01 February 2011

[NyanType ムスメカ] Monthly Musume Mecha Vol.1 - 9

by 10:56
Moe and NSFW magazine NyanTYPE continues to churn out mechanical musume on a monthly basis, with their latest mecha deployed onto the battlefield.

A lineup of the the latest deployments, after the time-jump.

NyanType Vol.16 Deployed Unit No.9Photobucket
Kamijou Personal Twin Offensive Sphinx Manipulator Mk-II Equipment

NyanType Vol.15 Deployed Unit No.8Photobucket
High Precision Watermelon Field Harvest Pruner - Damocles

NyanType Vol.14 Deployed Unit No.7
Ika Musume
Reinforced Exoskeleton Land Invasion Type Squid Model 

NyanType Vol.13 Deployed Unit No.6
Misaka Imouto No.10,032
Experimental Super Railgun Equipment Model

NyanType Vol.12 Deployed Unit No.5
Sanya V Litvyak
Long Range Prototype Cruise Booster Equipment

NyanType Vol.11 Deployed Unit No.4
Busujima Saeko
Anti-Breast Swaying Restraining Equipment

NyanType Vol.10 Deployed Unit No.3
Tenshi (Tachibana Kanade)
Enchanced Hand Sonic - [Maabo Doufu] Equipment

NyanType Vol.9 Deployed Unit No.2
Zhuge Liang (Shuri)
Electronic Auto-Protection Shield Barrier Equipment

NyanType Vol.8 Deployed Unit No.1
Nagato Yuki
All Domain High-Mobility Nagato Yuki Suit with Self-Support Pods "KIMIDORI" & "ASAKURA"

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Blacksun88 said...

so awesome and funny at the same time!! many in-jokes in the quotation XD i personally like tenshi, misaka sister and index one, the neta had me laugh so much

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