08 July 2010

Keep the Blog Beating

by 16:44

To keep this blog's activity slightly higher than your average cemetery, I'll just post some updates that happened for the past few days.


Happy (belated) Tanabata! It's a day old, but the celebrations still continue into August.
Unfortunately, I've already given away my bamboo tree =(
May Orihime and Hikoboshi have a wonderful 7/7 reunion...

Persona Music Live 2009 - Velvet Room in Wel City, Tokyo

Stumbled upon this at amazon.jp. Recently released onto DVD format.
Live performances from all (and I mean ALL) artists who contributed to the Persona series. From the original "Persona" work to "Persona 3" with PSP version, to "Trinity Soul" and the latest, "Persona 4", sit back and enjoy the awesome "raibu" concert.

Hirata as cute as ever,
Lotus love to the MAX!

If interested, torrent of file rests here.
If devoted, Play-Asia still has a few limited edition copies.

Comparison List ~ Summer 2010

With 5 assignments, and 2 deadlines approaching next month, my hands are pretty tied up at the moment.
Thank god I'm only doing this once a month....

It's more or less compiled, after holding the post for a week to watch all the series being broad casted.
I'll post it hopefully somewhere this weekend.

New Sequels 

I guess you all know by now, but for the record, To Aru Majutsu no Index and ToLoveRu are getting sequels. *clap clap clap clap* Not sure if ToLoveRu is a sequel but happy all the same.

Arakawa too is up for a sequel, along with Baka to Test, much to my delight. And my reasons to live has gone up by 4....

Dead of the Delay

Its already July, but I'm still waiting for a figure which was released in May?

Evil Smile Co. ain't helping either, with a few but significant delays for merchandises(BRS DVD) and figures (Saber,Azusa)

As of now, I'm waiting on 4 figures.
It's hammer time soon, Mr Piggybank.

Hobby Japan
This issue of Hobby Japan was supposedly to have the BRS DVD until Evil Smile Co. made some last minute changes, and replaced it with a BRS charm which comes free with every copy. 

Naturally, I've already ordered but it's been taking quite awhile to get here. I suspect it has something to do with the mix up of Japan Post / Nippon Express merging together, which caused a delay of 950,000 packages. They said it only affected the local shipping but I have my doubts internationally too. Full story here.

Macross F Limited Shop

A lovely Macross F shop was set up here in Akihabara, with Galactic Nymph, Sheryl and Cinderella, Ranka welcoming customers at the front.

The shop will operate until 1 August 2010, thus the "limited" part.

Some goodies available inside;

Impact Exciter

Latest album by Mizuki Nana, which has just been released and started shipping copies.

Lets see if my pocket is deep enough this month...

*~Seiyuu Trivia~*

  • Stars as Fate Testarossa (Nanoha), Ogata Rina (White Album), Madobe Nanami (Windows 7 mascot)
  • Got her first seiyuu role at the age of 13
  • Won the Tomiyama Kei Award at the Seiyuu Awards 2010

Love Plus Trip: For You and Your DS

As the banner says, the "Atami Love Plus + Matsuri Campaign" has begun. Time to pack up your swimming gear and sunscreen lotion, and hit the hot beaches of Atami, you ronery people.

Latest news from Konami's page brings the itinerary and agenda of activities conducted for the trip to Atami with your DS lover, as previously discussed and covered.

Apparently, Konami tied up with some local attractions and even provided a package trip, at a hefty sum of 40,000円.

Here are the locations tourists who signed up with the package will visit. All locations have AR markers for iPhone users to take pictures of themselves with their loved ones (L to R);

  1. Atami Castle
  2. Atami Harbor
  3. Sand Beach
  4. Love Key Cape
  5. Hotel Ohnoya
  6. Izuyama Shrine

Will cover this topic again with a post-mortem when the campaign is over. 


Kiyo said...

I didn't read your whole post, but i looked at the photos, and woah I really liked those figures :O
It's soo much.. JAPANESE :O
I live in Norway and it's a big dream to visit Japan someday, for now I search the net for photos and blogs telling about things from Japan x)

~Kiyoraka aka Katrine~

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Lol. I'm glad you found my blog useful, since that's the raison d'être; to provide information.

Since you love figures that much, have you tried ordering any? Or do you already have a pile of it? xD

Kyoraka said...

Well, I'm too young to order from the net without my parents premission :P I'm only 16 T_T
But my brother just got home from one year in China, soo he had bought all of the Soul Eater figures (if you have heard about that anime?)
It's awesume btw ^^"

We got two stores in a city not too far from where I live,
One is called : "Neo Tokyo" and the other one "outland"
In NT, They sell everything from cosplay outfits too food and figures but it's so expensive D'':

But I have bought two kingdom hearts figures though :D Roxas and Sora : D

haha omg this became a looong comment ^^ Hope you don't mind :P

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Yea, Soul Eater is a classic. xD

No one said this hobby was cheap, but then, any hobby for that matter requires some spending if you are to fully pursue it.

Oooo. Love Kingdom Hearts! Finished the game twice! Quite under-rated in Japan, but the rest of the world likes it. Probably because we can relate to our childhood Disney characters xD

16 was the age when I budded and loved this culture. And yes, I share you dream too =D

Kiyo said...

My collection is slowly growing :D
I bought a new Petit nendoroid last week
That little thing cost around 25 Euro T^T

But it was worth it : D

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