04 March 2011

「Madoka Magica」Sayaka ☆ Drops: The Game

by 18:03
Dancing in a rain of teardrops~♪

[How to Play]
In Episode 8, Sayaka's tear falls onto the Soul Gem, acting as the catalyst, that starts the transformation process of Sayaka into a Witch. You must prevent that from happening by navigating her Soul Gem through a rainstorm of Sayaka's teardrops with your mouse.
Kyouko will pitch in to help you by throwing random snacks bit over the screen, acting as a shield from falling teardrops. However, when it touches a teardrop, it breaks that drop into small droplets, making it that much harder to dodge.

I managed to last for about 133 seconds before succumbing to the endless number of droplets.
I swear I kept seeing blue dots around me for awhile. And we certainly don't need Kyouko's help here.

Anyway, the trick to this game is to constantly watch above the Soul Gem or the top of the screen and navigate accordingly.

The link; 「Sayaka ☆ Drops」

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Blacksun88 said...

lol my record... 1 min and 30sec.. the madoka craziness just wont stop

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