20 April 2011

Good Smile Nendoroid Cafe

by 17:19

UPDATE: New images added, along with 2 new sections created:
"Nendoroid 00 - 170 + No Numbers"and "Nendoroid Puchi and Nendoroid Plus"

UPDATE 2: Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 ver. just arrived at Goodsmile Cafe today! (4/20)
She's been added to the Nendoroid collection at the "Latest Nendoroid Closeups" section. ^^

Guma-chan welcomes and beckons you to join her at the Good Smile Cafe in Chiba, with their latest cafe theme, Nendoroid Cafe, starting from April 5th (Tuesday).

For the duration of this theme, the cafe has been decorated with tons of their flagship figure series "Nendoroid", plastered everywhere from walls to shelves and even tables.

Come and drown yourself in this amazing Nendo-experience as you are surrounded by hundreds of Nendoroid faces while enjoying a "dining together with a Nendoroid" encounter, with a special menu.

This is heaven-sent for Nendo lovers and I can't blame them. This is absolute eye candy to any lucky customer that walks through those doors. Makes me wish I was there too ^^;

A definite must-go if you've visiting Japan anytime soon. as the closing date of the theme has yet to be announced.The theme might even be up for a few weeks/months considering this is GSC own cafe and series, bunched and rolled up into a ball of goodness for you to savour for the next few days. The theme will end at the end of this month on April 30th, so get there are quick as you can! (^∀^)

Of course, to those who would love to teleport themselves right now but can't, I hope these images can bring you that much closer to the cafe which is the purpose of this post. Also, it seems this "cafe" segment is becoming a regular thing, hence the birth of the "CAFE" tag ^^

Special thanks to Zero for unleashing his Reality Marble; Unlimited Copypasta Works for lining the images from our server. Big cheer for the poor guy! ( ´∀`)

Be sure to check out Good Smile Cafe's previous themes too:


Teasers were the images released by the staff at Good Smile Company prior to the opening of the Nendoroid Cafe on April 5th which I've already covered previously here.

So if you've already seen the next few images, you might as well skip to the Cafe Exterior segment. If not, continue reading ^^

It gives a warm feeling when its lighted up inside in the evenings

Kanban musume; Guma-chan!

What's that at the top right shelf...

YUI! (,,゚Д゚)

Close up at the two POP stands

The toilet signs have changed!!! ( ´∀`)

Here's a spoiler for you guys;
The package designs are used as wallpaper for the kitchen counter.
As you can see, Totori's, Panty's and Stocking's package designs are included ! ^^

Oh my, Nendoroids-in-a-cup. 
And another package design behind; Kinoshita's from Baka to Test! ^^

The latest and customs playsets.
Bring down your own Nendoroid and play around with these sets! 

Feast your eyes on a sight you'll never see in your whole figure collecting life;
A wall of ALL Nendoroids ever created! 

From the oldest to the latest to the rarest special edition numbers, up to (currently) 180 Nendoroids,
its a sight to behold! 
All Nendoroid Puchis are there too! 

Nendoroids in their packages are for sale! 

Each table will have a Nendoroid-in-a-cup to wine and dine with you throughout your meal.  
To see all the Nendoroids placed at the tables, check back at Cafe Interior.

And the tables are fitting with special Nendoroid Tabletops! 
Each tabletop is lined with all (currently) 180 Nendoroids in the series. 
I want to take this home! (╬‿‿╬)

A closeup at the lastest and rarest Nendoroids, including Guma-chan! 

I'm ordering 3 Miku (▰˘◡˘▰)

She's arrived! Already POed her. Have you? ^^

I've previously covered her review here

[No.114a Reina-wait a minute...]

[Meat Sauce Pasta]

[Pollack Roe Pasta]

[Green Tea Cream Puffs]

Take-out available
(comes with Gussuma Plushie)

● Front side of coaster ●Back side of coaster ● Shop Card

[Mini Sticker]

Its the ALIEN
I have no idea what its localized name is, so he shall be "Gussuma the Alien". 

*custom Azusa Nendoroid brought by customer

The Popura Army storms the cafe! 

Some of the stuff you can take back.

This concludes the Nendoroid Cafe theme. 

Be sure to check out Good Smile Cafe's previous themes too:

Good Smile Cafe Information

4 minute walk from Matsudo West Entrance, Chiyoda Line, JR Joban Line

View Larger Map

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 11:00 to 20:30 (last order at 20:00)
Friday - Sunday: 11:00 to 21:00 (last order at 20:30)
(lunch hours: 11:30 to 14:30)


It's the Kuroneko packaging, and she's in it!
Wish I had POed her earlier (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


Yourtime said...

Ya kuroneko <3<3 thanks for the infos :D again the question, could you buy them there too?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Yeap! All the packages at the top shelf are for sale at respective original pricing ^^

animaster said...

The one between Nendoroid Yui DVD version and Nendoroid Haru-chan is Nendoroid Plus Sumomo (http://nendoroid.jp/products/nendo/ex08_sumomo.html). ^^

Yoshii-kun said...

@animaster Oooo thx! So she was a Nendo Plus!
That explains why I couldn't find her on the list of Nendoroids ^^

Blacksun88 said...

damn i could have die of too much blood loss in the cafe

Scher P. said...

OMG I'm gonna take my boyfriend and we'll go there to get some nendoroid eye-candy! XD

Yoshii-kun said...

@Scher P. Have fun then ^^

Anonymous said...

how do i get racing miku outside of japannnnnn? D:

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Only option for us gaijin is through proxy services. There's a few proxy providers out there, but I got mine from Tokyo Hunter since I've been dealing with him for ages now.

Be prepared to offer your kidney upfront though ^^"

Anonymous said...

gasp! that is indeed a kidney of mine. thanks for the info. great blog you have here. bookmarkeeeeed! :D

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Thanks ^^"
Subscribe to my RSS or Twitter if you'd like. Got more stuff to share in the next 15 minutes ^^"

Yourtime said...

thanks for the indirect info xD *will register* do you think it's a good choice for european or.. austrian buyer? .. do you know, if they have a feed for updates?oo

So I'm full of writing my name.. XD decided to use one of my google accounts. Because I want get notif. when you answered.

ps: could you delete my pre comment x_x? wrong account.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Hmmm... perhaps the factors that most buyers are wary of is trust and cost, no?
I don't think trust or reliability should be a problem with TH as I can personally vouch for his services in the past. He's been hunting since err... 2006 I think, and recently went full-time proxy provider with his new online store.

As for cost, well, you might wanna see the shipping rates to your region. Perhaps thats the biggest hurdle since people don't mind paying for the item but hate the extra costs (tax, shipping, duty, etc)

TH has a shipping rate list which complies to JP Post standards. Your country is covered for both EMS and SAL shipping services here, so there shouldn't be any problems. The only dilemma here is how fast or safe would you like it to your doorstep ^^"

Also, TH hasn't charged me for shipping yet as the packaging size has yet to be determined, but I'm assuming the packaging will weight about 600-700g for regular Nendoroid boxes (using past purchases as reference), so you can gauge the expected shipping cost with the list from there.

Yourtime said...

well about trust I don't see the problem, specially because of the possibility to pay with paypal. If he doesn't send I can request the money back, but If you trust him I think it's okay xD.

About the costs: well It's like you said, mostly about the tax or shipping costs. there are several other companies to buy figures, isn't it better to take official one (e.g. j-list) ? e.g. he doesn't have all angel beats figures, but then he have one, which j-list doesn't have.. So the question is, is there one I can buy all ones at once or do I have to search them? hm.. difficult to say, specially I don't have enough money to pay figures yet (look at the prices).. hm.. and the figures won't be sold ever time xD. well I registered there at last.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime He's a "bounty hunter" so if you've got a request for any figure or item in Japan itself, he will hunt for it.
If he's missing an AB figure, he'll send him team to get one somewhere in Tokyo perhaps but I'm not sure about how he operates, just that he lives up to the TH name and gets what people want.

If you prefer official channels like j-list and such, then by all means go ahead. At this point, its just which online shop do you prefer these days since each store has their strengths (better discounts, point system, FedEx shipping).

And TH has a RSS feed at the bottom of the site.

Yourtime said...

thanks. Well, I didn't want insult you or anything. >_< (, because your writing looks like, you don't like these shops) J-list only was my first thought, don't know much official channels. I saw the link you have Figure mall, I faved it. About the hunter hm good to know, for the next time.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Haha. Sorry if it sounded kinda biased ( ´∀`)

I'm in no way saying J-List is inferior or superior to others but I've never bought from them simply because they deal in USD$ and their prices are kinda absurd at times.
Of course, J-List has their strengths like their own custom apparel which I've been thinking of ordering recently (they've got quite nice designs) ^^

The other official channels I frequent are AmiAmi, Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan, with major preference to AmiAmi cause they give HUGE discounts if you compare the total to many J-List products.
Those are probably my main stores I shop from the 8-10 online suppliers booked-marked.

Yourtime said...

Ah thanks for the infos & tips, will look about them :).

Blacksun88 said...

too much temptation too much temptation too much temptation....

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