31 January 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#13)

by 18:40

Though winter is here, some of us are already on fire...

Welcome, once again, to another year of the Seiyuu Comparisons corner, 2011 edition.
I know its is reeeeeally late as January had me booked and I have a study life to keep up with, resulting in this post being delayed until I had some free time while making the deadline (which is the last day of the month)

PhotobucketWinter's lineup is rather small this time, but I'll have to judge that after when it ends in March. Nonetheless, I'll be tracking a few shows as we head into February and I've already got a few favourites ^^

And this season is, thankfully, not as backbreaking as the previous with around 250+ characters only. Probably because of the quantity of shows but I'll just add more later on with the upcoming OVAs and movie titles.

This might be my last post for the week, depending on how fast I finish up my other priorities. So I might pass the baton to our new contributer, Zero, whom normally works behind the scenes, if he's willing to grab onto it. Hopefully, he's reading this as we speak and getting the message ; )

Before I close shop for the (chinese) new year holidays, Happy Setsubun, Chinese New Year, Birthday to me, Holidays!

Seiyuu Comparisons
[Namikawa Daisuke]
Kazehaya Shouta                                    Ki El Dogra Baka

This is..... unexpected (*゚ー゚)
And Kimi ni Todoke is back! *pumps fist*
[Noto Mamiko]
Kurunoma Sawako                                        Himegami Aisa

I love hunting around for deformed characters in KnT.
You might think they're insignificant but just try imagining without them....
[Nakamura Yuuichi]
Sanada Ryuu                                              Graham Aker

A hero in my eyes, that went out with a bang like a star reaching supernova.
His sacrifice lead to the ceasefire in the battle against the aliens of the Gundam 00 movie.
For that, I will never forget you, Mr Bushido.

[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Yano Ayane                                             Oyasan

Another super deformed! Though, if Yano were real, she'd be pretty hot, I'll admit that. 
[Sanpei Yuuko]
Yoshida Chizuru                                                Satou Shinya

Uma (うま) = Horse
Umai (うまい) = Good
[Miyano Mamoru]
Miura Kento                                          Tsunashi Takuto

And suddenly, SPA-ZZ-BLES!
Most epic transformation scene to date and I'm lovin' this show to no end.
Shout it out, APPRIVOISE~! (,,゚Д゚)~★

[Inoue Marina]
Tachibana Rio Rollins                                    Fairchild Chiffon

Taking up busty rolls again, this time as a dealer and terrifying killing machine.
[Taketatsu Ayana]
Clark Mint                                           Aragon Simone

Sexy Simone is sexy. We shall see more of her soon if me calculations are right...
[Ishii Kouji]
Howard Tom                                             Garterbelt

Tenshi-tachi... I mean dealer-tachi, go forth and earn me money! 
[Shimizu Kaori]
Canyon Rosa                                       Tamura Hiyori

Forever associated with the quote, "腐女子はなに?" (What is fujoshi?)
[Fukui Yukari]
Anya Hellsing                                     Shizuka Marikawa

A lolicon! Yes! You!
[Takahashi Chiaki]
Tachibana Rina                                Itsukushima Takako

There will be blood yuri <3
[Takahashi Hiroki]
Elvis                                             Harima Kenji

Funny how karma works......or maybe not
[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Beelzebub IV                                     Yano Ayane

I can't believe they got Sawashiro to do this role.
Those scripts must be helluva thin... but not bad for a paying role.
[Itou Shizuka]
Hildegarda                                      Kanzaki Kaori
Zero: Yoshii, the next post is rea- OHGAWD, YOSHII! Someone, call the ambulance, quick!
Yoshii: Ze...ro....
Zero: Hey man, I got you. You're gonna be okayDammit, he's lost too much-WHERE THE HELL IS 911?!
Yoshii: Kan...zaki...no...r-regrets...
Zero: Yoshii, get a fuckin' grip man, STAY WITH ME! Fuck, the other nose hole isn't stopping! YOSHII~!
[Konishi Katsuyuki]
Oga Tatsumi                                           Lee Ozma

Totsugeki Love Heart! 

Epic battle formation is moe.
[Namikawa Daisuke]
Ki El Dogra Baka                                    Kazehaya Shouta

Man, this show is just out of this world \horriblepunalert
But as others have said, it's funny how a 15 year old manga breaths new life into the current anime industry.
[Hosoya Yoshimasa]
Tsutsu Yukitaka                                    Yasuri Shichika

The straight man timing is better than perfect: it's spot on.
And it seems so natural to boot.
[Koyasu Takehito]
Captain Kraft                                            Sister

I do have to sympathize with the poor sap.
[Takatsuka Masaya]
Edogawa Ranzo                          Doflamingo Donquixote

Pink has always been a manly colour. We just don't have anyone man enough to wear'em these days.
[Akesaka Satomi]
Edogawa Miko                                          Marui Futaba

[Tsuji Shinpachi]
Sakamoto Jinpachi                                     Taizou Kirihara

I'm a fan of baseball too and it's wonderful to see how different cultures and races can get together to enjoy sports.
[Uchiyama Kouki]
Orimura Ichika                                    Banagher Links

I knew I recognized him from somewhere before.
Again, he's an upcoming seiyuu with quite a unique voice too
[Hikasa Youko]
Shinonono Houki                                            Seraphim

Been awhile since we heard from Hikasa as she comes back with the "childhood friend" setting + tsundere mode.
Alcott Cecilia                                              Nanasaki Ai

Hearing Yukana once again is really awesome for me and other Yukana fans.
Lovey-dovey and tsundere roles are perfect for her ^^
[Shimoda Asami]
Fang Lin Yin                                            Tsuda Kotomi

Introducing a new character type; 2nd Childhood Friend lol
[Hatekeyama Kousuke]
Nitori Shiuichi

Debuting in his first role and he's only 14?!
Seems logical to get a kid whose voice hasn't broken yet but I worry if he'll question his sexuality in time.
[Asami Seto]
Takatsuki Yoshino

Another first-timer with her first role and quite cute to boot at 17 years ^^
[Iguchi Yuuichi]
Ariga Makoto                                          Kanazawa

Chloroform; You're doing it wrong!
[Nanri Yuuka]
Chiba Saori                                     Shishidou Nami

Ah, I knew that bitchy voice wasn't an act.....
[Chiba Saeko]
Sarashina Chizuru                                    Nina Einstein

Were you expecting a fugly lesbian instead? Nah, I'd rather not burn your retinas just yet....
[Nanjo Yoshino]
Sasa Kanako                                            Kudo Aiko

Also, I'm just putting it out there again; Baka to Test 2 in Summer 2010
[Toyosaki Aki]
Shirai Momoko                                          Yoshioka Yuki

Finally, a role which I have to agree is pretty annoying coupled with Toyosaki's voice. Oh well....
[Yuuki Aoi]
Kaname Madoka                                      Victorica de Blois

I laugh at your despair!
[Mizuhashi Kaori]
Tomoe Mami                                             Miyako

So, think she'll be back? I think so.
Why? Cuz this is SHAFT!
[Saito Chiwa]
Akemi Homura                                       Nakajima Subaru

Her other mahou shoujo role.
Feel like watching Nanoha StrikerS again =3=
[Kitamura Eri]
Miki Sayaka                                                      Cure Berry

Another mahou shoujo role.
I was this close from watching "Heart Catch Pre Cure" but the better of me said "Enough boy..." \sadpanda
[Kato Emiri]
Kyubey                                    Kinoshita Hideyoshi
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(●               ω               ●)

(●                    ω                    ●)

Seiyuu Comparisons


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