03 June 2010

Love Plus+ PV Premiere

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According to AkibaBlog, the PV of Konami's latest sequel release has been spotted at Sofmap AM branch. With the DS's release only days away, many fanatics are further invigorated with new features seen in the preview.

Update: PV has been added. 

(My translation may not be accurate from here on, so I apologize for any mistakes on grammar in advance)

Found at Sofmap AM Branch. The alluring, almost life-sized POP of Nene on the right was placed there earlier to inform customers on an approching Atami trip event, for the new system based on where one must travel around Japan's various regions to unlock or participate in events.

"PV finally revealed"

According to the description of the PV, information on various features include "Love Plus Game Info", "Character Introduction", "Overnight Atami Event", "Midnight Event" and "Introduction to New System", all within 3 minutes and 22 seconds.
The latest "Love Plus +" of "Love Plus" is enjoyed by in-game school characters of school, spending time in school and by adding elements such as extraordinary travel. You can now experience a more realistic feel, as we further extend the pleasure of communicating with the characters. 

Konami Press Release: Latest "Love Plus +"

 "The Love Plus boom may happen again (for the 2nd time). And the release day? At the video hall of Sofmap AM"

Love Plus Game Info
"For this summer, we will go on a journey."

"Our Love Plus will increasingly accelerate"

"Capture her + first time ever, 2-day trip"

 "The fated 3 girls"

"The distance of two people, are brought one step closer ..."

Character Introduction
"Takane Manaka"
CV: Hayami Saori
(a word play on her name, "Takane no Hana" means "unattainable goal")

"Kobayakawa Rinko"
CV: Tange Sakura

"Anegasaki Nene"
CV: Minaguchi Yuuko

"The story of two lovers begins with a confession"

"During school, after school, and even in private, she is always together with her lover."

1 Night 2 Day Trip
"Her plans are for a 1 night 2 day trip to Atami"
(In other words, you physically travel to Atami, Shizuoka together with your DS lover)

"Atami two-day trip! Background stage include many real locations."

"24 hours a day trip! Track your progress in real time."

"The action events changes from moment to moment depending on the time."

"Occurs at midnight! Heart pounding night mode"
(In a nutshell; don't sleep)

Introduction of New System
"Teach her how to swim, nurse her back to health, and even get into a fight with her."
"Volume up at events and communication!"

"An increasing number of situations one has never seen before."

"From clothing to hairstyles, many variations have been added!"

"Capsule challenge at local DS stations, nationwide!"

"Love Plus mode further enhanced"

"With 24 hour mode, further strengthen the bond with her."

"Do fitness, puzzles and sleep with her."
"Closer to her with time"

"Much more realistic and heart pounding."
"Love Plus life evolution system"

In addition to "Love +" PVC in the works, to what extent the impact of this sequel it may have on the social life of currently, addicted lovers is currently subjective. Possibly, more domestic problems, marriages and a slight contribution to further drop a nation's declining birthrate is what's in store.

The figures in question, expected to be release somewhere this year. On another note, PlayAsia is still accepting orders for the nendoroid  version of Manaka available here.

For those who wish to secure and procure a copy when released on 24th June 2010, may order 1 (or a few) at PlayAsia.com' website. Orders are still being accepted, for now...

(I'll try to get this PV and post it here, if I can find it on metube or more likely, nico) 
Found it. Twas on metube.

Reference and credits to AkibaBlog. Original post resides here.

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