04 March 2011

「Madoka Magica」Typing of the QB: The Game

by 01:55
From the creators of Throw the Gem and Homu Homu Jump, another game has spawned from the grief of the masses. 
This time, subjecting Kyuubee to a hailstorm of bullets....

[How to Play]
Kyuubee is repeatedly spawning due to his Unlimited Lives Works effects. Help kill off as many Kyuubees as you can by typing out the words or phrases in the anime within the time limit.
Use the "spacebar" to stop time, but be careful; your Soul Gem will become tainted the longer you freeze time itself.

Finally, a game to release all that pent up grief and anger on a deserving target.
Only managed to down 6 Kyubees. I was never good at typing games. =3=

The link: 「TYPING OF THE QB」

If you can't be bothered with typing out long romanji sentences that make no sense to you but just want to inflict pain on that ball of evil, here's an alternative: [SHOOT THE QB]

Use your mouse to randomly shoot anywhere on him.
Click "Stop time" (時を止める), to freeze and aim multiple targets all over Kyuubee. Click the button again to fire at all targets simultaneously.
Use "Reset" (リセット) to get a clean Kyuubee again :3

Link is here: 「SHOOT THE QB」

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