23 January 2011

Taketatsu Ayana Riding a Tricycle?

by 16:58
Taketatsu Ayana caught in the act as she pedals a tiny three-wheeler.

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This "making of" is one of her non-anime roles as she plays Ichigo Yuuna in live-action movie, "Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata".
No clue about this show, but I might just watch it, purely out of Ayana.

*I'm like halfway done with comparisons?


me said...


I was wondering, is this movie released already? I try to navigate around their site but I suck at reading Japanese(OTL). It says the DVD was released on March 2? Correct me if I'm mistaken please.

On another note, have YOU watched it? (I plan to, precisely and ONLY because of Ayanyan XD)

Yoshii-kun said...

@me Yeap, was in theaters last December and now on DVD!

Nope, have yet to watched it but thanks for the reminder! xD

me said...


SO WANT... If only I could go buy the DVD... :((

Yoshii-kun said...

@me You could try cdjapan.com. They have the regular and limited edition available for shipping if you'd like to support the sales ^^.

Or you could just find a subbed version of it somewhere in the nets ;)

me said...

XD I'd buy it, but I'm still in high school and under my parent's care. They won't allow me to buy online. They ALMOST did, but then the PSN hacking incident came. Damn. When I graduate from college and get a job, I will most definitely buy it (hoping that there'll still be a copy on sale then)

XD LOL. Thanks.

Yoshii-kun said...

@me Till the day you move from the nest, good luck.

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