07 March 2011

「Wako Produce: Star Driver in Namco Namja Town」

by 10:07
Still can't get enough of Galactic Pretty Boy?

This time, we'll APPRIVOISE your orders, made from frozen particles gathered in Zero Time and 
Galactic Ice Cream from the Milky Way with SPAZZBLES on the side! 

Come, taste and savor the flavours of the galaxy (and Star Drivers) with every scoop!
(ゝ∀・) ~ ★ KIRABOSHI!

From 26th February to 6th March, various dishes will be available for commoners who can't "Apprivoise" at "Namco Namja Town" in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo to commemorate the recently released PSP game "Star Driver- Kagayaki no Takuto: Legend of the Galactic Handsome Youth". OTL
(top to bottom, left to right)


[Star Driver: Passport to Wako's Fantasy]
Adult: 4,000円
BONES illustrations! Super Limited Premium Designs only at Namja Town!


[Galactic Pretty Boy Pudding]

[Fuwa Fuwa Vice President]

[Head's "Kiss Through the Glass" Crepe]

[Wako's Fantasy ST (Sugata, Takuto)]

[Takuto's Galactic Pretty Boy Parfait]

[Wako's Chocolate Parfait]

[Takuto's "Kiss Through the Glass" Crepe]

[Glittering Crux Burger Set]

[Galactic Pretty Boy Gyoza]

[Takuto and Sugata's Special Made Curry]

[Takuto, Sugata and Wako's Roasted White Suger Coated Mochi]

「Events and Activities」

[Namja Layer Carnival Coop Project]
Star Driver "Layers" Gather!「Star Driver Cosplay Award!」
Your cosplay will surely shine!

Star Driver: Garapon「Fortune star☆」
Challenge the Garapon cart and stand to win original goods!

[Star Driver Radio: Ginga Bishounen Hour!]
A public recording!
Let's enjoy our youth together!

[Star Driver: Goods Sale]
Pre-sale goods will also appear.
Customers that purchase more than 1000yen will get a free Namja Limited Original Bromide (photo).

[Star Driver: Exhibition]
Exhibits include original comic reprints, as well as famous animation scenes, panel displays and Southern Cross Academy's Uniform.
Also, a photo spot corner and group autograph corner will be displayed.


Guess who's waiting for you, ladies..

Takuto lands up on this week's ASCII Akihabara Limited Edition cover.

Star Driver Exhibition

Anyone played the PSP game yet? Any good or same old same old? 

Autographed merchandise tend to add a few more zeros...

The manga and original illustration by artist; KEY

Exhibition Area

No "Mens ver." of South Cross Uniform available, so make do with the "female one".  

I'm guessing these uniforms were taken from the Star Driver Musem. 

Did I mention there was a scaled version of Tauburn at the Star Driver museum? 
It's in Ikebukuro. 
Anyway, back to Namja Town....

Autograph Corner 

Prizes to be won at the Garapon game. 
Garapon is a drawing game when you spin a wooden box and hope for a colour bead to fall out to win a prize. Commonly seen at shopping arcades.

Ginga Cosplay Event

A full view of all Galactic dishes. 

Your Galactic Passport to Namja Town!
For the ladies.... ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Wako Chocolate Parfait

Fluffy Vice President Snow Ice

Ginga Bishounen Gyoza
I just had to laugh at this... 

Takuto's Galactic Pretty Boy Parfait

Takuto and Sugata's Special Made Curry

Head's "Kiss Through the Glass" Crepe

Glittering Crux Brigade Burger Set

Takuto's "Kiss Through the Glass" Crepe
Well, actually its on the wafer and I'm guessing no one had the heart to eat it. 

Ginga Bishounen Pudding

Wako's Fantasy ST
Proved to be the most popular...

The complete APPRIVOISE meal! 

Forgot to mention; 
Every dish comes with a special and unique Star Driver postcard. 

Ginga Manga now on sale!

Head's Picture Perfect...

May the KIRABOSHI be with you! 
(ゝ∀・) ~ ★ KIRABOSHI!

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Ingrid said...

I most definitely want to try that Wako's Fantasy ST ~

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