31 January 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#13)

by 18:40

Though winter is here, some of us are already on fire...

Welcome, once again, to another year of the Seiyuu Comparisons corner, 2011 edition.
I know its is reeeeeally late as January had me booked and I have a study life to keep up with, resulting in this post being delayed until I had some free time while making the deadline (which is the last day of the month)

PhotobucketWinter's lineup is rather small this time, but I'll have to judge that after when it ends in March. Nonetheless, I'll be tracking a few shows as we head into February and I've already got a few favourites ^^

And this season is, thankfully, not as backbreaking as the previous with around 250+ characters only. Probably because of the quantity of shows but I'll just add more later on with the upcoming OVAs and movie titles.

This might be my last post for the week, depending on how fast I finish up my other priorities. So I might pass the baton to our new contributer, Zero, whom normally works behind the scenes, if he's willing to grab onto it. Hopefully, he's reading this as we speak and getting the message ; )

Before I close shop for the (chinese) new year holidays, Happy Setsubun, Chinese New Year, Birthday to me, Holidays!

Seiyuu Comparisons
[Namikawa Daisuke]
Kazehaya Shouta                                    Ki El Dogra Baka

This is..... unexpected (*゚ー゚)
And Kimi ni Todoke is back! *pumps fist*
[Noto Mamiko]
Kurunoma Sawako                                        Himegami Aisa

I love hunting around for deformed characters in KnT.
You might think they're insignificant but just try imagining without them....
[Nakamura Yuuichi]
Sanada Ryuu                                              Graham Aker

A hero in my eyes, that went out with a bang like a star reaching supernova.
His sacrifice lead to the ceasefire in the battle against the aliens of the Gundam 00 movie.
For that, I will never forget you, Mr Bushido.

30 January 2011

[Fractale] Noitamina Television Ratings Falling, Yamakan Still Persists

by 02:30
The following displays the will of a man struggling against defeat and Noitamina rating's dropping with every episode, starting from the 1st at 1.9% to the 3rd at 1.6%.

Sad image, after the break;

28 January 2011

Panty and Stocking Cafe, "Please Leave Your Panties at the Entrance, Sir"

by 23:44
Want to know what Panty eats and which sweets Stocking loves the most?
Look no further!

Just a 4 minute walk from Matsudo Station is GOOD SMILE Cafe's「Panty and Stocking Cafe」, which started on the 27th Januaray 2011.

Review Samples:「Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Version」Moveable Edition

by 18:34
Vocaloid diva, Hatsune Miku is poised to don the winter costume and warm your hearts once again, debuting this time as 「Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Edition」with the moveable edition applied.

An exclusive and only available during 「Wonder Festival 2011 Winter (冬)」,「62nd Sapporo Winter Festival」and 「GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP」, she comes with many extras one may never expect to find.

Full Nendoroid photo review with everything it entails, right after the break.

Itsuji Itao Approves ToHeart 2 DX Plus

by 01:55

Itsuji Itao (板尾 創路), popular comedian and actor approves of PS3 "ToHeart 2 DX Plus" game due in Summer 2011. 

One thing's for sure, Itsuji Itao is a really straight man. Ever serious and hardly goes out of his character, even while starring in Downtown's Batsu Game Specials, you know he's not joking  with the latest advertisement by Aquaplus.

Hikasa Youko X Akiyama Mio

by 01:44

Hikasa Youko really got my attention when she starred as Mio and I fell in love with her voice.
Not because of the obvious moe levels emitting from her character, but her latent talent in voicing and singing really awed me.

Already having a few main roles under her belt with more to come, while doing a radio talk show, she's really quite something.

Here's the best of both world; Hikasa Mio, or Akiyama Youko or Myocchi or which ever floats your boat.

27 January 2011

Star Driver Cafe, "May I KIRABOSHI You, Sir?"

by 07:40
Can't get enough of Galactic Pretty Boy?

If you ever find yourself with "Zero Time" to spare, drop by our "Star Driver" cafes while we APPRIVOISE your order with SPARKLES, DAZZLES AND BUBBLES on the side!

Japan's Blue Samurai, Punches and Saves the Day

by 07:34
Best. Punch. Ever. 

Just what the hell happened? More, after the breakie~

26 January 2011

[PSP] Amagami, Kirino, Index, God Only Knows and Covers...?

by 03:03
Look who made the front cover!

Not into PSP that much seeing as I don't personally own one (OTL), but interesting news is interesting.

The De Facto Event of TAF: Anime Contents Expo (ACE)

by 03:02
In retaliation of TAF 2011 and the latest ordinance restriction bill on published works, the Anime Contents Expo was formed.

The official website of the Anime Contents Expo was announced today with much of the desired information available for both visitors and exhibitors.

Similar to TAF, Anime Expo is a place to deliver content to the fans and everyone by showcasing their works from various exhibitors. Its the stage to where big time industry names gather to exhibit their latest works, from future projects to goods sales with stage performances to bridge fans and companies that much closer.

25 January 2011

Super Seiyuu Auditions 2

by 02:37
From the corporation and auditions that brought you "Sphere", the "Super Seiyuu Auditions" are back!

The 2nd auditions by "Music Rain Corporation" (managed by Sony Music Entertainment) are now seeking new blood and talent to add to their rankings.
Here, they'll turn "seiyuu" in to "super seiyuu"! OTL
More details, after the break

24 January 2011

[Madoka Magica] How Some Reacted to Mami's Death...

by 15:59

So, how did the denizens react to Puella Magi Madoka★Magica's Episode 3?

Some took it quite well actually, or even liked it, while others are still crying in the corner till fugly, some have given up the show, poked fun about it, raged about it, were mentally scarred for life, never watching another mahou shoujo by SHAFT (yea, you got shafted lol), committed suicide or admitted into ICU due to trauma.

But hey, 人生は冒険のつづく。。。-さかなちゃん
(The adventure of life continues... - Sakana-chan)

Many Jap-blogs boomed with mixed reactions, with approx. 315,000 results concerning only that episode (Guru Google told me that)

While some are replaying episode 3 to try avoiding the BAD END, here's some reaction's and graphic content about R.I.P Mami-san with a few translation, after the break. (this is when you hide the kids)

1/1 Scale Mini Ika Musume Figure

by 14:33
There's been quite a ruckus in the doujin figure circles, concerning many die-hard sculptors resorting to custom Ika-musume figures when no official was available.....until now.

Meet Mini Ika Musume, inspired from episode 6 (I think), an even smaller moefied version of Ika-chan. 

Free when you purchase the "First Limited Edition 3rd Blu-ray Box, Shinryaku! Ika Musume"
featuring Episode 5 and 6 in glorious high definition. 

And the contents won't disappoint you at all, after the break;

Just What Happened in Akihabara Today/Tonite?

by 01:39
Well, nothing major really......

Okay I lied, please come back lol.

Around 3 years ago (2 years 7 months), was fatal stabbing rampage that occured in June 2008 and forever scarred Akihabara 's history.
Short story is; man drives van into pedestrian zone and hits 3 men, thus killing them, before stabbing 14 more people on foot, leaving 4 stabbed fatalities in his wake before he was arrested.

So it's 23rd January, the day which back in December 2010, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission had approved to reopen the Pedestrian Zone in Akihabara. As Akihabara is the heart and soul of many things, roads would normally be closed off to vehicles on Sundays and public holidays to accommodate the overwhelmingly large number of pedestrians, until that stabbing incident occured, forcing authorities to close the pedestrian zone until further notice.

And precisely at 1pm today, the streets were closed off once again and the masses filled the streets, renewing the glory of Akihabara's ever densely populated streets on a Sunday afternoon. The pedestrian zone will be open to 5 p.m. through March and 6 p.m. through June. If no problems are reported, it will remain open from July.

Medetashi medetashi

My twitter was literally buzzing with tweets and pics of the pedestrian zone being congested, with nostalgic comments being shared among twitters and phone pics to pinpoint the uploader's position .
Hopefully, nothing like that incident will happen again but who knows when the next deranged lunatic will come waltzing into Akihabara, this time with a projectile weapon?

Pedestrian Paradise Gallery;

Certain restrictions have been imposed during the Pedestrian Zone period;
Selling Street Goods Ban
Street Performance Ban
Riding Bicycle Ban
Leaflet Distribution Ban

23 January 2011

figma Kamijou Touma?!

by 19:30
This can't be the 100th figma, right? RIGHT?!
Fukou da....  (不幸だ。。。) OTL
OMFG MaxF, you gotta be shitting me?!
I mean, REALLY?!

Well, not really.... OTL
Its by "Massive Factory" if you read it carefully (and the fact Touma looks like he halved his neck length).
But a good troll is refreshing, and one can hope, right?

Tho, it's believable. They've even got figma Misaka Imouto No.10032 ver. in the pic, and she's only due for release in May? (O_O)
Still doesn't change the fact I was trolled OTL

Who knows, this might really come out, since we have Misaka, Kuroko and Imouto announced already...
Max Factory, you reading this?

Taketatsu Ayana Riding a Tricycle?

by 16:58
Taketatsu Ayana caught in the act as she pedals a tiny three-wheeler.

Viewed at 0:26

This "making of" is one of her non-anime roles as she plays Ichigo Yuuna in live-action movie, "Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata".
No clue about this show, but I might just watch it, purely out of Ayana.

*I'm like halfway done with comparisons?

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Season 2

by 00:25


And the guy who said you can't express with words was lying, period.
Here's your saucy source;

The lulz shall recommence in Summer 2011

This show is so...

Imma sleep happy now XD

22 January 2011

Seiyuu Transformations

by 13:47
After 3 weeks, I finally have a short breather to share something with everyone.
Then it's back to more reading, passing submissions and deadline rushing.

Twas browsing another site which focuses mostly seiyuu news and came across this collage.
Its amazing how much one can change over the years, specifically over 10 years or more...
And who says only men age like fine wine?

*open in new tab to enlarge*
From left to right;

1. Tamura Yukari, Nazuka Kaori, Hanazawa Kana, Kaneda Tomoko, Kadowaki Mai, Nanri Yuuka
2. Gotou Saori, Gotou Yuuko, Chihara Minori, Momoi Haruko, Noto Mamiko, Kugimiya Rie
3. Asano Masumi, Shimizu Kaori , Nogawa Sakura, Nonaka Ai, Horie Yui, Ueda Kana
4. Iguchi Yuka, Imai Asami, Yahagi Sayuri, Taketatsu Ayana, Oki Kanae, Asumi Kana
5. Kano Yui, Kitamura Eri, Toyosaki Aki, Endou Aya, Tomatsu Haruka, Takahashi Chiaki
6. Chiba Saeko, Otani Ikue, Koshimizu Ami, Mizuki Nana, Hirano Aya, Tanaka Rie

LOL @ Hirano's pic.
Nana look so sweet back then and Rie just gets better every year.
But I must say Tomatsu seems to be putting on a few ^^

From left to right;

1. Watanabe Akeno, Shintani Ryouko, Ochiai Yurika/Hase Yurina, Sakamoto Maaya, Saitou Chiwa/Takahashi Meijin, Ikezawa Haruna
2. Sawashiro Miyuki, Kuwashima Houko, Kawasumi Ayako, Yukana, Mizuhashi Kaori, Koyama Kimiko
3. Sakakibara Yui, Sanpei Yuuko, Nabatame Hitomi, Asakawa Yuu, Fukuhara Kaori, Hikasa Youko
4. Takahashi Mikako, Wakabayashi Naomi, Inoue Marina, Yuzuki Ryouka, Kobayashi Yuu, Nakahara Mai/Takamizawa Toshihiko (wtf?)
5. Hayashibara Megumi, Morinaga Rika, Fukuen Misato, Orikasa Fumiko, Ise Mariya
6. Saito Ayaka, Fukui Yukari, Hirohashi Ryou, Yuuki Aoi, Honna Youko, Wakamoto Norio

Hikasa looks pretty plain back then but much prettier now ^^
And I'm beginning to like Asakawa Yuu more and more, even if she's like....what? 35?
Please forgive Kobayashi's present pic. Don't know why they can't use a better one... =3=
If you've noticed, there's a few troll comparisons OTL

Next is Comparisons 13, which should be up as soon as i clean up the house.

01 January 2011

C79 (冬) Day 3: Japan Visits Comiket 79 (literally)...

by 01:56
And a thousand nations of the Imperial Empire descends upon you...
Day 3 was dragged as far as it could, with many still lingering around or just waiting for the New Year's sunrise, but that's irrelevant.

Comiket 79 (Winter) has finally ended, with Day 3 attracting up to 200,000 attendees. 
And the grand total of the 3 holy days?

520,000 visitors...

It was another record turnout, with Day 3 recording the highest amount of people converging at Big Sight while Day 1 and 2 shared 160,000 a piece.

So what lies ahead from here on? 
Recently announced Comiket 80 -Summer- (C80 夏) will be hosted again by "Tokyo Big Sight" on 12th to 14th August, despite the recently approved Bill 156.

Instead, pamphlets regarding the new regulations titled "Comiket Appeal", an information booklet regarding how the event is run, how circles are expected operate, what are the rules, what are the changes, maps, history of the Comic Market, etc. It has a section in it that informs circles what the laws they need to keep in mind. - ANN

Sounds rocky with such a foggy future for doujin works but hopefully all will turn out well in 2011.

So where do I go from here?
I will be covering Wonder Festival 2011 in February (if someone surprises me with a box of extra time) and maybe the Anime Expo in March, all in the same fashion; clusterphobic images right here on figure.fm.

Time to down a few bottles and get high while we countdown to 2011.
Happy New Year!
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