12 September 2010


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The latest meme to circulate BBs and forums has come in the form of "wetting thy self" in literal translation.
However odd it may seem, other translation options could not properly convey the feelings felt at that moment.

Took a look at my schedule and I won't be around for the last 2 weeks of September due to academic reasons (yea, exams. bummer >_>). I'll post all I can for now in this and the following posts to come during my short but well-deserved break.

Respect for the Aged Day (Keirou no Hi / 敬老の日)

On the 20th September, the elderly community for those over 70 years are respected and are given a day in their honor. It's a day where one commutes to the local town hall and celebrate with the other elderly folk or centenarians who have completed the cycle of all Zodiac + 10 element signs. Thus shifting the age of celebration to their 70th birthday and above.

The ironic part about this holiday are the recent reports from multiple local governments, stating the absence or "missing" elderly who are no longer living in their registered residences, according to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare survey.

A ridiculous number of 234,000 centenarians are considered to still be "alive" in the family registry system, with a 200 year old, born in 1810 topping the list.

Reports of why exactly families did not report their deaths long ago could be tied to the fact elderly people receive a monthly pension and family members abuse the system by claiming such payments on their behalf, or the failure of the local government to verify the status of residents over the age of 100.

Autumn Equinox (Aki no Higan / 秋の彼岸)

The counterpart of Haru no Higan, this week marks the start of the autumn/fall equinox, normally around the 23rd September. This is the time Buddist temples are busy preparing to offer memorial services for the graves of deceased relatives.

Reminds me that my next visit to my ancestors is due anytime soon. Gotta make plans too.

Full Moon Festival (Jugoya / 十五夜)

Jugoya, celebrated on the 15th (ju-go / 十五) night (ya / 夜) of the 8th month (lunar calender), is said to have the year's most beautiful moon to mark the end of the harvest. On this night, people would gather to throw a moon-viewing picnic under a clear sky to view a mangetsu (満月) or full moon while eating dango dumplings, much like the Hanami (花見) or "Cherry Blossom Festival".

This is still one of the best parts about Japan. No matter how technologically advanced you are, traditions and festivals are still practiced and held among today's generation.

And the fact there's always a reason for them to celebrate something ^_^

Happy Birthday Miku Event

Unsurprisingly held on 31st August at Shibuya Tsutaya Theater, fans gathered to get the chance of viewing an open screening of Miku's latest concert and meet Miku's seiyuu (yes, there is one and don't give me that look), Fujita Saki, along with the creator of Miku, Sasaki Wataru and project manager Utsumi Shushi from Crypton Future Media.

In addition to the screen event, a one-day only "Miku Cafe" was opened, with all your favorite Vocaloids serving customers while singing their heart out (last part was a joke).

Another surprise was the unveiling of 「Project Diva: Miku Arcade」 to the public, a coin-operated station where one may play their favorite songs while tapping button to the beat of the music.
Fortunately, there was no DanceDanceMiku feature installed, to avoid patrons from looking like fools while moving their unsynchronized feet and hands at the same time.

During the meet-and-greet session, fans sang "Happy Birthday, Miku!" along with Fujita Saki on stage. Sasaki Wataru then explained the transparent film technology implemented at the concert, along future developments, such as VOCALOID3 (OMFG) and "hinted" another Miku concert (*faints*).

When the floor asked what their favorite songs were;
Utsumi - Sakasama Rainbow (he's got taste)
Hara - Salaryman Song
Fujita - Hato (cute song)
Sasaki - Lost and Found (Append)

Merchandises and the latest copy of Miku's concert on BD/DVD was available for purchase on-site.

"Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito" 
Knightmare Frame Design

Look what I found while lurking. Knightmare Frame designs!

Looks awesome, no?
Somehow has the resemblance of a humanoid. But either way looks very impressive. 

A.C.E. : Another Century's Episode: R

Words cannot describe my rage, fury, and utter envy for not being able to financially afford a PS3 T_T

ACE: R, the latest PS3 platform game by Banpresto has selected every mecha craved by fans that surpasses the OVER 9000 mark and bundled into a ball of goodness. The ultimate envy of mecha fans (until the next installment comes) has them gripping their seats or controllers already while dodging rifle beams, plama bullets and metal fists.

Some of the mecha included into this ball of goodness are "Destiny Gundam, ARMS, Valkyrie VF-25 and even Code Geass's Lancelot Conquista. Please excuse me while I bleed in frustration now as I watch the PV for the 10th time TT_TT

Eris Punimune Mouse Pad

Latest oppad / breast pad to grace palms and hands comes in the form of an alluring bikini-only cat-alien, Ellis.
Released under Hobby Stock, one may find this available on November. Pre-orders are now open.

Hobby Stock does not provide international shipping, but other reputable online sellers do, with added discount, such as HobbySearch and AmiAmi

I strongly recommend getting one, especially those who constantly use the their mouse for computing purposes. My wrist has stopped aching, thanks to some........support.

Bundling Bundles

There seems to be a new fad trend to bundle stuff with magazines and goodies worth envying. I would say most of them are worth getting, since you get value for your money.....and bragging rights to claim a limited edition release. ^^"

濡れるツ~ !Figure

Latest October edition of Dragon Age Magazine 2010 contains the next mango chapter of the recently adaptation to animu, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD with 36 pages (finally. been waiting since July).

That's not all that comes with this magazine. Bundled together is an aproned-and-half-naked-thongs-only-figure of Busujima Saeko.

Since the airing of the animu this summer, 2.4 million copies of HOTD volumes have been sold, prompting a sudden immediate reprint. Least to say, the franchise is doing pretty well for an apocalyptic world filled with zombies and breas-....... other stuff.

Store managers are quick to catch on the current fad, attaching a Nureru!! (濡れるツ) to inform all patrons of the latest phrase. Also states figure is castoffable, for a mere ¥860.

Available at Amazon.jp

HOTD CleaRay Bundle

The 7th volume of "HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD" mango will be released bundled with an original Blu-Ray disc, containing a side-story "Drifters of the Dead" which runs for about 20 mins.

It is set to be released next year, and only available through pre-orders.

Mangaoh is now taking orders, for a mere ¥4410, with a small snip of the BD's synopsis;

"The group of people that escaped from main city, and reach a place, which is no-man island ?! Thats the preview of previous episode and now, the nice feeling summer island, with full of erotic mood and bikimi OVA"

Kara no Kyoukai Alternate Ending in BD

The BD Disc Box, set for release next spring will contain an all-new final chapter to the 7 theatrical films, which has about 30min of run time.

Box will contain all 7 films, an edited remix version of 60min Gate of seventh heaven compilation, a 51 min special program and the new final chapter, all for a hefty ¥52,500.

I'm praying that 51 min special program covers Kalafina, the group that did all wonderful ED's of the 7 films. God has surely blessed all 3 of them. Too bad Maya left in 2009 =(

Sora no Otoshimono Unaired Episode Released

Unaired episode of Sora no Otoshimono that was deemed "too dangerous to be broadcasted on TV" has been released on DVD format, together with Limited Edition volume 9 of the manga.
(left to right - volume 9 cover and DVD cover)

As I previously highlighted, the episode titled, "Woman's Locker Room for God to Peek" follows the main protagonist where he venture's into the forbidden world; the girl's locker.

Enjoy your own copy for only ¥3990 , manga included.

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