19 May 2011

Ano Hana x Pasela Collaboration

by 02:53
Karaoke chain Pasela will be collaborating with cross-dressing-mouthful-anime Ano Hana on a special menu.
Curse the stupid resolution, I can't read them well enough to give you a proper translation.
Scratch that. Ano Hana official twitter provided the names, thank god.

Anjou Naruko's Gal Parfait

Yadomi Jinta's Marathon Juice

Honour Student Tsurumi Chiriko's Salad

Super Peace Busters Honey Toast

Hisakawa Tetsudo's Rare Cheesecake

Menma's Search Party White Bavarian Sausages

Mmmmm, sausages....

Also, this was found at the Ano Hana corner at Animate, Ikebukuro ( ´∀`)


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