20 April 2011

Good Smile Nendoroid Cafe

by 17:19

UPDATE: New images added, along with 2 new sections created:
"Nendoroid 00 - 170 + No Numbers"and "Nendoroid Puchi and Nendoroid Plus"

UPDATE 2: Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 ver. just arrived at Goodsmile Cafe today! (4/20)
She's been added to the Nendoroid collection at the "Latest Nendoroid Closeups" section. ^^

Guma-chan welcomes and beckons you to join her at the Good Smile Cafe in Chiba, with their latest cafe theme, Nendoroid Cafe, starting from April 5th (Tuesday).

For the duration of this theme, the cafe has been decorated with tons of their flagship figure series "Nendoroid", plastered everywhere from walls to shelves and even tables.

Come and drown yourself in this amazing Nendo-experience as you are surrounded by hundreds of Nendoroid faces while enjoying a "dining together with a Nendoroid" encounter, with a special menu.

This is heaven-sent for Nendo lovers and I can't blame them. This is absolute eye candy to any lucky customer that walks through those doors. Makes me wish I was there too ^^;

A definite must-go if you've visiting Japan anytime soon. as the closing date of the theme has yet to be announced.The theme might even be up for a few weeks/months considering this is GSC own cafe and series, bunched and rolled up into a ball of goodness for you to savour for the next few days. The theme will end at the end of this month on April 30th, so get there are quick as you can! (^∀^)

Of course, to those who would love to teleport themselves right now but can't, I hope these images can bring you that much closer to the cafe which is the purpose of this post. Also, it seems this "cafe" segment is becoming a regular thing, hence the birth of the "CAFE" tag ^^

Special thanks to Zero for unleashing his Reality Marble; Unlimited Copypasta Works for lining the images from our server. Big cheer for the poor guy! ( ´∀`)

Shinryaku! Tako Luka Musume

by 00:06
Lord help me...

The day started out like any other day; wake up, power up the PC, check my mail, then take a quick bath before returning to my desktop to reply some emails.

Except, I never got the chance to reply to anyone.

When I emerged from the bath, a Tako Luka was on my workspace with the other monitors featuring its siblings.
And thus began my days with Tako Luka and their invasion (in progress).

Since they're here to stay (and its not like I can make them move out on their own or have a choice), I've decided to carry out an observation journal on my findings on such a rare species, concerning mostly of their behaviour and natural diet in our world.

May this serve as a guide to caring (or maintaining) for you own Tako Invasion when one does arrive at your doorstep.
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