21 May 2011

What If Hollywood Did "Tiger & Bunny"...

by 02:50
2ch has made a list of possible actors/actresses that would suit the cast of superhero anime TIGER & BUNNY if it gets the Hollywood treatment.

The following comparisons are eerily perfect castings, especially Antonio Bison OTL ;

Official K-ON!! Dakimakura

by 02:32
To keeping you company during those cold (and lonely) nights, KyoAni has announced another dakimakura for you!

Ano Hana "Best Fashion Poll", Yukiatsu Takes the Lead?

by 02:21
Childhood anime Ano Hana has launched a "Best Coordinate Contest" to determine which fashion coordination suits each character the most.

Sphere on Friday

by 02:03
J-pop and seiyuu idol unit, Sphere has appeared on the front cover of the weekly pictorial magazine, Friday.

More featured scans after the time-jump

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bunny

by 01:17
Crouching Tiger and Hidden Bunny are somewhere in this image. Search for them!
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