20 April 2011

Shinryaku! Tako Luka Musume

by 00:06
Lord help me...

The day started out like any other day; wake up, power up the PC, check my mail, then take a quick bath before returning to my desktop to reply some emails.

Except, I never got the chance to reply to anyone.

When I emerged from the bath, a Tako Luka was on my workspace with the other monitors featuring its siblings.
And thus began my days with Tako Luka and their invasion (in progress).

Since they're here to stay (and its not like I can make them move out on their own or have a choice), I've decided to carry out an observation journal on my findings on such a rare species, concerning mostly of their behaviour and natural diet in our world.

May this serve as a guide to caring (or maintaining) for you own Tako Invasion when one does arrive at your doorstep.

Now, the one thing I noticed about Tako Luka is that they don't like shiny stuff; THEY LOVE SHINY STUFF. So their staple food consist of anything shiny, from coins to jewelery and other gleaming object you could find around the house. Just remember to take off your earrings at night if you don't want your earlobe nibbled off the next morning.

Another thing about them is that they are easily distracted, especially when it come to other shiny stuff. This causes them to lose interest and- Hey, where're you going?

A butter knife? 

Now, you have to extra careful with them since they love metal objects too, right next to shiny stuff. Their tentacles have amazing gripping powers when they find something they love and won't let it go anytime soon. Has something to do with magnetism. Probably an evolved version of the suction cup. 

And it seems one of my Nendoroids has encountered Tako Luka. 
Now, now. Its all for good fun. Just don't swing that around, alright Luka ^^

Another thing about Tako Luka is that they have a huge appetite and will eat just about anything if you're not careful 
Hey Luka, what's with that look in your eyes? Luka?

Seems Miku is getting a bit nervous. 

Okay, playtime's over. Time to put that dangerous thing away now.....
... Luka, let go of it. Come'on, I said let go.  
BOSSHUU! (没収/confiscated)

Seems Miku has regained her composure. 
Love is War indeed. I can feel so much love between them ^^"

And it seems to know how to navigate my PC. Looks like I've gotta password protect it.

So how exactly did Tako Luka end up on my desktop?

Well, I remember signing up as a volunteer for a Miku project a few months back, which said I would have to take care of a certain "propaganda tool" for the sake of MikuMiku Conquest. 

Who knew it was actually Tako Luka ^^"

I've got my hands full with dealing just one Tako Luka. 
So far so good. She hasn't done anything too mischievous (yet). 

Hey, Luka, where're you going? 

That's my monitor, not your friend, Luka.... wait, what are you-


ミ(* ゚Д゚)彡

And the invasion factor just multiplied by 3....

Oh no, now there's 3 of them.... 
Just what am I going to do with- guys? Where you going this time? Guys? 

Wait, that's my bed (french colour bed ftw). What are you... 

(゚ △ ゚)

I seems Tako Lukas have the ability to self-replicate or clone themselves when necessary..... 
Something like binary fission or mitosis but... octopus?!

And then, there were 6... 
Yeah, I'm screwed ( ´∀`)

Wait, guys, come back here! 

Hey, wait a minute! 

Go my great guardian, stop them! Stop the-eh? 
My great guardian doesn't do a thing! Can Tako Lukas talk to other animals? 

Seems my great guardian can't stand them.... 
So other animals find them annoying too...interesting...

Again, they love shiny and metallic stuff, so the plasma was the first thing that attracted them. 

Seems Lord Buddha is enjoying the company ( ´∀`)

And they're off marching again. This time to the......


Hmmm.... I don't remember leaving anything shiny in there.... perhaps my car keys or....

....a can of tuna.
Figures ( ´∀`)

If there's one thing they love more than shiny, metallic objects, its tuna
And they like it extra salty. 

Hmmm? Is this a victory ritual? Saying grace? 

Photo op of todays spoils. Say, "TUNA!"

Time to feed them since its almost noon here ( ´∀`)


It seems they're getting quite familiar with my pet Schnauzer, Judy.

Did I mention they LOVE to climb on people's head? 
Guess I didn't ( ´∀`)



Blacksun88 said...

very cute photo indeed. im gladly welcome tako luka to invade my house though xD

Nadja said...

Awesome post


Yoshii-kun said...

@Nadja Thanks ^^

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