19 July 2010

Post of the Dead

by 17:34
Rei is mine.
That is all.
Voluptuous Rei and the gang rescues to brings my blog back to life, as it was at the edge of death. She fights through boredom and hiatus-ness to bring you some updates from the dead and back.
So listen up! -she says.

Obon Festival
It's time to pay respects to our ancestors and the dead again, while praying their spirits find their way back to the nether world, and not linger around to ressurect some old corpses.

But on a more serious note, it's more of a festival, where we look forward to ladies attending local district matsuri ("祭り", festival), clad in yukata and kimono to beat off that summer heat with a near, non-existent breeze.

JAL Wing's Cut by One-Third
Partly (or mostly actually) thanks to the recent global economic downturn, JAL has started to sell off one-third of their mega fleets, which once lead as Asia's biggest air carriers. Under new restructuring by court order, the sale will include 41 Boeing 747s, 16 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and 18 units of the Airbus A300-600. The irony of this case is the fact that JAL is now valued at less than the price of a new jumbo jet. 

Why exactly am I highlighting this piece of mainstream news?
Simply cause JAL had one of the most beautiful line of stewardesses when I used this airline many moons ago. To think that 15,600 jobs will be cut the very next day, is very surreal. And I take every blow to the economy seriously, which hurts my FOREX rates.... T_T

Evangelion World Dominates Mt. Fuji
The result of many handshakes, contracts and meetings have bore fruit to the completed construction of EVA-01's bust at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. The world's first 1/1 scale Eva will be unveiled to the public this Friday (23/7/2010). Other attractions include Seele Monoliths, Eva museum, video history theater, and even a 1/1 scale life-sized Entry Plug for visitors to experience the "Child's" point of view from the cockpit and for a quick photo session.

Grand opening will be streamed live (oh great, there goes my line...) on Ustream website. For the impatient, the sixth and last progress report video may be streamed at their website, with images of the already completed Eva bust. Hopefully, LCL fluids will be made available at the Eva shop...

Hatsune Miku's CG "Project Diva 2nd" Album
Recently released and latest Miku album "こっち向いて Baby/Yellow" comes with CD and CG animation DVD featuring "Project Diva 2nd"'s theme song.

The new PS3 platform give Miku greater cosplaying abilities, including seifuku (*cues nosebleed*) and many more eye-catching costumes to dance to all-time favourite hits.

For the cheapos, a metube vid is available with all of it's 3.29 minutes worth of HD & CG glory;

Nekomimi Hinagiku
Gracing this November with her arrival, Nendoroid Katsura Hinagiku will be released, with Hayate and Nagi made available in the following months.

She comes with 2 wooden swords, 3 dere faces and a nekomimi + tail.

If her PO is this month, I'm dropping my other one for her! >.<

Wonder Festival 2010 Summer (夏)
If you're not hyped, you missing something really awesome this summer!

Wonfes will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-8 in Chiba (same as last winters), on this 25/7/2010 (Sunday). Their "number of visitors" goal will be around the same as last year's Summer; 42,000 visitors.
Around 1.900 dealers will be involved, including GK (garage kits) and major figure manufacturing names, ready to showcase their current, latest and future models.

Great opportunity to list your buying spree for the next 6 months until Wonfes 2011 Winter
How WONDERful...! ^^"

Comic Market (Comiket) 78 (夏)

It's that time of year again, where hordes of ronery individuals emerge from their last hibernation, ready to devour every piece of doujin merchandise and stock up for this coming winter. 

As usual, C78's venue will be Tokyo's Big Sight, taking place on the 13/8/2010 (Friday) and for the next 3 days til Sunday.

The horrors of what awaits you at Comiket has been reported and visualized in many media forms, again and again with terrifying accuracy, so I'm not gonna start a post or a guide-to-stay-alive-at-Comiket, as I know there's tons of better reviews and survivor stories on the net. Instead, I'll lead you to one which I recommend, a 4-time visiting survivor/veteran

Each of those 3 days hold their own theme, according to C78 latest listings.

  • Day 1 - "Anime and Yaoi Day" includes all anime related media and ONLY doujin from Shounen Jump (games, seiyuu)
  • Day 2 - "Manga and Yaoi Day" includes all magazines and ONLY doujin from Shounen Sunday (cosplay goodies, niconico, Vocaloid)
  • Day 3 - "Hentai Day" includes 18+ media and original works. (figures, GK's, ita-sha, R-18)

Slow Smile Delay
No doubt about it; someone cursed the BRS figures. With this, every BRS merchandise is delayed, including the DVD. 

Nendoroid and figma Black Rock Shooter are delayed to 25/8/2010. Not exactly the news I'd like to wake up to... >_>

Delay also includes Nendoroid Mugi (2nd shipment), figma Tainaka Ritsu (2nd shipment) and figma Teana Lanster.

New Vocaloid - Lily
Vocaloid blog recently posted and revealed their latest member to the Vocaloid family; Lily!

So what new about her? 
Apparently, she's able to sing female, male and child naturally without changing her chords. 
Release date is 25/8/2010

She looks like a grown-up Rin with funk and rock added in. But that's just me...

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