21 May 2011

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bunny

by 01:17
Crouching Tiger and Hidden Bunny are somewhere in this image. Search for them!

In total, there's 1 Bunny and 8 objects that belong to the superhero anime TIGER & BUNNY.
This was pretty easy. Found Bunny in a heartbeat with other obvious objects lol.
I'll post the answers later, so get searching!

Also, this is old news (I totally forgot to share this) but;
Hobby store Animate will be joining the list of sponsors in the show from Episode 14 onwards.
Animate's logo will be on Fire Emblem's right shoulder guard, whom is already sponsoring FMV Fujitsu at the moment.


Holy One (SanCom) said...

I tried making out the white outline formed by the crowd, but I still don't see any bunny nor tiger.

Or are they supposed to be hidden among the crowd? :/

Yoshii-kun said...

@Holy One (SanCom) You must broaden your eyes, Holy One :3


Holy One (SanCom) said...

Ah I was taking tiger and bunny literally as some optical illusion. I missed out about that 1 bunny + 8 objects thing, which come from an anime. >.<

I did see those weird masks and symbols, though.

Anonymous said...

Tiger is on the table towards the mid-right. Bunny is nowhere in my sight..

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Bunny us dressed normally like in the anime. Here's the answers;

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