02 April 2011

Working!! 2 Announced, Sequel After All

by 00:31
To make up for the April Fool's joke, the guys at Wagnaria are happy to announce the sequel of restaurant-cross-dressing anime "Working!!" is underway, with a BD BOX for the "Working!! Season 1" releasing in August.  

A new trailer has been uploaded, with Yamada, Takanashi and Popura announcing (for real this time) the production of a 2nd season underway. No airing date has been released yet.

Visit the Wagnaria official website to view the trailer. Here is fine too.
(will replace with YT link when someone uploads it)

YT link available! Thanks to Karasu-san for the heads-up ^^

The greeting page should have this "?" question mark but click on to view the official website.

I'm so happy it turned out okay after all. I would have raged if the sequel had used the other characters.
Finally, I get to see my Fukuyama Jun-Takanashi cross-dress again つ(^∀^)つ

In the great words of 2ch;

All we can do now is patiently sit (or jump) and wait for it to air. Gonna grin stupidly in my sleep now ^^


Blacksun88 said...

good news indeed ^^

Kuroi-karasu said...

Here is the PV for season 2 :


More Maya Matsumoto ! <3

Yoshii-kun said...

@Kuroi-karasu ooooo Thx Karasu-san! ^^

*YT added!

Kuroi-karasu said...

@Yoshii-kun I have to say I'm not the one who uploaded the video, but since thanks to the blog I could notice the Aprils Fools Working! Special and you were looking for that PV, I gave you the link the moment I've seen it.
Thanks for those news.

(My english is as horrible as ever...)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Fukuyama Jun again! \0v0/! I am still dissapointed he didnt voice over Keima though =3=

Yoshii-kun said...

@Kuroi-karasu I think your English is pretty good, as long as you can get the message across and the receiver understood it (which I did).

Was waiting for someone to upload it, so thanks for the heads-up anyway. ^^

@Anonymous I think Jun's voice would have been too serious or too childish for Keima's role, as those are within his character scope (voice that suits the character type) when voicing.

Shimono however has that aloof boke voice yet mono-tone seriousness when required, so all is good I think

Anonymous said...

jun really crossdresses in RL in this vid.. well cosplays..


Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Oh god, I literally spilled cola all over myself when he came out. Thanks for the share!!!

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