28 January 2011

Hikasa Youko X Akiyama Mio

by 01:44

Hikasa Youko really got my attention when she starred as Mio and I fell in love with her voice.
Not because of the obvious moe levels emitting from her character, but her latent talent in voicing and singing really awed me.

Already having a few main roles under her belt with more to come, while doing a radio talk show, she's really quite something.

Here's the best of both world; Hikasa Mio, or Akiyama Youko or Myocchi or which ever floats your boat.


Weird art is weird



Blacksun88 said...

no!! you cant spoil the image of mio like this!! 2d and 3d shall be separated and i like them both separately!!

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Agreed. ^^;

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