08 November 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#11)

by 19:33

Our topic for today is kinda of a taboo, the one that "people-know-about-it-but-dont-pry-to-much-into-it" type; Otaku.
I thank Ore no Imouto ga Konnna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" for highlighting this.

As defined by a certain dictionary which accepted this latest entry of new words into their codex;
Otaku; a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills
- Oxford Online
That would be the softer definition for labeling otakus. Other definitions like "scorn of Japan", "NEETs", "perverts", "freaks", "crazies" are the commons and might be more appropriate for those outside of the realm of 2D.

Word is that, associating one's self with any otaku activity is considered social suicide. A "detriment to social skills" as earlier described. Like cutting yourself from reality and closing your door to the world, leaving our idle mind's for the devil to play with.

Screw that.

For those living anywhere besides Japan or in the Asian continent, I'm willing to bet your neighbour has no clue what "otaku" even means, which is a plus by the way.
Unfortunately, despite the bright lights of Akihabara at 8, the giant billboards on the latest promotions of upcoming releases and a seemingly bustling animation industry, there lies discrimination in the heart of it.

The general public are at least aware of their existence, but they're considered to be the scorn of Japan's society; often looked down like a bug, better ignored that cared about. Disassociate yourself from having anything to do with this pest and you're clean.

"What so great about cartoons?" 
"How can grown men even like this stuff?"
...are the usual views, considered "abnormal" or "highly unorthodox" for a child, teen or even an adult to be obsessing about. And those reports about otaku related incidents and crimes aren't helping with public impressions.

But I wouldn't call otakus "obsessed" tho. More like "high on enthusiasm". They share a passion for such simple entertainment. To other's, it's even part of their life and who they are. Of course, it sometimes leads us to developing our own language, only understandable by those on the same wavelength, but that's okay. ^_^

I can still converse and socialise normally without the internet abbreviations and slangs.
I still know how to discern right from wrong, the acceptable norms and not's. 
I have not (yet) shut my door and escaped from reality and morph into a Hikikomori. 
I have an interest similar to art collectors, movie fanatics and reading enthusiasts.
I am still human.

And that's what this show is about actually, about a closet fujoshi (female otaku) dealing with society's oppressive views on her hobby. This series is about as real as it can get to the current views on otaku activities and what people go through to keep their hobby a national secret or maintaining it without the
frowns and disapproving faces from the general public.

And that was my introduction of "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai". 

And this is reason enough for me to keep watching.
Gainax did a pretty bold move and I'm enjoying it 

So enjoy your huge dose of comparisons.
December's will be the last for this year, so I'll review and include as many as possible by next month.
Stay frosty! (those in the northern hemi., pardon the lame joke. I know it's really freezing there)

And hope you had a Happy (belated) Halloween!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sakamoto Maaya]
Nino                                  Mari Makinami Illustrious

I just can't stop laughing whenever I tune in Arakawa. It's just too hilarious for a straight face to handle.
Glad I got to see Nino again! Seems there's a plot now (is there?)
[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Ichinomiya Kou                                           Zess

Have you seen Break Blade yet? Totally awesome, especially for a mecha fan like me.
Well, kind of "mecha", so it's awesome all the same.
[Sugita Tomokazu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Hoshi                                                        Kyon

A Rock Star!
Sorry, can't help with the lame pun. It just came to me. =D
And Kyon, don't give me that......
[Seki, Tomokazu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Captain                                        Kinomoto Youya

This guy is still around?! 
How nostalgic. Seems his voice hasn't changed much. 
[Kobayashi, Yuu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Amazoness                                         Yokoshima Naruko

Yuu should be given Most Weird Voices Award
Love her random squeaky voices. It just suits her so much. 
[Koyasu, Takehito]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Sister                                                 Adam Blade

Finally, a REAL Sister! 
And before that, he was a Father. Did they cast him knowing his previous role as Adam Blade? 
[Sawashiro, Miyuki]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Maria                                               Lag Seeing

Maria still cracks me up. She should meet up with Mr.Masochist from MM!
[Nakamura, Yuuichi]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Last Samurai                                                   Hodr

I still can't get used to Nakamura's voice for Ore Imouto. 
Something about his voice just doesn't blend well. 
[Tachiki, Fumihiko]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Billy                                       Zaraki Kenpachi

Billy is a real Man. No, he's the definition of it!

[Goto, Yuko]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Jacqueline                                           Asahina Mikuru

When Billy and her get together, I just know it's gonna be too funny for me to handle. 
God I love this show! =D

[Fujiwara, Keiji]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Kappa                                        Hanamoto Shuuji

I've taken a look at the LiveAction for Honey and Clover
And I'll never look at it again. 
[Omigawa, Chiaki]
Photobucket       Photobucket
P-ko                                                      Nazuna

Glad Hidamari is still continuing, even it it's just limited special OVAs.
Love shows like that ^^
[Saito, Chiwa]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Stella                                                Erster Sigyn

Another "Aniki". Lol. 
What a contrast to her other roles; Sigyn, Hitagi...
[Ootsuka, Houchuu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Shirai Tooru                                                  Jiraiya

I still have that coke stain on my workdesk when it came through my nose during that marathon episode.
Oh god, he was hilarious.
This show is just too much for me. xD
[Yuuki, Aoi]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Yagyuu Jubei                                                 Korone

Our little rising star! 
She's got a huge future in the seiyuu industry, that's for sure. 
[Hirakawa, Daisuke]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Yagyuu Muneakira                                     Itou Makoto

[Kotobuki, Minako]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Tokugawa Sen                                   Kotobuki Tsumugi

A dominatrix role. Love her style of talking down people. ^^ 
[Gotou Saori]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Hanzou Hattori                                             Setsuna

I'm so envious =3=
[Kugumiya Rie]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Sanada Yukimura                                         Sanzenin Nagi

No change, no change. =)
[Kobayashi Yuu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Gotou Matabee                                 Yokoshima Naruko

And Kobayashi gets another role this season!
I've got her voice as my ringtone too! ^^"
[Toyosaki Aki]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Naoe Kanetsugu                                          Uiharu Kazari

Truth be told, Hyakka Ryouren has quite a cast of current popular seiyuus. 
But I hate the new censoring style. >_>
[Ogasawara Arisa]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Panty                                             Soma Peries

My friend had a good question: Why can't she bring an extra panty???
My answer: Where's the fun in that????
[Ise Mariya]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Stocking                                 Noyamano Ringo

The Air Gear OVA is out this month(?).
But don't hope for a series revival tho....
[Ishii Kouji]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Garterbelt                                                  Kimura

I now believe his name is completely associated to a certain lingerie.
Panty wears panties....
Stocking wears stockings...
Garterbelt wears.....
[Abe Atsushi]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Kamijou Touma                                         Kosuda Takashi

Has anyone noticed his favourite word is now part of the lyrics in the OP?
[Iguchi Yuka]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Librorum Prohibitorum Index                         Umenomori Chise

A voice so irritating, even nuns had to burst their eardrums to escape such terror. 
[Satou Rina]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Misaka Mikoto                                        Tanamachi Kaoru

I'm still waiting for more Biribiri, J.C Staff!
[Agemaki Wako]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Agemaki Wako                                       Haibara Kakari

A maiden huh....
Sounds like another Sekirei role....
[Fukuyama Jun]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Shindou Sugata                                          Suede Gauche

Some of his more current and serious roles.
Please go back to normal characters with your normal voice, Jun , please!
[Miyano, Mamoru]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Tsunashi Takuto                                     Setsuna F Seiei

I had problems SSing his transformation scene. I guess MPC can't withstand his form.
Still, thanks for the new meme; GINGA BISHOUNEN !
*laughs in the corner*

[Tomatsu, Haruka]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Sakana                                                     Hitei

I can't wait for her CD to be released.
I just love the insert song, fully aware it's by Tomatsu! >.<
[Sakamoto Maaya]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Endou Sarina                                          Nino

Sakamoto again!
Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru's OP was done by her btw.
Gotta love this veteran. 
[Yusa, Kouji]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Harada Sanosuke                                      Nurarihyon

I think i'll stop following the anime for Nurarihyon since I'm already up-to-date with the manga. 
[Miki, Shinichirou]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Hijikata Toshizo                                           Roy Mustang

I could watch Roy's revenge episode over and over again, just to see that awesome look in his eyes. 
[Ookawa, Tooru]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Kondou Isami                                         Tokugawa Ieyasu

Friend was right.
Looks like Ieyasu didn't die and revived with more muscle this time. 
[Tsuboi, Tomohiro]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Nagakura Shinpachi                                      Togi Seichirou

Been following Fortune Arial awhile and wondering when will the plot show itself.....
[Morikubo, Shoutaro]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Okita Souji                                    Takima Takahisa

Thank god some group finally picked up this series and subbed it.
First 2 episodes were out but it looked like no one was picking it T_T
[Tomatsu, Haruka]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Lala Satalin Deviluke                       Corticarte Apa Langranges

Both long names
Both red head (kinda)
Both adorable. 
[Yahagi, Sayuri]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Sairenji Haruna                                         Hagimura Suzu

I'm seriously wishing upon a star for S2 of Yakuindomo
[Watanabe, Akeno] 
Photobucket       Photobucket
Yuuki Rito                                            Viletta Nu

That's my look when I eat sukiyaki instead.
Best meal in the world....
   [Arai Satomi] 
Photobucket       Photobucket

For those with less acute sense of hearing, I'm here to inform you the seiyuu for Peke has changed.
There I was, expecting Arai's and guess who's voice came out instead?.....
[Toyosaki, Aki]  
Photobucket       Photobucket
Peke                                   Ryuuguu Otohime

Meet the new Peke! 
Instantly knew it was her, and was going WTF for awhile....
[Fukuen, Misato]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Konjiki Yami                            Tsuchimikado Maika

Yami is best when young and fresh!
Also, maid goes kuru kuru kuru kuru kuru~!
[Yuzuki, Ryouka]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Celine                                   Sakurai Yukino

I kinda like Celine.
Really cute, even in the manga.
And yuri lovers, be sure to check out Candy Boy. One of my favs ^^
[Hanazawa, Kana]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Yuuki Mikan                                           Yuki

Mikan's smile is as sweet as mikan!
(What's wrong with me today?!)
[Itou, Kanae]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Elucia de Lut Ima                                       Eris

Somewhat similar name. 
But this time as a demon. 
What next? 
[Shimono, Hiro]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Katsuragi Keima                                        Amamiya Tetsu

Shimono has transcended to God-like level. This....can't.....be happening _| ̄|○
I demand he goes back to baka/boke mode!!!
[Yuuki, Aoi]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Aoyama Mio                                            Tepes Mina

Another role for our young star.
She's been getting loads of attention, thanks to her super casting of multiple roles this season. 
[Taketatsu, Ayana]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Takahara Ayumi                                    Shimizu Miharu

IMO, her voice is more suited to sweeter, happy-go-lucky characters.
Kinda weird when she goes into dead serious dere-dere mode in Ore Imouto
[Toyama Nao]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Nakagawa Kanon                                      Sugatame Taiga

New seiyuu on the block, with these 2 roles as her first this season. 


Blacksun88 said...

as always, interesting list up there ^^ no matter how some people like to mock otaku, it has become a culture and it has become more acceptable nowadays. after all, it is not more difference than other hobbies

The Extroverted Otaku said...

When your own dad uses your oppad at times and your grandmother says your collection of figures is impressive, it a sign of change ^^

Anonymous said...

Lol, Ito Makoto in the house. Guess Hirakawa Daisuke really suits harem male-lead roles, so Hyakka Ryouran is gonna end like School Days then?just kidding.
About Air Gear though, too bad it's just a single OVA they're releasing and Ise Mariya isn't gonna reprise her role as Ringo from what the rumors and information about it shows.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Once he's casted in an infamous role in a really bad ending, he'll forever bare that burden/shame. That show raeped my childhood T_T
But don't mind if the same ending happened to Tachibana Juichi =D

Another Air Gear ain't happening, sad fact. Well, maybe there'll be some reconsideration after the series FINALLY ends, which could be a awhile.

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