25 July 2010

Summer Booty + WF'10 Updates

by 02:03
I wonder why the word "loot" is used to describes one's efforts in collecting funds to painstakingly acquire their desired merchandises... It's rather derogative, no?

Anyways, I'll use "booty" instead, since some of my "loot" has some "booty" too. xD

This time is an exception. I rarely do posting of all the goodies I've procured, but many thanks to delays, 2nd shipments and more delays, I ended up paying a whole leg, instead of the usual toe-by-toe payment.

So, I've made....err... 1...2...3.... a total of 6 purchases from Japan. Since I'm rather bored and don't feel like doing my assignments right now, I'll document some of these merchandises.
[Nendoroid Petit Fate/stay Night Set of 12]
Starting off with some puchi; [Nendoroid Petit Fate/stay Night Set of 12]
First saw this in March (was it?) and looked for a local supplier immediately. ^^

Box is designed in such a way for retailers to just open it and let customers try their luck at getting Saber at 4 out of 12. Pretty neat boxing design anyways, like all 12 set boxes.

As usual, genuine goods only come with genuine stickies, so make sure yours have it to avoid bootlegs.
[Type Moon] logo of course.

Saber comes with 2 stances. Favourite is on the left ^^
What's yours?

Rin is absolutely adorable! Battle pose is awsm!

Sakura ever cute! Like the apron version.

Loli-Illya is back with her ever adorable face! Argh, I love both xD

Rider as vicious as ever. Kind off impressed with the extra magic circle stand provided.

Awww. Saber in pjs. ^^
And the secret item; Saber Lion combo!!!
So happy I didn't cancel my pre-order half way, especially when I saw this lion.

And the possibilities are endless! ^_^

[figma Saber Alter #72]
Was announced the same time around figma BRS, so many had to give this up.
But not me ^^"

Those greaves are the at the height of uber bad-assness. Haha.

Love this pose. Rather fitting for a dark knight.

A picture of a thousand words...

Tried to make her pose like [Saber Triumph Excalibur], but the arm was a wee bit short. =P

[Nendoroid Nakano Azusa #104]
She's finally here~! Ahhhhh~!
Been waiting ever since the first shipment, which was painfully pricey.
Had to wait on the 2nd shipment to come around instead.
But really, no regrets! >.<

As always, never buy unless you see one of these stickies.
But don't be fooled; there are some bootlegs with fake stickies too...

Words cannot express my heart-felt feelings,
nor the bleeding from my eyes and nose due to moe-overload...
I now know the terror and pain of experiencing that phenomenon; Death by moe...

Truly, a ball of goodness...

[Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Set #2]
After getting #1, GSC has compelled Mr. Wallet into getting the next set. 

The usual black-plastic packaging. I really hope these are recyclable plastic and GSC is doing their part to green their products. Imagine the amount of plastic if a few thousand units were sold... @.@

After taking off the usual protective plastic, I found an interesting addon. Absent in set#1, GSC has put a secondary plastic to secure the parts and accessories. Good idea, GSC! 

Lil Mayoi. Seems GSC provided her a map in case she gets lost again...

Her bag is roughly the same size of her head! LOL

Kanbaru. Well, I never liked her, but she has my pity. 
Could be the fact her ill-will to tear apart Araragi and Hitagi that has lead me to disliking her?

Another interesting find. Instead of the usual bob-head-pop-up, the neck joint is attached to the head instead of the torso. Kinda like the Nendoroid series. Possible future implementation?

Ahhh~! Loli-Nadeko~! I could just take her home! >.<
Oversized-moe cap is moe ^^
Btw, I'm having trouble fitting in the other pair of arms that came with her. Anyone else facing this problem?
I'm suspecting a rush job....

[ex:ride American Bike]
First ex:ride accessory, and might not be my last. 
Comes with decals, but i'll put them on when I have time..

Rather smaller and shorter that what I saw. But that's the marketing trick I guess;
deceptive product display images.

I actually got this for one reason only. 
And I'll let you know why next month (hopefully).
Can you guess what I plan to do with this? ^^
Hint: It's also black...

[Hobby Japan August Issue #8]
I thought I missed that small order time gap which opened for only 1 day, but was surprised to see 2 more copies available online. Immediately grabbed it, leaving the last copy left. ^^"

Rather neatly packed for a free Air Economy Box delivery. 
I'm quite surprised it came without dents here and there =D

At first, I was, "OMG ITS THE DVD?!"...until I pressed it...

It was so hollow and large, just to bundle this little BRS together. Haha. 
Really fooled me there for a sec...

Lovely cover. Will make sure to cover each page diligently, especially the cover story ^^" 

Meanwhile, I get to admire my very own BRS charm! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! So cute
Artist is the same who did the silly face of the nendoroid version, CHANxCO, viewable here.

Also, today is the eve of a much awaited festival; WONDER FESTIVAL~!

GSC-Mikatan's blog is buzzing with the lastest on-goings at WF'10 Summer. And even the latest figures being worked on. Yay! Check her out for yourself~!

Here's a vid on the GSC crew helping out with the boxes
(which I suspect are bursting with goodies ^^); 

I'll leave you here to enjoy the rest of the photos from Mikatan's blog. Make sure to follow up on what's in store this Sunday! ^^"

Good Smile Company location
Goods lorry has arrived
Staff successfully deployed
Zone C - Good Smile Company
Zone D - figma displays
Sales Corner
Indotei selling BRS Curry
Special Thanks Corner
Photo Corner
Wanhobi TV Live
*live on NND* 
Blue stage
BRS Zone with 1/1 Rock Cannon

Almost forgot. For those who have "managed" to pre-order "Hobby Japan September" for the BRS DVD bundle (damn you), images of the DVD have been released.
Monthly Hobby Japan September Issue
(I want!)

Megami Magazine September Issue
(Want even more! T_T)

Monthly Animedia September Issue
(So this is mine? Nice...)

Will do a postmortem on WF'10 if I've got time and enough sources.
But for now, please excuse me, while I have fun with Azunyan and Mio... xD


Anonymous said...

That bike is for figma BRS?

The Extroverted Otaku said...

*Ping Pang Pong*


Takeshi said...

you really have the time to do these posts huh XD but good show... good show
me like the azunyan (=^w^=) Nyaa~~

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