30 April 2011

Kyuubee Dakimakura

by 03:24
From mahou shoujo massacre anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, comes a seemingly disturbing custom merchandise from the denizens of Entropy; Kyuubee Dakimakura.

Viewer discretion is advised, mosaic filter has been engaged.
Read on to turn off safety measures; YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Kyuubee Marshmallow

by 00:12
Title pretty much explains it; Kyuu-mallows are now available to sink your teeth in or to roast in the fires of hell. 
I like mine charred tho :3

29 April 2011

Persona 4 Glasses For Sale

by 10:49
In the world of Megami Tensei comes the special "defogging" glasses from recent green-lit anime, Persona 4.

26 April 2011

Akemi Homura's Weapon Gallery

by 23:11

Time travelling and gun-wielding Puella Magi, Akemi Homura has utilized some of the most destructive weapons created by man. 2ch gathers and compiles a list of all her armaments in the series;

「Ika Musume x Ferrari」Ita-Ferrari

by 21:39
A mutual collaboration between Ika Musume and LMP Motorsports has been formed and set to dominate the speedways of the GT300 Series 2011.

Haruhi x HANKOOK

by 20:05

An unexpected collaboration between fickle god-like highschooler, Suzumiya Haruhi and racing team HANKOOK has been made.

Lucky Star BD-BOX Contents Revealed

by 20:04
The long awaited Lucky Star BD-BOX has recently revealed its content art and it looks FABULOUS~!

"Rolling Through the Bay" Toothpick Masterpiece

by 18:39
A rare feature of western art on a Japanese forum has caught 2ch's attention on the world's largest functioning toothpick sculpture, Rolling Through the Bay.

Leaked Copy of Madoka Magica BD Spotted

by 12:45

Today is the 26th, less than 12 hours away from the official release of Vol.1 BD Puella Magi Madoka Magica, yet someone has managed to get an early / leaked copy before the official date, 27th. 

UPDATED: Booklet images added.

One Piece GPS

by 00:29
Dinos Japan has announced its first One Piece PND (GPS) to the market.

24 April 2011

22 April 2011

"Madoka ★ Magica Cafe" Opening Soon

by 13:51
A new theme has been decided: the Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica Cafe

UPDATE: The cafe is open!

UPDATE: figma Kaname Madoka image added as part of the goods that might go on display during the new theme.

21 April 2011

Nendoroid Generations: The Game

by 12:39
Super Deformation Formation! 

As most of you are aware, the Nendoroid series will be going digital onto a PSP platform sometime soon, titled Nendoroid Generations (ねんどろいどじぇねれーしょん). This is the result of a collaboration with Namco Bandai and Good Smile Company, announced as a project at GSC's 10th Anniversary party which had JAM Project rocking the house ^^.

Nendoroid Gotou Imouto Spotted

by 01:44
Doesn't she look familiar? 

A custom "Nendoroid Gotou Imouto", the younger sister of Kuroneko (or Gotou Ruri) has been given the custom treatment and the detailing is incredible.
She even comes with her plush toy! Such dedication and fandom from a 2ch user ^^

Have a Break, Have a Kyouko

by 01:34
Care for some magical Kyouko Kit Kat?

Ano Hi Mita Index

by 01:22
"We still can't remember the name of the girl we saw that day"

She does resemble a certain nun after all ( ´∀`)

This image has a decent reso, so feel free to use it for your wallpaper ^^

20 April 2011

Good Smile Nendoroid Cafe

by 17:19

UPDATE: New images added, along with 2 new sections created:
"Nendoroid 00 - 170 + No Numbers"and "Nendoroid Puchi and Nendoroid Plus"

UPDATE 2: Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 ver. just arrived at Goodsmile Cafe today! (4/20)
She's been added to the Nendoroid collection at the "Latest Nendoroid Closeups" section. ^^

Guma-chan welcomes and beckons you to join her at the Good Smile Cafe in Chiba, with their latest cafe theme, Nendoroid Cafe, starting from April 5th (Tuesday).

For the duration of this theme, the cafe has been decorated with tons of their flagship figure series "Nendoroid", plastered everywhere from walls to shelves and even tables.

Come and drown yourself in this amazing Nendo-experience as you are surrounded by hundreds of Nendoroid faces while enjoying a "dining together with a Nendoroid" encounter, with a special menu.

This is heaven-sent for Nendo lovers and I can't blame them. This is absolute eye candy to any lucky customer that walks through those doors. Makes me wish I was there too ^^;

A definite must-go if you've visiting Japan anytime soon. as the closing date of the theme has yet to be announced.The theme might even be up for a few weeks/months considering this is GSC own cafe and series, bunched and rolled up into a ball of goodness for you to savour for the next few days. The theme will end at the end of this month on April 30th, so get there are quick as you can! (^∀^)

Of course, to those who would love to teleport themselves right now but can't, I hope these images can bring you that much closer to the cafe which is the purpose of this post. Also, it seems this "cafe" segment is becoming a regular thing, hence the birth of the "CAFE" tag ^^

Special thanks to Zero for unleashing his Reality Marble; Unlimited Copypasta Works for lining the images from our server. Big cheer for the poor guy! ( ´∀`)

Shinryaku! Tako Luka Musume

by 00:06
Lord help me...

The day started out like any other day; wake up, power up the PC, check my mail, then take a quick bath before returning to my desktop to reply some emails.

Except, I never got the chance to reply to anyone.

When I emerged from the bath, a Tako Luka was on my workspace with the other monitors featuring its siblings.
And thus began my days with Tako Luka and their invasion (in progress).

Since they're here to stay (and its not like I can make them move out on their own or have a choice), I've decided to carry out an observation journal on my findings on such a rare species, concerning mostly of their behaviour and natural diet in our world.

May this serve as a guide to caring (or maintaining) for you own Tako Invasion when one does arrive at your doorstep.

19 April 2011

Nichijou In Shinjuku

by 01:52
Spotted at the East Entrance of Shinjuku Station.
Kyoani/ Tokyo Mx must be going all out for this show.

And I'm a little proud my national language was used in Nichijou. Keiichi Arawi (mangaka) or someone at KyoAni must have visited Malaysia or Indonesia or picked up that phrase somewhere (probably a staff ^^).
I predict the next word will be NASI LEMAK! (you might wanna google that ^^)

Nendoroid Puchi Kyouko Sakura Spotted

by 01:18
This is too cute! Щ(゚ Д゚)Щ
Love the mini-Pocky and dangos tho. Actually, I love everything in that picture~
Must be a GK by a talented sculptor ^^

Just a few more days till Madoka resumes!

Season's Summation - Winter 2011

by 00:51
Another season (or 3 months) has passed and, once again, it's bittersweet.
Bitter, cause all the good shows have ended but sweet since I'm on break and its Spring!

Finals has ended and yours truly is on a (short) spring break and I've been playing non-stop all the game titles that have built up and watching final episodes of series that has ended ever since. Been playing Shogun 2 and it's been a blast.

Truly, the path to ascension from the Daimyou (Clan Leader) to ultimately Shogun (Ruler of Japan) after toppling the previous Shogunate is indeed a hard and long path. The Date clan were impressive, but the shogunate deemed me too dangerous and sent the whole (or what's left of the clans after conquering 20+ provinces) nation against me. Tried out Chosokabe next and with their farm income bonus, funding my war plans was relatively smooth as I took the South and East Japan easily.

Also, if you've noticed, I've changed my banner and background image after playing around with some image editing tools to suit my current obsession, Hatsune Miku and Nendoroids, along with a few companies and figure series that I love. Funny part is I swore I would cut down on Nendoroids but alas, Evil Smile Company won't let me off the hook that easily. ( ´∀`)

Zero says theres too much cuteness here now and he'd like the previous banner back.
I say ( ゜∀゜)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
What do you guys think about the new banner and background image? ^^

But enough about conquest and figures. It's time to summarise the previous season's lineup:

This season's was smaller compared to Autumn 2010, but nonetheless, it was fun. Almost everything ended within the same season, with a couple riding on and joining Spring much to my delight. The number of interesting shows has plummeted but that shouldn't stop me from enjoying whatever the industry has to throw. Spring looks really promising so we'll have to see how that ends up later.

Time to sing out my youth!

Some personal opinions on what went down in Winter's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;

Roukyuubu Gets Anime, Sphere Gets Regular Program

by 00:51
Newly formed seiyuu unit, Roukyuubu has dressed up in basketball attire with Hidaka Rina, Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana, Iguchi Yuka and Ogura Yui each fashioning a bright red jersey.

Now here's the fun bit: it's an anime. 

14 April 2011

"Tenga & Bunny", New Sponsors?

by 15:26
Yes, you read that first part right.

Its seems that fleshlight manufacturer, TENGA has expressed interest in advertising in superhero anime,
Tiger & Bunny", which has already received numerous "sponsors" from companies such as Bandai, DMM.com, UStream, Softbank and others.

05 April 2011

Touhou Girls Caught Licking in Public

by 13:49
Girls from the Touhou universe were spotted licking a certain demon king in Melon Books store.

(NSFW up ahead)

04 April 2011

Nendoroid x Good Smile Cafe Opens Tomorrow

by 23:50
And looks who's greeting us; Guma-chan! 

The previous Panty and Stocking theme has been taken down to make way for the new "Nendoroid theme".
Behind her are rooooooows of Nendoroid packages and Nendoroids displayed as part of the deco! Wow!

Will soon cover the new theme with pics, menus, deco and whatever the cafe may surprise us with ^^

But for now, you'll have to settle with these pre-opening teasers; (^∀^)

03 April 2011

Gundam Unicorn: Then and Now

by 10:54
A small comparison chart of characters from the Universal Century timeline anime "Gundam Unicorn"

The original designs (left) are from the novel, followed by the adaptation designs (right).

The drawings give off a feeling of vintage and retro-ness that is rarely found in today's character designs. Maybe its just me, but I've come to appreciate how they retained that UC era feel ^^

The Many Faces of Hikasa Youko

by 02:46
Why isn't there a bigger reso for such a divine image...

Hikasa Youko, or as I and many others like to call her, "Hiyocchi" has voiced quite a handful of noteworthy characters up till now. Thou she may sound pretty common as any other seiyuu to many viewers, Hiyocchi's talent for singing is real, blowing away everyone's eardrums when she debuted in music comedy anime "K-ON!", propelling her to stardom as a noteworthy and talented seiyuu too.

When Madoka Meets Doraemon

by 02:06
Was surfing 2ch when I spotted this.
As someone who grew up watching Doraemon from time to time, this had me spilling my drink.

Even when time travelling, do remember to look out for paradox crossroads and the occasional warp tunnel bumps 

Now, if only we can jump forward in time to see the supposedly leaked 12th episode scenario title.

02 April 2011

Working!! 2 Announced, Sequel After All

by 00:31
To make up for the April Fool's joke, the guys at Wagnaria are happy to announce the sequel of restaurant-cross-dressing anime "Working!!" is underway, with a BD BOX for the "Working!! Season 1" releasing in August.  

01 April 2011

April Fool Sites Gallery 2011

by 22:50

A compilation of sites found to be "announcing" some questionable information.
Companies such as TYPE-MOON, Good Smile Company, Nitroplus and even Akihabara join the foolwagon.

Mikatan Joins April Fool Bandwagon

by 02:35

Like I mentioned before in the supposedly "new anime project", Mikatan is joining in to pull some pranks on everyone.

「Madoka Magica」12th Episode Finale Scenario Revealed

by 02:09
Despite the suspension of mahou-shoujo-culling anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" which will have its broadcast schedules resuming in April, the final episode title has been apparently "revealed/leaked" by "Yahoo Japan Auctions".

「WORKING!!」Web Animation Announced & VHS Vol.1 On Sale

by 01:09

On the 1st of April, Wagnaria.com has ended the countdown, revealing a surprising announcement; an anime project.
A trailer has been prepared, introducing brand new characters into the "Working!" series with the new series as a WEB animation project.
The web versions will be sold on VHS (that's right, V-H-S tapes) starting with Vol.1 going on sale today.

The trailer, available at the previous link or here, shows a brief introduction of 2 characters. Make sure to watch it till the very end, where they reveal a surprising conclusion which is...

「Amagami」Otaku Buys 21 Volumes, "Gentlemen Among Gentlemen"

by 00:24

With today's release of the new PS2/PSP Amagami game "eb!+colle Amagami", fans waste no time in splurging everything for their waifu Ayatsuji limited edition copies.
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