27 January 2011

Star Driver Cafe, "May I KIRABOSHI You, Sir?"

by 07:40
Can't get enough of Galactic Pretty Boy?

If you ever find yourself with "Zero Time" to spare, drop by our "Star Driver" cafes while we APPRIVOISE your order with SPARKLES, DAZZLES AND BUBBLES on the side!

From the 26th January to the 6th of February, all galactic patrons will be served by the
Galactic Pretty Maids (銀河美メイド) of Cure Maid Cafe, Wonder Cafe and Queen Dolce Cafe in Akihabara.

A special menu dubbed "Glittering Star Cruciform Crusade Menu" will be available during that time frame for all patrons to experience what the leaders of the Glittering Crux enjoy.

Different cafes will have different Star Driver menus. Queen Dolce Cafe has yet to display their special menu.

Cure Maid Cafe;
Something for the ladies; Tsunashi Takuto, Shindou Sugata and Head Flavoured Drinks

Something for the guys; Ivrogne, Scarlet Kiss and President Flavoured Drinks

Glittering Crux Crusade's Female Leader's Ice Cream Waffle Plate

Glittering Crux Crusade's Custom Words Cake

Special Kiraboshi Menu
For every order, the Galactic Pretty Maids will KIRABOSHI ^_~★ you!
Ask our maids for a special sticker present!
*Related to Head's silhouette

Glittering Star Cruciform Don

Marino's First Love Sandwich.

Sam's Squid Sashimi Adventure Plate
(yes, you can eat the story of Sam and his adventures)

Wonder Cafe Poster;
1. Manticore Flavour Drink
2. Ivrogne Flavour Drink
3. President Flavour Drink
4. Scarlet Kiss Flavour Drink
5. Professor Green Flavour Drink
6. Kiraboshi Hot Cakes
7. Kiraboshi Plate

Available at both Cure Maid and Wonder Cafe;
Head's Glass


Galactic Pretty Boy Glass


Glittering Star Cruciform Crusade Female Leaders Glass


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Blacksun88 said...

lol... interesting but i better use my money on better way (like buying dvd)

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