12 February 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2010 (#2)

by 12:39

Yes, this was my expression when I heard Haruhi movie was #7 at the box office!
Yes, this was my expression when I saw the Nendoroid Azunyaa~
Yes, this is my expression as I post another shocking comparison report...
This is report number 2! about various seiyuu voices airing during the winter-soon-to-be-spring  season. I'll be touching a few (okay, so it's not a few...) of animes from the autumn, since i'm running out of seiyuus =P (looks like it will be a monthly post from now onwards)

Hope you won't end up with the same expression as Sawako at the end of this post...

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[Noto Mamiko]
Kuronuma Sawako                         Enma Ai

[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Yano Ayane                 Kanbaru Suruga

[Nakamura Yuuichi]
Sanada Ryuu            Gray Fullbuster
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