30 January 2011

[Fractale] Noitamina Television Ratings Falling, Yamakan Still Persists

by 02:30
The following displays the will of a man struggling against defeat and Noitamina rating's dropping with every episode, starting from the 1st at 1.9% to the 3rd at 1.6%.

Sad image, after the break;
I don't know which is sadder;
Yamakan or a show with no purple...

Looks like Yamakan will be living up to that promise of his;
Quit the industry if Fractale fails. 

Well, the last image should give you a good glimpse of Fractale's fate.

A word from our authors:
I'll be celebrating Setsubun (a lie) with my family as we welcome the (chinese) new year by playing card tiles, drinking, peeling mikan and throwing beans at any fugly demon passing by.

Short story is:
I'm on hiatus till assignments are finished for 2 reasons:
1. All I want for New Year is to sleep in peace, to sleep in peace....
2. So I can work on covering Wonder Festival next Sunday (6th February). Details later
3. My lecturer is a demon. I swear.
4. She'll eat me. I swear.

So to compensate, I'm getting myself another slave author/partner to help contribute to this site: Zero.
Zero: Domo, domo...
He shall be my pet that does everything I say co-worker as we bring you more updates in a daily manner, instead of tl;dr posts.

And stalling comparisons till Monday, so I can gather material on Sunday. Cheers.


Darky-sama said...

Fractale is good but not the best in this season
I still think that Madoka is the best for this season. On the other hand, Fractale is interesting but not astonishing.

God help poor Yamakan

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Watching Fractale purely out of Kobayashi Yuu and to piss off Funi.

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