17 November 2010

Simmoned Figures #6 - GSC Nendoroid Yuki Miku 「ねんどろいど 雪ミク」

by 10:45

It's certainly been awhile since I've last posted anything regarding bootlegs, many thanks to RL issues one can handle at a time.

But I've re-realized the importance of such fakes that are out there to swindle and part our hard-earned muulah for a fake product. GSC too as come to the same conclusion as they've posted the latest info about a fake product of theirs circulating online auction sites and from privates sales.

Remember kids; if you're gonna spend on something, at least be sure of what exactly you're spending on.

So our bootleg this time is Nendoroid Yuki Miku (WF2010 Winter Limited Edition).
As this was an exclusive, those whom managed proxy services or purchased on-site (at Sapporo or WF2010, if memory serves) would have gotta their hands on genuine goodies. Sales after that are at buyers own risk, so be aware of news on limited manufacturing of such products.

Threat Level: 5/5

The usual; Red: Genuine / Blue: Counterfeit

Package Surface: Crystal Foil Print 

If you enlarge it, you'll notice the printing on the genuine is embossed into the packaging. Unlike the bootleg's, it's simply a print-over, possibly a simple scanning tool was used to copy the outer packaging which usually leaves out the more intricate details.

This is important if you happen to stumble on this product somewhere as it distinguishes both easily with a stroke of the finger on the casing.

Face Portion: Mouth
Body Portion: Tie Gradient

Firstly, the mouth portion does not carry a default "happy face" on purchase. She normally comes with a "smiling face" first, with 2 other faces; "happy face" and "Hachune Miku face". Also, notice the bootleg looks glossier than the genuine, like it was made out of wax. Knowing the pirate's quality, that might very be the material base. And nendoroid faces NEVER show gloss; it's always dull-matted.

Secondly is the body portion, concerning the tie. The genuine carries a dark-to-light blue gradient from top-down, unlike the counterfeit when has only 1 colour. Pirates have trouble when it concerns gradients as they have a simple (possibly) dip-and-dry method where they just take the parts and coat it in specific colours without the extra details usually given to nendoroid (printing special theme effects, extra mold parts, etc)

This is another aspect of the bootleg to watch out for, especially when a seller refuses to give you a better shot at the product and provides only the outside packaging.

Internal Packaging: Mikumoba

At the packing's side tongue, the original carries a QR code for "Mikumoba" while the bottleg doesn't.

At this point, when you've already purchased one and noticed this part is missing when you've opened it; GET A REFUND!

Base: Missing Copyright Notation

As per usual for every bootleg, courtesy of the pirates, missing copyright notations are the norm, leaving out the "Crypton" , leaving it with only the location of where the sorry excuse for a figure came from.

As I'm almost covering all of GSC's fake figure reports, I'll be reporting next on Alter's fake figures (yes, they do have some too) next time.

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