18 May 2011

The Many Hairstyles of Toyosaki Aki

by 15:13
A nice compilation of "Aki Style", consisting of different hairstyles Toyosaki Aki has been seen sporting.
That's quite a number considering she usually keeps her hair short つ(^∀^)つ

CHOU KAWAII, for such a tall lady. I think I'll fit her since I'm quite tall myself xD

Also, I noticed I've been posting less about seiyuu as of late, sorry about that. ( ´∀`)
Will make up with tons of seiyuu scans and images soon, right after I send in this research proposal of mine ^^"

For now, please accept this high res dakimakura cover poster of sweet Aki from Sphere! (〃^∇^)

1 comment:

Blacksun88 said...

right click... save!! so cute ><

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