12 December 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Autumn 2010 (#12)

by 18:23
I'd like to thank everyone who voted me as the
"No.1 Person You Would Like to Have On a Ronery Christmas",
and hope the voters will try harder next year !

While Morishima jests at our bachelorhood while receiving her prize, let's move onto our main topic....

It's finally December.....again. Time to bring out the boots and kotatsu before our feet freezes over, while we decorate our Christmas trees. With the temperature and snow dropping ever more by the weeks before jumping into the shitstorm of it by January, a time for Xmas and celebrations are in order.

Although it's already mid-Dec, I'm still not feeling the festive vibes just yet.
It might be the wet weather here we've been having instead of snow....
Or it might be the absence of the Christmas tree this year... ( family unanimously agreed putting it back is a hassle)
Or maybe it's the absence of a partner around this time of year, where couples walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm while envy grows, as I have nothing else better to do than to write this behind a 20" monitor, with only my figures for company during the cold nights to come......

Personally, I can relate to Amagami SS as it means a lot to me, so excuse this tiny flashback. It was around this time a few years back that I had feelings for her, so much so, I had planned a Christmas dinner for the two of us. Alas, it didn't happen as she was busy and I was fell somewhere below "busy", leading to falling out of contact for 3 months before seeing her again, which was entirely my fault and had no choice due to official reasons. In a short time, she had changed, including her taste in men as she went for long distance with a guy in the States, so I'm left to support her instead of "supporting" her......
So, yes Junichi. I sometimes see myself in you, so I loath and despise you (myself).
Accept it and move on like I did.

But hey, it's Christmas again. Best leave all the reminiscences behind and await for the release of the next "Hinako" installment, due to keep the rest of us ronery fellows company on Christmas Eve. So get yourselves warmed up with a How-To video of the Isshoni Training 026 (o-fu-ro), Bathing with Hinako.

Speaking of December, this little monthly segment has completed (and survived) one full year. Yes, battling the desire to drop everything and do something more constructive than hammering away at the keyboard for hours was tough, but I made it to the 12th month. Phew!
A new widget has been added, which would be my "Last.fm Real-time Playlist" on the right bar --->,
as I listen and display some of the soothing tunes to keep me warm through out the winter....

This Autumn had lots of fun, crazy shows packed up together, with a few dark horses which I would have never picked up in my normal state of mind, but did anyway. But it's time to pack up and trot onto the January snow soon as a few shows will be ending by next week *sniff*

Meanwhile, Mr. Hashi has provided a detailed review of the Winter 2011 Schedule, which I would like to highly recommend for everyone to take a good look at as we say goodbye to 2010.

For the last time this year, a back breaking collection of 130 characters have been compiled, formatted, resized and boxed up with wrappings (minus the ribbon) as my Xmas to you guys, simply cause I'm in the mood of giving more than usual. Oh, and do check out this live seiyuu ED version in Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, with Yuuki Aoi, Omigawa Chiaki, Yazawa Reika and Shiraisho Ryouko!

With that, I bid 2010 farewell.
See you guys next year~!

Season's Greetings, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sasaki, Nozomi]
MISAKA                                             Patricia Martin

"Misaka thinks she should have been given more airtime, as Misaka only appeared 3 times, with twice being nude," responds Misaka with bitterness in her voice.
And the Misaka Network voice a single word through Radio Noise; "Agreed"
[Okamoto, Nobuhiko]
Accelerator                                        Tsuzuki Takumi 

Best action so far, involving tornado wings sprouting from his back, sending seismic waves with a stomp and ACTUALLY using his fists to send women flying.
He may not be No.1 anymore, but I don't think anyone's ready to prove that.....
[Itou, Shizuka]
Kanzaki Kaori                                         Kousaka Tamaki

I had the pleasure of seeing one of Itou Shizuka's older roles; Kousaka Tamaki. The figure market is literally flooded with her in various versions and I only realized why when I watched the recent OVA.
And Kanzaki in dere-dere <3

[Nakata, Jouji]
Yamisaka Ouma                                      Araya Souren

We'll be seeing him in a few more roles next year, which one's I'm not so sure, but this veteran ain't going anywhere just yet.
[Shinohara Emi]
Misaka Misuzu                                             Mizuki Kaho

I've got the hots for the mom. Must be the anticipation of how Biribiri will look like in a few years time...
Don't worry Mikoto, you'll still be my No.1 Ace ;)
[Arai Satomi]
Shirai Kuroko                                                Hata Ranko

I didn't think we'd see alot of her in Index II, but to my great surprise, we did and much more.
[Katsu Anri]
Tsuchimikado Motoharu                                 Orla Lir

Honestly, he's got an annoying, mocking voice. Good for aloof characters, but as an enemy, you'd just want to wring his neck....
[Yuzuki Ryouka]
Thomson Oriana                                            Sakurai Yukino

Dubbed for having a certain "mouth fetish", her lines are practically provocative and sexy pickup lines which I love btw. =D
[Toriumi, Kousuke]
Saiji Tatemiya                                                    Saito Hajime

Hmmm..... haven't been watching this but I'm still collecting it. Hakuoki kinda lacks something in the action department, tho the storyline is pretty good.
[Fujimura, Ayumi]
Fukiyose Seiri                                         Harukaze Chiharu

A tsundere voice specialist takes on a "big" character this time. I don't think I've seen her in Index I before....
[Taniyama Kishou]
Magnus Stiyl                                                      Saten

I always wanted to know if a barcode reader could read his......
[Sakurai Harumi]
Awasaki Musujime                                       Nakamura Yuri

Her nose will never be the same, thanks to Accelerator.
[Koyama Kimiko]
Tsukuyomi Komoe                                            Majolica le Fay

Aha! Caught you red handed, perv- eh? Sensei?
[Kadowaki, Mai]
Kamizaki Risa                                                       Hinako

I've been meaning to let you guys know about this girl, who will get her own arc in the extra episodes to come.
Who is she exactly?:
She's the girl that dumped him on that tragic Christmas day. She's been a yandere (yup, you heard me) stalker, following Junichi ever since....

[Asakawa Yuu]
Tsukahara Hibiki                                               Sakaki

I kinda wish Tsukahara had her own route too.... =(
[Hayamizu, Risa]
Takahashi Maya                                               Momoe Maria

I've always like the teacher. Don't know why but maybe it has something to with professional women or a women in uniform ^^
Anyway, she's cute and mine!
[Terashima Takuma]
Umehara Masayoshi                                      Kubo Toshimitsu

The only serious facial I could find from him. Haha.
[Ono, Ryoko]
Migiwa Kazuha                                              Sumiya Kana

Yeap, she's the big racked girl from Aki Sora. My second favourite route in Yosuga no Sora, next to wincest ending of course ^^
[Okajima, Tae]
Nogisaka Motoka                                          Sumiya Kana

Okay, don't get confused and I didn't make an error. This Kana is from the Yume no Naka series of Aki Sora, while the previous was from the first OVA.
And I'll take the maid if she's ever dumped again....
[Inokuchi, Yuka]
Torihime Nao                                           Kirishima Misuki

Not exactly the "girl-next-door" type I had in mind, but I guess shotas develop from young, eh?
[Sakurai, Takahiro]
Agemaki Kei                                                     Haseo

A nostalgic character here. The idiot, Haseo.
.hack Roots is one of the .hack's franchises I've really followed, even continuing the story on PS2, broken into 3 part discs to advance the storyline, with each title starting with R; Rebirth, Reminiscences, Redemption, up to the final OVA, Returner
Personally, one of the best localized PS2 games I've played. Heck, I feel like playing it again already...
[Kaji, Yuuki]
Hanakiri Ganryuu                                    Yumasaki Walker

This Walker character is a walking time bomb, as you'll never know when he'll go off.
Think Dhurarara has any chance of a 2nd season?
[Hino, Satoshi]
Yoshinokazura Riken                                    Sakai Yuuji

The silent and strong type, in contrast with his other role....
[Itou, Kanae]
Nana Astar Deviluke                                      Boa Hancock

I can't express how much I love Boa Hancock. I've tried to get her latest prize figure but it's gonna cost 3 limbs for the trade. Literally, a cut throat business TT_TT
[Toyosaki, Aki]
Momo Belia Deviluke                                     Peke

As mentioned before, she does both roles as Momo and Peke.
The change was subtle, so Peke's character shall remain....
[Ooura, Fuyuka]
Ren Elsie Jewelria                                       Lambdadelta

I don't know what happened in Umineko as I gave it up when they reserved everyone's death for the 13th fucking time......
[Nazuka, Kaori]
Kotegawa Yui                                                     Shino

Mmmm.... may I lick that cream off you, miss?

Jokes aside, Shino was the obsession of Haseo in .hack. I can't believe how long it took just to rescue her....
[Noto, Mamiko]
Murasame Oshizu                                         Ichinose Kotomi

Mamiko's got a sweet, low-toned voice, great for silent girls and nurse-to-be ghosts. ^^
[Kawasumi, Ayako]
Tenjouin Saki                                                        Atoli

Meet Atoli, the character that looks exactly like Shino in .hack. I've always partied her (yes, you can create parties in PS2 and go hunting) as a trusty healer.
[Jou Masako]
Mikado Ryoko                                               Mone

Once again, this doctor continues to dicktease me to no end. Mature women are so irresistible....^^
[Hanazawa, Kana]
Shinomiya Shiori                                                  Amano Touko

You guys see the resemblance?
Both love books, both can't live without books....

Bungaku Shoujo did a cameo in Amagami SS too. Don't believe?
See it for yourself....
[Suyama, Akio]
Johnny McBeal                                      Sohma Hatsuharu 

Finding a screenshot of Hatsuharu without him looking like a dying, pale gay was challenging......
[Chihara Minori]
Maize                                              Nagato Yuki

Immediate voice recognition alarm went buzzing in my head when Maize appeared.
Can't wait for the Haruhi Movie! Just 2 more weeks.....
[Ise Mariya]
Yamagishi Lemon                                           Stocking

Stocking......what a waste.......
[Ogura Yui]
Mint                                            Yukimura Ruri

I find Mint toooooo adorable, especially when she can't read which makes me wanna hug her even more ^^
[Kitamura Eri]
Tennouji Mari / Honey                                      Yui

Yes, double roles here. And here I was thinking, "They're so alike..." >_>
[Yahagi Sayuri]
Marron / Koshiro Miya                                   Sairenji Haruna

Another double role. Quite a shocker as I would never have guessed it was soft spoken Haruna......
[Hamazoe Shinya]
Andou Sennosuke                                       Ishi Kazu

Poor sap. In less than 10mins, he was offed......
[Iino Mayu]
Caramel                                        Shizuka Matsuo 

This might be the youngest seiyuu on the block, as Iino Mayu is only 11 years old !!!!
But plays one of the cutest/scariest roles ever >.<
[Kishio Daisuke]
Lucas Henri                                                         Loke

Always like Loke's character as he's portrayed as the a traitorous knight to the celestial kingdom.
[Yuuki, Aoi]
Tatsuno Toshiko                                      Kuhouin Murasaki

A maid role for Aoi-chan this time. I wonder what 2011 has in store for her this time?
[Shiraishi, Ryoko]
Haribara Harue                                             Ayasaki Hayate

Ahahahaha. Still can't believe this comparison.... Hidden Skill: Reaper's Scythe~!
[Yazawa Rieka]
Kon Futaba

Did I mess up the other picture? Nope. This is her only role for now.
She's someone you'd definitely want to keep an eye on as she acted and sung very well for her first role.
So this won't be the last time we'll be seeing her....
[Sugita Tomokazu]
Moriaki Natsuhiko                                         Kyon

After hearing him complain throughout season 1, and season 2, with the same tone repeated for 8 times, you'd spot him immediately too
Mitsuki Sohara                          Densetsu no Nushi (伝説の主)

Again, another unknown, with her only role as this character..... and a certain legendary fish ^^
[Hoshi, Souichirou]
Sakurai Tomoki                                            Arrow Rygart

I knew I heard Rygart's voice somewhere before.
Break Blade's 5th part is due in Winter =D
[Takagaki, Ayahi]
Satsukitane Mikako                                      Hiiragi

I wonder if Gainax might consider a Hanamaru 2nd?
[Suzuki, Tatsuhisa]
Sugata Eishirou                                          Sakamoto Yuuji

Bakatotest will be somewhere in 2011, probably Spring 2011 if they're to synchro the show's theme with the spring season.
[Yahagi Sayuri]
Miyoshi Kaya                                             Koshiro Miya  

Been following the manga instead, so the anime is just a reference to me..
[Nobuhiko Okamoto]
Nizuma Eiji                                                 Accelerator

Both crazy....
Both geniuses....
Both make uninterpretable noises....
Lets move on
[Kuwashima, Houko]
Okamoto Midori                                      Sakagami Tomoyo 

She made me laugh quite a bit in her episode. I love her customized mode for the Cybody;
Otanoshimi Mode (おたのしみモード)
[Ishida Akira]
Miyabi "Head" Reiji                                  Nagisa Kowaru

No info about this mysterious dude.
When is Evangelion 3.0 coming again?
[Koshimizu Ami]
Nichi Keito                                         Kallen Stadfeld 

I hope she pilots her Cybody as good as her other character....
[Chiba Chiemi]
Shinada Benio                                           Sawada Mio

Her first phase power is controlling her enemy with a kiss. No wonder....
[Niina Ayano]
Watanabe Kanako                                       Veltoll Lisette  

Yes, Watanabe. Glass or no glass, it's fine too...
[Saito, Chiwa]
Yano Mami                                               Stella 

Stella's been getting lots of airtime, which I'm happy for Saito ^^
[Hirohashi Ryou]
You Marino                                    Fujibayashi Kyou

Her mask and normal self don't match at ALL....
[Hidaka Rina]
You Mizuno                                              Last Order

Which part of her is a witch exactly? I don't see any Striker unit around......
[Hayami Saori]
Aragaki Ayase                                                Ikaros

She's showing emotions in more than one way !
[Nabatame, Hitomi]
Makishima Saori                                         Sakurai Kanade 

Shit, now I'm itching to find out what she looks like....
She reminds me of Kawashima Mai btw....
[Satou, Satomi]
Tamura Manami                                       Shichijou Aria

I honestly give up on this woman. I can't adjust to her other roles except for Ritsu....
Damn you K-ON!!!
[Watanabe, Akeno]
Kousaka Yoshino                                           Chachamaru 

Been watching the OAD of MSN too. Finally the storyline is picking up some pace
[Tachiki, Fumihiko]
Kousaka Daisuke                                               Billy

Lol. What a badass father. He might be left-wing yakuza of all we know with that attitude....

Seiyuu Comparisons


Blacksun88 said...

as always, amazing comparison gallery ^^ it amazed me that you actually watch all these anime, dont you?

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Now that you've mentioned it, I'm quite shocked myself. Have I really watched that many?? Haha.

Actually, yes. I have watched all these and many more on the right bar list.

I tend keep the series that I've watched (except for mainstream and not-so good titles), which adds to my ever growing archive of stored titles, where I can easily access and screenshot every character while increasing my character knowledge and seiyuu database.

Seems like I've spent too much time in 2D? @_@

ShikimoriAki said...

Wow, someone who actually watch as much anime as i do and do comparisons XD, Well, I only do em inn my head though XD. And you played .hack//G.U. too! XD. Its my only game that i love playing on the PS2 aside from Tales of The Abyss XD.

Had fun reading all the comments on the comparisons lol.. Hope to see more =P..

Weird... i only recognised 99.99% of the characters, some are missing from my database.. lol... Gotta find them! XD

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Welcome to my humble blog then!

I'm glad you like'em, even if I do get carried off sometimes due to nostalgic fever running high and start rambling off while adding (too) many screenshots, but I guess that's part of the package(?) ^^;

I'll be restarting .hack//GU again once my papers are finished. Gotta savour each GU volume, slowly...

2011 Comparisons really soon, right after I handle a few RL issues, so stay tuned...

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