26 November 2010

One, Two, Many Packages...

by 19:21
In this case, Azunyan concurs....

It's been 4 months since I last posted anything regarding "loots" that I've picked up, thanks to a very active schedule, adding to the fact I was overseas for awhile while a few more packages was added to the storeroom pile before I actually got to opening most of them. Honestly, I have no idea just how much I've already invested (really?) on this hobby and I'm not gonna bother counting; don't need to fool myself into how much I actually spend. I've got receipts to remind me T_T.

Mr.Yen's been getting stronger, not to mention shipping these days aren't getting any cheaper, which will and always suck. Still, lots of sales have been popping up (shipping and price discounts) to keep buyers buying and spenders spending, so might as well take advantage of such sales ^^

[Megami Vol.9 August Edition]
[Animedia September 2010]

A quick look at some magz which felt worthy of procuring.
Megami Vol.9 August Edition and Animedia September 2010.

I rarely, and I mean RARELY get any magazines, not because I can't afford or not fond of them; I just can't stand the shipment charges for a mere 839 yen which cost more than the actual product....

But this edition was worth splurging on even 3 copies. The other 2 was picked up the next day (yea, for friends) but still a rare purchase, including the Megami edition.

So why did I pay for shipment charges worth more than 2 copies put together?

For this of course;
As you might recall, during the Black Rock Shooter campaign, DVDs were distributed via magazine bundles, prompting many to jockey for pre-orders (which were quickly snapped up for the Hobby Japan edition. Thanks guys), forcing me settle either Megami or Animedia.
In this case, I got both cause I'm poor at choosing sides....

Each of the 3 DVD's released had different CD cover images, depending on which magazine you got with the bundle. For Animedia, it was Dead Master! Love her eerie green stare ^^

The Megami edition might be the best out of the 2 magazine bundles I got as it came with a DVD cover, info booklet and Black Rock Shooter CD cover image. The Animedia had no DVD cover so I had to reprint it.

Character designs and other background information was revealed in the booklet. Still can't believe Hanazawa was casted for BRS. I was hoping for a more "serious, cooler" voice to suit BRS, but then she didn't have any lines, so....

Megami Magazine September (Vol.124), Animedia 2010 September Edition 
As you can see, Megami and Animedia has clearly labelled their CD image covers differently.

Now moving on the main section;
When you step back and take a look at the packagings, it kinda dawns on you how much you've already invested into his hobby.......

[Revoltech 079: Date Masamune]
[Revoltech 080: Sanada Yukimura]
During last Summer, Sengoku Basara 2 was still airing and it's safe to say now I was pretty much riled up by the action and historical significance. And it so happened that Hobby Link Japan was having a clearance sale with these two up for grabs. You can pretty much tell I jumped on it....

Alternatively, there was a "White Ver." on sale for both figures too, which looked equally cool.
I'm guessing this is based on the the game's unlocked outfit colour.
Still, opted for the original blue and red which is still slightly pricey than the White Ver.

These are my first Revoltech figures, and it ain't as bad as people claim it to be.
Besides the exposed ball-joints, their mobility covers the articulated parts really well.
Apart from the constant clicks when you bend a joint, the poses are endless and quite fitting for their characters.

Managed to get them in a face off position and pretty much pleased with the range of poses they can perform;
Apart from these two, they might be my first and last Revoltech, depending on what characters will come out next in this series. Still prefer figma (character preferences).

["di:stage Basic set Clear Ver" x3]
Now lets move on to some add-ons I got from AmiAmi; di:stage.
Been trying to reserve this like forever, but it seems everyone else has been think along the same lines as it's always sold out or being re-stocked.
Amiami was the only one I could turn to for this as HS and HLJ rarely restock these.

Will show how these were used as we continue to some figmas.

[figma 057: Hirasawa Yui]
Lucky there was a 3rd release for figma Hirasawa Yui as I didn't get the chance on the 1st and 2nd, thanks to everyone else snapping up the orders.
That means you!

Yui came with a di:stage punch out card, for those who'd like to customize their figures even further.
A simple punch out card and a di:stage changed the outlook of the display platform!

And it gives the figure a different feel with a stage supporting it!
Normally, you'd punch a hole through the platform to stick the stand in, but I can't bring myself to make a hole it in, so I just used the original stand and hid it underneath the di:stage.

[figma SP-012: Black Rock Shooter]
Now onto one of the best buys of my life; figma Black Rock Shooter.

I'm sure, by now, you've seen plenty of pose variations that other fig-natics have displayed for the world to see, but allow me to give a few which I found really unique and the highlight of my collection.

Prior to getting this figma, I had already procured an accessory to enhance her pose.
The result is this;

The ex:ride American Bike I had gotten since July is finally utilized!
Just like in the BRS song, there was one part of the video where she rides on a bike into the horizon.
Maybe I should have opted for a Retro Bike or Minibike for originality but the American Bike looked too good to pass up.

Again, I've put the di:stage to good use with the punch out card provided with the figma.
Such a simple add-on, yet it gives off a different feel for the figure.

Over the next few days, I noticed the chains provided together with BRS started rusting.
And we can't have rusting chains touching our PVC figs now can we?

Using some spare paint I still had from my Gundam-build kit, I applied a thin layer of flatblack coating.
It's not the perfect solution, but it should prevent further rusting.
Last thing we want is rust coming into contact with PVC surfaces.....

[figma SP-013: Dead Master]
Since BRS was feeling lonely, I got her nemesis, figma Dead Master to keep her company.

Dead Master is pretty interesting, as her weapon, Dead Scythe is longer than her
(but then, everything is super sized in BRS. eg; Rock Cannon, King Saw).

I just love this pose ^^;
This is the first of the BRS nemesis to be figurized, with more to come, like Black Gold Saw.

She comes with her two skull minions, Tarou and Shirou, according to Mikatan.
Whatever you say Mikatan ^_^;;

Her wings and horns are somewhat transparent as I displayed her under the light, which is pretty neat.
Her "Licking face" expression is really teasing in a way which I kinda like.
Dead Scythe is really pointy and detailed, maybe even more so than the figure itself?

Using up my last di:stage, Dead Master now has a new platform to smear her enemy's blood onto.
I was hoping for a green base, not yellow. I like green =(

The next one is figma Black Gold Saw and mostly likely figma Strength to follow.
Definitely getting those two....

And since I've gotten both main characters, time for a showdown!!!
I had to change BRS's pose to face left to suit DM's position.
I hate moving my figma's after I've decided their poses.
I'll have Gold Saw of BRS's right when I get her.

[Nendoroid Puchi: Bakemonogatari Set 3]
Next would be the last Nendoroid Petit set from Bakemonogatari.
Set 3 carries these 3 ladies and I'm left wondering why I picked this up....
Owh yea, that's right. I wanted to complete a whole collection....

Well, I'll admit Shinobu is worth getting. I love donuts too.
The sisters aren't exactly a biggy but their seiyuus are! ^^

[Nendoroid Puchi: Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set]
Another petit is the Lucky Star quartet, with Street Fighter theme!
It's already been how many years and yet, Lucky Star figures are still popping up.

But I'll admit they're adorable and worth getting.
Like others have mentioned, Miyuki's stand ain't long enough so she's tilting back slightly. =(

[Nendoroid Puchi: Angel Beats! Set 1]
Hopefully, this will be my very last Puchi purchase.
I can't bare exercising extreme care on extra tiny figures with my extra huge fingers anymore.
They just don't go well together unfortunately T_T

Proof of this is the fact I snapped Yuri's stand when I placed it in base TT_TT
Good thing Shiina (ninja girl) has a second stand to compensate TT_TT

And did I mention I'm no longer interested in paying such prices when I could opt for a Nendoroid for the same price?

[Gibson Les Paul]
During my trip to WA, Australia, I was prepared to leave my realm of perpetual connectivity.
In a nutshell, no news/updates/anime/manga for a solid 10 days T_T
But to my surprise, I found something related to it on the second last day of the trip;

Carved out from pinewood, with other common materials you'd find in your daily life; a miniature Gibson Les Paul.

Apparently, this version is by Kiss, as pointed out by the sales person with the lightning marks on the neck.

Naturally, my only reason for getting it was for this;
Now Yui can't decide which Gitah is which. ^^

And it doesn't stop there!

[Fender Jazz Bass]
Also carved out from pinewood; a miniature Fender Jazz Bass.

I had to bring both back as carry-on luggage.
I fear it would have come back in pieces otherwise.

Unfortunately, they did not carry any left-handed basses.
Sorry Mio, you'll have to settle with this righty T_T

[Nendoroid Takane Manaka]
The first Nendoroid in quite some time is Nendoroid Takane Manaka.

Interestingly, her name "高嶺 (takane)" means "high / peak" and "愛花 (manaka)" means "love / flower" even though you normally pronounce those last 2 kanji differently.
String them together and it goes something like; "blooming flower on mountaintop'

Although I prefer Nene to Manaka, I found her to be the sweetest among the 3 Nendoroids.
Does that make sense? Probably not....

[Nendoroid Saber SuperMovable Edition]
This old timer emerges from the past for another swipe at the figurization.
Saber might be one of those "will never die out" characters IMHO.
With many variations and figures yet to be released, she's not giving into the times just yet.

With a "Super Moveable" tag added, I don't have to impress upon you how well detailed and designed she is , do I?

I guess I will afterall.

Everything thing about her is "moveable" to be exact. She gets elbow joints which you'd never find on other Nendoroids (a rarity), a ball-joint at her ankles (wow) and her skirt armor can be shifted (wth?!) to adjust to her bendable knee joints (OHMYGAWD).

Nendoroid fanatics would have by now realized the significance of such mobility additions to the Nendoroid lineup, as this was never implemented before.

With the base revamped with a C-shaped joint stand and multiple base holes, you can now pose her in the air with her signature moves!
In a nutshell, you now get the best of mobility like the figma lineup while retaining the chibi outlook of the Nendoroid.

Truly the best of both worlds for those who love both figma and nendoroids, and we have Ota-P to thank for!

The new addition to her weaponry would be her Noble Phantasm, "Invisible Air".
A swirling concentration of compressed air reflects light and produces an illusion around her blade
GSC did very well to incorporate this feeling with a sword figure. Well done guys.

I love dual stuff, so I made her hold both iconic swords that appeared in the Fate series. ^^

[Black Rock Shooter -animation version- 1/8 PVC]
Saved best for last!
First 1/8 PVC in my collection and certainly won't be the last!

I remember saying something about "figma > PVC" before since I prefer action figures that are poseable in a thousand different ways compared to stationary art.

This is totally different.

This figure seems like its moving even though it's obviously not.
I can truly see the motion of BRS in this design, from every crease of her jacket to the body angles she displays and the flow of her hair.

Truly awesome and worth every cent.

And that's all of my clusterfuck images for now.

I hope I can find more time to post stuff more regularly since my lecturers just started last week, with 3 bombs (assignments) deployed on the first day. /facepalm


Kami No Pocky said...

That's a pretty huge haul. I assume you got it all at different places though since you didn't get combined shipping / lots of separate parcels.

Did you also get your stays for the BRS 1/8 PVC? I remember reading something about how they forgot the stars and were sending them out as stickers.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Yeah I did, would have saved a ton but they we're all on different months.

Got the stars as well. Submitted the repair form on their site weeks ago and just got it last Monday. Now I'm selling off my other 1/8 BRS PVC (I got 2 for the heck of it) since some people are gonna rage if I don't get them presents for Christmas TT_TT

PsychoDollie said...

Oh... So that's what those punch outs were for *snickers* Good thing someone pointed it out before I ripped my BRS box apart. Nice collection, btw.. I'm getting my Dead Master next week.. Hopefully, the toy dealer won't rob me blind. (they're so overpriced here)

The Extroverted Otaku said...


Thanks! Looks like getting Black Gold Saw is a no brainer too? xD
I'm guessing getting direct from online shops and shipping it results in more exorbitant prices in your area?

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