26 July 2010

Wonder Festival 2010 Summer (夏) Highlights

by 02:32
Even though I'm 5,317 km away from the world's second largest economy, with social networking sites, blogs and a little help from my ISP, I feel like I'm already at Wonfes.

I love the Internet. xD

It's 25/7/2010, D-Day, where hordes of fanatic, mindless devotees launch a massive wave-by-wave assault on Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, with dealers barely holding them off at the defense line.

Scout reports are filling up social networking sites, with the closing of the festival (17:00 GMT +9)

Time to skim through the assassination target list, and narrow down our focus onto the highlights of the event.

25 July 2010

Summer Booty + WF'10 Updates

by 02:03
I wonder why the word "loot" is used to describes one's efforts in collecting funds to painstakingly acquire their desired merchandises... It's rather derogative, no?

Anyways, I'll use "booty" instead, since some of my "loot" has some "booty" too. xD

19 July 2010

Post of the Dead

by 17:34
Rei is mine.
That is all.
Voluptuous Rei and the gang rescues to brings my blog back to life, as it was at the edge of death. She fights through boredom and hiatus-ness to bring you some updates from the dead and back.
So listen up! -she says.

11 July 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Summer 2010 (#7)

by 19:57
After some Ume rain showers, Japan is about to enter it's hottest period, with kiddies on their summer break, bikini-clad ladies jumping around on sandy beaches, some occasional nosebleeds and a rather high humidity to sweat and work out that body.

Ahhh.... how I love Summmer!
Despite the wonderful sunny weather, I'm stuck with a pile of assignments which I've been delaying and procrastinating to do since June. At this rate, phone usages this month will be rather high, as I call up my teammates to work on 5 different projects. Ouch....

But who cares?!
Lets move onto more important issues...

We're already half way through this solstice, but our summer lineup has just begun! And quite a few promising titles are living up to their expectations.

As of now, I'm following 18 series + 10 OVAs, including a few series which have not ended from last spring. Of course, this has led to a bad case of eye-bags, sleep deprivation and the usual symptoms which are to follow. And the FIFA World Cup ain't helping either...

Not that I'm interested in football, but it does come once every 4 years (and the fact I wanna see the fall of Spain and 'Paul the Octopus' get thrown into the shark tank).

But I do have my source of motivation to keep on watching, which comes from Haruka!

I did say I was gonna touch on a few... but the number of awesome titles and sequels got the better of me. And doesn't it always? Haha.
Hope your summer has more jiggling bikinis, sandy beaches and a lot wetter than mine. xD

(FYI: In case you haven't noticed by now, all names are arranged with "last + first" sequence. 
No, I don't follow western naming. It sounds weird...
Yes, this is how you remember and properly call them in Japan)

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Itou Shizuka]
Ookami Ryouko                                        Katsura Hinagiku
Suprisingly, Itou-san was chosen for a yankeedere character. Not that I'm complaining, but it's a nice change of pace from girlish-voiced characters. Nyaa~!

[Kanae Itou]
Akai Ringo                                              Serizawa Fumino
In case some of you have noticed, she looks like "Little Red Riding Hood"
And in case some of you have NOT noticed, the characters are similar to the story; 
a wolf, a red hooded girl and a hunter

[Miyu Irino]
Marino Ryoushi                                           Saji Crossroad
As always, he's been chosen for a "no-balls" character. Well, Saji did find a pair at the ending arc...

08 July 2010

Keep the Blog Beating

by 16:44

To keep this blog's activity slightly higher than your average cemetery, I'll just post some updates that happened for the past few days.
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