31 December 2010

C79 (冬) Day 2: Welcome to Mayhem

by 02:04
10:00 AM Comic Market Raises the Curtain
Please leave your shame and self-respect prior to entry of the building. We hope you enjoy you're visit - Comiket Committee

With that, Day 2 had started and ended in the same fashion; chaos. 

Full coverage of Day 2 in 3 parts;

C79 (冬) Day 2: Welcome to Mayhem (Part 1) - "Tokyo Big Sight and Happenings" 
More coverage on the last day; Day 3; the final Comiket of 2010, tomorrow. 

Stay tuned. 

30 December 2010

C79 (冬) Day 1: Calm Before the (Shit)Storm...

by 03:01
Okay, so the plan was to post a cluster of links to interesting C79 images and other related sites.

But exactly at 7pm-ish, I took a look at Twitter with the #C79 tag and facepalmed, hard.
For every minute, 125 new tweets were tweeted, and I was still reading tweet no. 23,573.

This is NOT possible. Plan has phailed, hard.

Solution; upload all clusterfuck images onto a site where millions congregate daily for their daily fix of anime/figure/mecha/japan related news: figure.fm.

And now, I shall direct you to the post with all the coverage. Enjoy.

PS: Yes, I will do the same thing for Day 2 and 3, accessible at figure.fm. Stay tuned. 

29 December 2010

Season's Summation - Autumn 2010

by 17:19
Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climate, between autumn and spring. At the winter solstice, the days are shortest and the nights are longest, with days lengthening as the season progresses after the solstice. -Wikipedia
They forgot to mention Winter also entails snow-car pileups, grounded aircrafts, transportation crisis, strikes, billions of dollars loss, corporations tearing their hair out, the world ending, all while plunging further into the "minus" region deeper with every passing year.

Man, just what does January have in store for those poor bastards in the Northern hemi?

As you might not (already) know, I've returned to continue my semester, early last month. So it's back to paper-pushing and researching while rushing for the deadlines. Seems like my precious sleep time will be horribly murdered, sliced, spliced and diced (again).
Thankfully, our dean and lecturers agreed they desperately need a break from us wild undergraduates causing mayhem on campus once in awhile, so we've gone onto a 2 week Christmas hiatus. So if you've noticed my Twitter wasn't exactly up-to-date at times previously, apologies for that. Must remember to use Twitter more often...

It seems like only yesterday when I wrote the Summer version of this, and we're now only hours away from the new year. Funny how time passes by ever so fast, even if it it only has a 1-second interval of time stoppage.
Just where did my snooze alarm function go?!

Anyway, lets cut to the chase.
Same thing as Summer, here's Winter's overall grade;

The return and resurrection of older titles has been overwhelming. With 6 sequels/continuations, everyday was bliss. A few originals here and there but interesting nonetheless. Also, every title has used CG in some way, which is no surprise for the rest of this year as well. As ugly as it may seems, it's a necessary to speed up production.
Unfortunately, many shows abruptly ended this month and waaaay to many if I may say so. Only a couple of brave shows had the courage and will to trudge through the cold and into the icy months ahead.

Some personal opinions on what went down in Winter's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;

17 December 2010

A Certain White Christmas Post!

by 19:13
Artwork : 暗猫 @ Pixiv
"Realizing Christmas is coming, I bought you a present but demands Christmas Eve night to be spent with me, so in other words, a date..."
as dere-dere Misaka coyly requests while biting the present in anticipation...
While I undergo an imaginary date with my lovely clone, here's some news (which I have not posted in an age) to warm up this Christmas;

12 December 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#12)

by 18:23
I'd like to thank everyone who voted me as the
"No.1 Person You Would Like to Have On a Ronery Christmas",
and hope the voters will try harder next year !

While Morishima jests at our bachelorhood while receiving her prize, let's move onto our main topic....

It's finally December.....again. Time to bring out the boots and kotatsu before our feet freezes over, while we decorate our Christmas trees. With the temperature and snow dropping ever more by the weeks before jumping into the shitstorm of it by January, a time for Xmas and celebrations are in order.

Although it's already mid-Dec, I'm still not feeling the festive vibes just yet.
It might be the wet weather here we've been having instead of snow....
Or it might be the absence of the Christmas tree this year... ( family unanimously agreed putting it back is a hassle)
Or maybe it's the absence of a partner around this time of year, where couples walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm while envy grows, as I have nothing else better to do than to write this behind a 20" monitor, with only my figures for company during the cold nights to come......

Personally, I can relate to Amagami SS as it means a lot to me, so excuse this tiny flashback. It was around this time a few years back that I had feelings for her, so much so, I had planned a Christmas dinner for the two of us. Alas, it didn't happen as she was busy and I was fell somewhere below "busy", leading to falling out of contact for 3 months before seeing her again, which was entirely my fault and had no choice due to official reasons. In a short time, she had changed, including her taste in men as she went for long distance with a guy in the States, so I'm left to support her instead of "supporting" her......
So, yes Junichi. I sometimes see myself in you, so I loath and despise you (myself).
Accept it and move on like I did.

But hey, it's Christmas again. Best leave all the reminiscences behind and await for the release of the next "Hinako" installment, due to keep the rest of us ronery fellows company on Christmas Eve. So get yourselves warmed up with a How-To video of the Isshoni Training 026 (o-fu-ro), Bathing with Hinako.

Speaking of December, this little monthly segment has completed (and survived) one full year. Yes, battling the desire to drop everything and do something more constructive than hammering away at the keyboard for hours was tough, but I made it to the 12th month. Phew!
A new widget has been added, which would be my "Last.fm Real-time Playlist" on the right bar --->,
as I listen and display some of the soothing tunes to keep me warm through out the winter....

This Autumn had lots of fun, crazy shows packed up together, with a few dark horses which I would have never picked up in my normal state of mind, but did anyway. But it's time to pack up and trot onto the January snow soon as a few shows will be ending by next week *sniff*

Meanwhile, Mr. Hashi has provided a detailed review of the Winter 2011 Schedule, which I would like to highly recommend for everyone to take a good look at as we say goodbye to 2010.

For the last time this year, a back breaking collection of 130 characters have been compiled, formatted, resized and boxed up with wrappings (minus the ribbon) as my Xmas to you guys, simply cause I'm in the mood of giving more than usual. Oh, and do check out this live seiyuu ED version in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, with Yuuki Aoi, Omigawa Chiaki, Yazawa Reika and Shiraisho Ryouko!

With that, I bid 2010 farewell.
See you guys next year~!

Season's Greetings, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sasaki, Nozomi]
MISAKA                                             Patricia Martin

"Misaka thinks she should have been given more airtime, as Misaka only appeared 3 times, with twice being nude," responds Misaka with bitterness in her voice.
And the Misaka Network voice a single word through Radio Noise; "Agreed"
[Okamoto, Nobuhiko]
Accelerator                                        Tsuzuki Takumi 

Best action so far, involving tornado wings sprouting from his back, sending seismic waves with a stomp and ACTUALLY using his fists to send women flying.
He may not be No.1 anymore, but I don't think anyone's ready to prove that.....
[Itou, Shizuka]
Kanzaki Kaori                                         Kousaka Tamaki

I had the pleasure of seeing one of Itou Shizuka's older roles; Kousaka Tamaki. The figure market is literally flooded with her in various versions and I only realized why when I watched the recent OVA.
And Kanzaki in dere-dere <3

26 November 2010

One, Two, Many Packages...

by 19:21
In this case, Azunyan concurs....

It's been 4 months since I last posted anything regarding "loots" that I've picked up, thanks to a very active schedule, adding to the fact I was overseas for awhile while a few more packages was added to the storeroom pile before I actually got to opening most of them. Honestly, I have no idea just how much I've already invested (really?) on this hobby and I'm not gonna bother counting; don't need to fool myself into how much I actually spend. I've got receipts to remind me T_T.

Mr.Yen's been getting stronger, not to mention shipping these days aren't getting any cheaper, which will and always suck. Still, lots of sales have been popping up (shipping and price discounts) to keep buyers buying and spenders spending, so might as well take advantage of such sales ^^

17 November 2010

Simmoned Figures #6 - GSC Nendoroid Yuki Miku 「ねんどろいど 雪ミク」

by 10:45

It's certainly been awhile since I've last posted anything regarding bootlegs, many thanks to RL issues one can handle at a time.

But I've re-realized the importance of such fakes that are out there to swindle and part our hard-earned muulah for a fake product. GSC too as come to the same conclusion as they've posted the latest info about a fake product of theirs circulating online auction sites and from privates sales.

Remember kids; if you're gonna spend on something, at least be sure of what exactly you're spending on.

So our bootleg this time is Nendoroid Yuki Miku (WF2010 Winter Limited Edition).
As this was an exclusive, those whom managed proxy services or purchased on-site (at Sapporo or WF2010, if memory serves) would have gotta their hands on genuine goodies. Sales after that are at buyers own risk, so be aware of news on limited manufacturing of such products.

Threat Level: 5/5

08 November 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#11)

by 19:33

Our topic for today is kinda of a taboo, the one that "people-know-about-it-but-dont-pry-to-much-into-it" type; Otaku.
I thank Ore no Imouto ga Konnna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" for highlighting this.

As defined by a certain dictionary which accepted this latest entry of new words into their codex;
Otaku; a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills
- Oxford Online
That would be the softer definition for labeling otakus. Other definitions like "scorn of Japan", "NEETs", "perverts", "freaks", "crazies" are the commons and might be more appropriate for those outside of the realm of 2D.

Word is that, associating one's self with any otaku activity is considered social suicide. A "detriment to social skills" as earlier described. Like cutting yourself from reality and closing your door to the world, leaving our idle mind's for the devil to play with.

Screw that.

For those living anywhere besides Japan or in the Asian continent, I'm willing to bet your neighbour has no clue what "otaku" even means, which is a plus by the way.
Unfortunately, despite the bright lights of Akihabara at 8, the giant billboards on the latest promotions of upcoming releases and a seemingly bustling animation industry, there lies discrimination in the heart of it.

The general public are at least aware of their existence, but they're considered to be the scorn of Japan's society; often looked down like a bug, better ignored that cared about. Disassociate yourself from having anything to do with this pest and you're clean.

"What so great about cartoons?" 
"How can grown men even like this stuff?"
...are the usual views, considered "abnormal" or "highly unorthodox" for a child, teen or even an adult to be obsessing about. And those reports about otaku related incidents and crimes aren't helping with public impressions.

But I wouldn't call otakus "obsessed" tho. More like "high on enthusiasm". They share a passion for such simple entertainment. To other's, it's even part of their life and who they are. Of course, it sometimes leads us to developing our own language, only understandable by those on the same wavelength, but that's okay. ^_^

I can still converse and socialise normally without the internet abbreviations and slangs.
I still know how to discern right from wrong, the acceptable norms and not's. 
I have not (yet) shut my door and escaped from reality and morph into a Hikikomori. 
I have an interest similar to art collectors, movie fanatics and reading enthusiasts.
I am still human.

And that's what this show is about actually, about a closet fujoshi (female otaku) dealing with society's oppressive views on her hobby. This series is about as real as it can get to the current views on otaku activities and what people go through to keep their hobby a national secret or maintaining it without the
frowns and disapproving faces from the general public.

And that was my introduction of "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai". 

And this is reason enough for me to keep watching.
Gainax did a pretty bold move and I'm enjoying it 

So enjoy your huge dose of comparisons.
December's will be the last for this year, so I'll review and include as many as possible by next month.
Stay frosty! (those in the northern hemi., pardon the lame joke. I know it's really freezing there)

And hope you had a Happy (belated) Halloween!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sakamoto Maaya]
Nino                                  Mari Makinami Illustrious

I just can't stop laughing whenever I tune in Arakawa. It's just too hilarious for a straight face to handle.
Glad I got to see Nino again! Seems there's a plot now (is there?)
[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Ichinomiya Kou                                           Zess

Have you seen Break Blade yet? Totally awesome, especially for a mecha fan like me.
Well, kind of "mecha", so it's awesome all the same.
[Sugita Tomokazu]
Photobucket       Photobucket
Hoshi                                                        Kyon

A Rock Star!
Sorry, can't help with the lame pun. It just came to me. =D
And Kyon, don't give me that......

21 October 2010

A Rainbow of Miku

by 21:45
Today, we'll take a look at some custom Miku which I happened to stumble across from VERY avid fan, if I may add.

So, I've been following Itabeya-san for almost 6-7 months now, ever since he started his blog about a year ago.
During the 5th re-release of the Nendoroid Hatusne Miku, he highlighted a few other works from some acquaintances.

This was when I came across one particular blogger, "おとーちゃん / Oto-chan". His collection of Miku related merchandise is ridiculously large, from plushies to prize figures and even limited editions before turning towards custom paint nendoroids.

Note:Will be on a trip to SW Australia for a week, back on next Sunday (31/10/10)

18 October 2010

A Certain Sparky Post!

by 18:20
"I-It's not like M-Misaka posted this for y-your sake, y-you know? 
S-She's just doing it f-for someone e-else", says deredere Misaka.
Like Biribiri expressed, I'm not actually doing for your sake........maybe. (*゚ー゚)
*NSFW content included. You've been warned*

14 October 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#10)

by 23:24
It went "KYUN", ya hear?

Heyya, it's October. And like every month, I drag thyself to bring you goodies. But hey, I've got a Nanasaki motivator cheering my on, so all's good.

We've finally reach that double digit month "10", which goes for this comparison as well. It's amazing how I could keep this particular monthly post alive for 10 months and hopefully as long as I can. .
So here's your complimentary news before he head off to the comparisons;

The new international terminal of Tokyo's Haneda Airport has been shown to the press prior to its opening on 21st October.

The interesting part is not the fact it's five-story floor space has three times the area of Tokyo Dome, or that it could house 100 shops, or the fact it has a zone recreating a town in the Edo Period, but the fact an area dedicated to anime character merchandise shops for travellers, right at the airport!

Me thinks it's a great idea and can't wait to visit Haneda's new terminal soon.

Anyway, this new terminal is said to double the airport's current operational capacity to 400,000 annually, once the new D-Runway is completed as well. Seems my country is listed on the arrival side of the new terminal, so that's certainly something to look forward to. Check your route to see if you land at th new international terminal too.

On another happy note, I've finally finished my papers and plan to kick back, relax and watch all 38 titles in the comfort of my cool home, in contrast to the skin-blistering heat I've been enduring for the past few days.

Fans are rendered useless with air-condition units my only salvation left, which can only be switched on during the night.

And the drought season is just over the horizon....

Now back to comparisons.

It seems I've bitten off more than I can digest. Initially, I planned to cover 248 characters, with 124 seiyuus for the next three months, with some OVA/OAD occasionally covered, escalating the initial target. This is by far the largest comparison coverage in a season.

So this immense load resulted in some self-reflection on why I continue this blogging business in the first place. Personally, I think social networks killed the blogging community, as people can enjoy games, chat, and other fun stuff which you can't when posting your own nonsense for others to view what you're ranting about. So you could say I'm against social networks, which now determines whether one is still alive by their updates. >_>

But, hey. We all know I love abusing myself, right?
Planned to enlist a helper to bear some of this season's pain, but why share this overwhelming load when I can have it all to myself?

So this month's theme is "blast to the past", as we review some older roles these seiyuu previously casted in, since I'm feeling rather nostalgic and started to watch some oldies again. You might not recognize them, unless you've covered some older/ non-mainstream stuff back in the days, but try your best, ya?

Seiyuu Comparisons

Nanasaki Ai                                             Li Meiling

For some reason, her call name is just "ゆかな". Nothing more.
But to my surprise, she casted in a very old favourite series of mine.
And one more thing; HANDS OFF NANASAKI.
[Shintani Ryoko]

Sakurai Rihoko                                  Sakuraba Milfeulle

Cookies for those who remember Sakuraba. Galaxy Angels anime is craptacularly boring, void of any plot. I followed the manga instead, with "real" adventures and it's much better than it's anime adaptation. 
[Nazuka Kaori]

Ayatsuji Tsukasa                                     Oomichi Miyabi

Twas happy to get to watch one last OVA of G.A. I love easy going shows like these, which reminded me of Hidamari Sketch for the most part. 

01 October 2010

Guess What's This???

by 17:11
I'll be busy over the weekend studying for my next 2 papers (yeah, right >_>), with the following Friday being my last. So here's a teaser of the next update on what's to come.
Try guessing what's this, but the colours might have given it away;

Hint: Sale ends today...

29 September 2010

Season's Summation - Summer 2010

by 19:00
Summer's sweltering heat can only last for so long, before the chilly winds and typhoons of Autumn blow it away. The time for Aki (秋/Autumn) to step in has come, bringing out the best of colours from the trees and plants before it starts shedding. So, start putting away those summer uniforms and bikinis, and bring out those winter uniforms and overalls as we brace for another cool season.....

Summer was rather quiet for me, as it gave me some time to be nostalgic and reminisce about my childhood (for some reason). Been watching oldies and classics like "Cardcaptor Sakura" (this is the part where you jeer and laugh at me. Go on) while catching up with some other titles as well.
And yes, Sakura is still my No.1 'mahou shoujo' in terms of story, personality and history. Safe to say my childhood wouldn't be complete without her.

Maybe now's a good time to step back and rewatch some of our old favourites before Autumn's lineup?

Meanwhile, I wish I could take a huge leap back into time and start on my "already completed" projects much earlier, and avoid "the worst 3 days of my life" scenario from ever happening again....

Thankfully, my first semester is ending, giving yours truly a well-deserved 1 month break from coding and reading. Then maybe I can catch up with some of my backlogged posts and news to share with everyone....

The same MO for previous Spring's evaluation.
Now for summer's overall grade;

28 September 2010

Figures Ordered (Q3 - 2010)

by 18:28
Again, I've completely forgotten this little segment of the blog. Loads of stuff IRL happened, is my excuse but that's pretty common, no? 

September is ending, while I enjoy a short break before my next paper later this week. A lot of shows have ended already, with many impressions left behind, which I'll save for a post later on.

On another note, I laugh at those who have been following their ladies in the ISML Postseason tournament, only to have Mio and Mikoto cut them down! My two favourites have entered the finals (so happy!), and now I'm at a dilemma;


There's a high possibility of Mio winning again since she beat Mikoto previously, but I'm quite satisfied if either won. xD

Now here's the part where I try to convince you into getting one these lovely ladies I've come to love. Can't wait to get my hands on'em, so let's see if I can remember what I ordered;

22 September 2010

"Love Plus +" Atami Campaign Postmortem [Part 1]

by 15:06
As the banner says, the "Atami Love Plus + Matsuri Campaign" has begun. Time to pack up your swimming gear, sunscreen lotion, and hit the hot beaches of Atami, you ronery people.

Did promise a "post"-mortem report after the campaign was over, but that ended in July. 
I wonder why I only remembered it now..... 

Anyway, here's your full report, from the perspective of a lucky participant for the whole trip.

"Love Plus +" Atami Campaign Postmortem [Part 3]

by 15:05
As the banner says, the "Atami Love Plus + Matsuri Campaign" has begun. Time to pack up your swimming gear, sunscreen lotion, and hit the hot beaches of Atami, you ronery people.

Did promise a "post"-mortem report after the campaign was over, but that ended in July. 
I wonder why I only remembered it now..... 

Anyway, here's your full report, from the perspective of a lucky participant for the whole trip.

If you are experiencing some weird sounds emitting from this page when loading, scroll down to the end. 

"Love Plus +" Atami Campaign Postmortem [Part 2]

by 15:05
As the banner says, the "Atami Love Plus + Matsuri Campaign" has begun. Time to pack up your swimming gear, sunscreen lotion, and hit the hot beaches of Atami, you ronery people.

Did promise a "post"-mortem report after the campaign was over, but that ended in July. 
I wonder why I only remembered it now..... 

Anyway, here's your full report, from the perspective of a lucky participant for the whole trip.

12 September 2010


by 15:51
The latest meme to circulate BBs and forums has come in the form of "wetting thy self" in literal translation.
However odd it may seem, other translation options could not properly convey the feelings felt at that moment.

Took a look at my schedule and I won't be around for the last 2 weeks of September due to academic reasons (yea, exams. bummer >_>). I'll post all I can for now in this and the following posts to come during my short but well-deserved break.

10 September 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Summer 2010 (#9)

by 16:55
Hello peeps. Been awhile since I last posted anything. But I've returned from the dead (literally) to provide goodies. Got loads to catch up, with 3 more posts on queue as we speak. This post is long over due so I'll just handle this comparison first.

So it's already September, the month of squalls. Or typhoon season if you prefer. All that pent up heat has to be released on way or another.

In case you've been under a rock for shelter or just ignorant of the weather lately, the 9th typhoon of the year, or Malou, categorized as a "Severe Tropical Storm" by JMA has hit Eastern Asia pretty hard, starting off with shaving the borders of S.Korea, then a near-complete U-turn back to Japan, hitting the western coast of Fukui Prefecture and going through Central Japan.

Tokyo received it's fair share of the rain that comes with the typhoon on last Thursday, the closest it ever got to the capital. If predictions are on the mark, it should be leaving the eastern coast pretty soon.

On another note, the previous 31st August 2010 was a day of celebrations. Yes, I hail from Malaysia but there's nothing worth celebrating from here. I'm talking about Hatsune Miku's 3rd Birthday! xD

31st marks the release of the VOCALOID2 software with the creation of mascot Miku. Didn't get to celebrate properly, as I had a ton of matters to sort out. Instead, played vocaloid songs all day. Haha. And Miku's present to all those that celebrated her birthday came in the form of the releasing  "Project Diva Hatsune Miku 39's Giving Day" on the very next day, 1st September 2010.

The concert was awesome, making this a must have for all Vocaloid fan's collections.

That's enough of my added info here. More will come in the updates post which is due this weekend.
Here's your huge dose of comparisons, the last of Summer 2010 as we move on to Autumn/Fall's lineup. +

I should stop burdening myself with more and more characters. It's surprisingly tiring having to go through one's own collection and screenshotting a non-blurry portrait of a character.
I keep telling myself to limit only to shows I like for comparison. Well, this is how many turned out. xD.

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Busujima Saeko                                     Iwasawa Asami

She's becoming quite the regular seiyuu here. Seeing her for the 4th consecutive time.
New plotline for HOTD was weird for me, with the jinja episode coming in front of the Takagi household.

[Fukui Yukari]
Marikawa Shizuka                                   Sarah Adiemus

The healer of the party. Well, I'm not sure what you can heal after getting bitten...

[Takeuchi Junko]
Rika Minami                                  Uzumaki Naruto

No comment.
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