't when posting your own nonsense for others to view what you're ranting about. So you could say I'm against social networks, which now determines whether one is still alive by their updates. >_>

But, hey. We all know I love abusing myself, right?
Planned to enlist a helper to bear some of this season's pain, but why share this overwhelming load when I can have it all to myself?

So this month's theme is "blast to the past", as we review some older roles these seiyuu previously casted in, since I'm feeling rather nostalgic and started to watch some oldies again. You might not recognize them, unless you've covered some older/ non-mainstream stuff back in the days, but try your best, ya?

Seiyuu Comparisons

Nanasaki Ai                                             Li Meiling

For some reason, her call name is just "ゆかな". Nothing more.
But to my surprise, she casted in a very old favourite series of mine.
And one more thing; HANDS OFF NANASAKI.
[Shintani Ryoko]

Sakurai Rihoko                                  Sakuraba Milfeulle

Cookies for those who remember Sakuraba. Galaxy Angels anime is craptacularly boring, void of any plot. I followed the manga instead, with "real" adventures and it's much better than it's anime adaptation. 
[Nazuka Kaori]

Ayatsuji Tsukasa                                     Oomichi Miyabi

Twas happy to get to watch one last OVA of G.A. I love easy going shows like these, which reminded me of Hidamari Sketch for the most part. 

[Fukuyama Jun]
Sado Taro                                         Kikuhara Rikuo

A happy man indeed. But I can relate to that happiness
Oh god, Fukuyama. How many more weird roles are you taking up?!
[Taketatsu Ayana]
Isurugi Mio                                            Maresato Alice

So Aya-nyan takes the leading vicious role as a "yankee" type, inflicting pain through out the show. 
No wonder Jun is so happy...
[Hayami Saori]
Arashiko Yuno                                        Ikaros

Anyone thought of "Working!" when you saw her? 
Come on now, raise those hands if you did.
[Tanaka Rie]
Onigawara Michiru                                  Sammy

For a 31 year old, she's still has that sexy voice. She's been getting a lot of attention recently, especially since her gravure shots. Not bad for a relic but then I was always into older women, she suits me just fine. 
[Satou Rina]
Hayama Tatsukichi                                    Nagi

One of my new favourite trap, and the fact it's Satou Rina voicing her! 
I hope we see more of Biribiri in Index II ^_^
[Shimono Hiro]
Kasuga Haruka                                           Hirono Hiro

I can't quite adjust to Shimono's role in this series. 
For a natural boke voice to play such a calm and serious role is rather humorous in a way. 
Again, can't wait for BakatoTest next season/January!
[Taguchi Hiroko]
Kasuga Sora                                      Miyanura Miyako

Like the last character, both are from "ef - a tale of memories". It's been a loooooong time since I watch that show and it's sequel. 
Been hearing a lot of news about Minorin's website, which has finally partnered with a few english based companies. Finally, they're opening up to foreigners......
[Sakata Kayo]
Amatsu Akira                                      Anzuko Shirakawa

Most of the Yosuga no Sora cast are into the H-anime industry, as you'd rarely see their names pop up in mainstream shows. A coincidence I had one of her hentai shows in my archive. 
[Hino Satoshi]

Takagi Akito                                         Botasky

I swear, those bunnies as just too cute! From Cat Shit One (I'm serious), Botasky the sniper bunny!
Watch it, seriously. It's about the desert, war and guns, with bunnies!
[Abe Atsushi]

Mashiro Moritaka                                  Kamijou Touma

I'm already reading the manga, so I'm just watching it to refresh my memory. Still, the adaptation doesn't deliver that similar suspense like on paper. Or maybe I'm pre-judging it too early?
[Hayami Saori]

Azuki Miho                                         Arashiko Yuno

Glad to see Hayami getting more roles this time around. She currently holds 5 in this season alone.
[Yuuki Aoi]

Amano Ichigo                                        Tanaka Yutori

It's from Yumeiro Patissiere Professional, the sequel.
And yes, I'm watching it. (insert laughter here)
[Taketatsu Ayana]

Vanilla                                        Nakano Azusa

This was one of Aya-nyan's earlier unnoticeable roles, before reaching stardom in K-ON!
And why did I start watching this show?
Take a good look at Vanilla. That's all it took to convince me.
[Okamoto Nobuhiko]

Kashino Makoto                                        Accelerator

My suspicions have been confirmed. Accelerator is a patissiere!
His other role was in Mayoi Neko Overrun as a patissiere too, but this just nails it in.
So what would you do if a limping, grinning  and maniacal-laughing Accelerator was walking right at you?
I'd run as fast as I can in my crap and piss stained pants.
[Nakahara Mai]

Zakuro                                         Furukawa Nagisa

This shows doesn't make much sense, but then, it's anime. It never does make sense anyways.
I'll keep watching just cause I'm curious.
[Toyosaki Aki / Horie Yui]

Bonbori, Hoozuki              /          Momo, Tsukimiya Ayu

Apologies. I've no idea which is which. But their respective roles from L to R is accurate.
I somehow knew these two seiyuu had somewhat similar voices.
[Hanazawa Kana]

Susuki Hotaru                                              Sabraf Cleo

Anyone watching Break Blade recently?
If not, you're missing one of the best shows of the year, seriously.
It's a 4 part show, and the 3rd is on the way!
[Taketatsu Ayana]

Kousaka Kirino                                   Suminoe Ako

Another one of her earlier roles and by far the most ecchi of all. Another OVA is coming in November again.
[Nakamura Yuuichi]

Kousaka Kyousuke                                     Last Samurai

Doesn't really fit the "big brother" role really. I still think of Clannad or Macross F when ever he speaks.
[Hanazawa Kana]

Gokou "Kuroneko" Ruri                            Pavlichenko Suou

Another busy bee, holding 5 roles for this season too.
I'm liking this new approach for her voice, a cynical and superior flow in her casting.
[Hayami Saori]

Ikaros                                                    Musubi

Our cute, expressionless angeloid is back!
And I must say, it's been a wonderful ROFLMAO moment everytime!
[Nomizu Iori]

The eternal DFC is back.
No matter how long it may take, she will never grow another cup size!
[Fukuhara Kaori]

Astraea                                       Hiiragi Tsukasa

Been reading the manga too, and I'm happy to see they've managed to capture Astraea's dojikko parts perfectly. Can't wait for more!
[Kanemoto Hisako]

Ika-musume                                         Sorami Kanata 

Very surprising-degeso. Another lead role for her 2nd castin-geso.
[Tanaka Rie]

Aizawa Chizuru                                      Mizuhara Koyomi

Sisters are shit scary, and this just proves it all.
Trying to cover Azumanga Daioh as it's a classic, but after episode 1.....
Is it really good?
[Fujimura Ayumi]

Aizawa Eiko                                           Kakuto Azaka

Very pleased Kara no Kyoukai is getting a BD + alternative ending release soon.
Can't wait for more Ryougi Shiki goodness.
[Fujimura Ayumi]

Ozawa Haruka                                          Harukaze Chiharu

Yeap, another role for Fujimura.
And I'm secretly wishing for a S3 for Hayate.
[Touchi Hiroki]

Gotou Kazutoshi                                    Adam Arclight

Didn't want to watch this show (I'm bad with guro stuff), but it was scary-cool in a way.
Guess I'll keep watching eh?
[Ono Daisuke]

Saitou Yakumo                                  Yoshida Luigi "Ouji"

Cookies for those who can recognize which show Ouji came from. =)
[Omigawa Chiaki]

Arashiyama Hotori                                     Mitsuba Mutsumi

You can tell by now I'm quite attached to Seitokai Yakuindomo. 
Nice to see Omigawa has more work after her last role, now as an aspiring dojikko maid.
[Irino Miyu]

Sanada Hiroyuki                                       Saji Crossroad

Maybe I should have taken that trip with a friend to Singapore to watch the latest Gundam 00 movie.
But it was over by the time we arrive there, so....... TT_TT
[Sakurai Takahiro]

Isohata Uki                                          Kururugi Suzaku

I might be wrong, but they referred to him as the "old lady who runs the store", right? O_O


Blacksun88 said...

glad that Hayami Saori get more roles this season. she is getting more famous due to her role as ikaros. by the way, yes, azumanga daioh is classisc comedy anime, only if you can understand japanese culture to a certain extend

The Extroverted Otaku said...

It's indeed entertaining, after watching a few more episodes. =)

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