31 March 2010

BRS - Black Rock Story

by 02:20
From a song, to illustrated art, supported by doujin, to figures and now
an OVA on the way...
BRS-san has come along way and I'm damn proud of her...

I remember posting a picture of BRS and a friend of mine said, "Wow, that Miku is so cute, all dark and gothic!" 


I really hate the fact people don't know what BRS is all about, especially when they compare it to Vocaloid2, Miku and say its like her alter-ego, completely ignorant of her past. Please, for the love of BRS-san and her rock cannon, get your facts right!

So this post is inspired to help poor, misinformed individuals know more about BRS-san, from her origins to the latest updates. Not to say ignorant, but hopefully those who already know about BRS, would leave here with FULL KNOWLEDGE of BRS and spread the RIGHT INFORMATION regarding her. 
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