14 June 2010

Season's Summation - Spring 2010

by 03:35

Refreshing spring is about to move on, while brother Summer is hiding behind a maelstrom of rain before he takes the spotlight. Not that it seems relevant to most of us living in other parts of this puny world, but I've come to realize what they meant when "No two seasons are the same".

As much as I love to avoid talking about my less-than lively 3D life, allow me to waste a few minutes of your time as I divulge some of my reserved thoughts on Spring.

The new intake starts, I'm quite ecstatic about getting back to uni as my break was about to fall short of mind-numbing boredom. Happy to see some of the old buddies I worked with are back, with new faces from all parts of the world, thanks to an internationally renowned uni (applicable to Asian region only), or so I'm constantly told by our marketing department and lecturers.

Apart from getting back into the waking-up-early-daily routine which I miss so much (*insert sarcasm*), my two month break from uni was expectedly, short-lived.

Nothing like rolling in bed till 12 noon, having 2 square meals-a-day, and burning the image of my monitor onto the back of my retina for the rest of the day...

How I miss those days...

But enough about reality.

Spring had a few perks, with lots of new or sequel titles, and even more criticisms from the denizens of the Internet. Not that it matters if everyone wanted to pitch in their two cents. But so far, it's been really good as some shows were underrated while others were up to the expectation I was looking for.

Here's some personal thoughts on the shows I like, with bold ORENJI on the one's I love ^^

Angel Beats! - Turned out to be quite awesome. I like that "second-chance-at-life" concept, with great BGM by Keys. I find myself more emotional and attached to the characters after every episode. Nice work, Maede Jun

Arakawa Under the BridgeI'm all for tsukkomi/boke style, and Arakawa managed to slip that in quite subtly. God knows we need more humour in life, so this is my "Monday Laughs" show.

B Gata H Kei - I could see the ending of this one immediately. Kind of predictable, but I'm not into whore-echiness. But I do feel a sense of sadness for the Nanoha's seiyuu.

Dhurarara - Proving the quote, "never judge a book by it's cover". Love how everything had an underside to it. Every action has some connection to each character, creating a domino effect from one person to another. 

Giant Killing - First though was Captain Tsubasa (which alot of us thought so at first), but it's a lot more paced out and vivid than I imagined. OP/ED's are catchy, while the storyline is taking a twist from here to there. Not your average sport anime, but falls short of awesome. But something tells me to keep watching it...

Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan - Quite underrated. Never thought reverse harem was my cup of tea, but so was Furuba, which I enjoyed very much so. Always a fan of medival/samurai era, with lots of slashing and fighting, so I always look forward to Sundays for this. 

Heroman - Intriguing but not captivating enough. Falls into the category of "Saturday morning cartoons" which, I suspect, the type of shows kiddies love to watch. Unless I'm losing my sense of childishness, this show has little appeal to me.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou - Funny and ecchi, but storyline could have been better. Feels really rushed. But then, I'm only watching because of Toyosaki Aki (*nosebleeds*), Yuuki Aoi and Hikasa Yoko (*faints*)

Kaichou-wa Maid-sama! - It conforms to the manga's storyline, which is good. Kinda nice when I see the maid outfit and not so nice when that annoying BGM plays (parts where she gets verbal)

Kiss x Sis - Incest goodness. So wrong, yet so right. Wish I had similar twin sisters, but don't we all? But still trying to get used to Azunyan playing an ecchi role.

K-ON!! - I think I converted to moe-ism after S1, if such a cult exists. Happy to see S2 is more paced out too, which should be the core outline of a "school-slice-of-life" genre show. Anyways, I'm just happy I get to see Mio and Azusa again ^^

Mayoi Neko Overrun - So disappointing. I read about each episode having different directors, which messed up an, otherwise, perfect ecchi harem series adaptation from manga, but landed up with some good and some horrible episodes worthy of the recycle bin.

Ookiku Furikubutte S2 - The first anime which taught me about baseball. Never knew about baseball until I picked this up a couple of years ago. Very drama oriented with a perfect pace, leaving me at the end of each episode, "Huh? Credits already?" and wanting moar.

RAINBOW - Hardcore, heavy drama. Quite vivid, as I can feel the character's emotions through their actions and time of hardships. Very surreal and captivating with great art and storyline.

Senkou no Night Raid - Taught me a little more about Sino-Japanese war than my last history teacher. Apart from the weird dialect due to the seiyuu's unfamiliarity with Chinese, all is quite good.

Shin Koihime Musou  ~ Otome Tairan - A more "pleasing to the eye" female version of "Romance of the 3 Kingdoms". Reminded me of Dynasty Warriors I used to play, so I find the conversion to an all female-cast rather intriguing and worthy.

Tatami Galaxy - Unless you like looping shows, much like Endless 8 minus the "looping" part, this ain't a bad show. Rather entertaining as it shows the different endings one may end up with as we make choices in life.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae Shitteiru - A rather canny resemblance of Vampire Knight story outline, but that's just me. I'm open to reverse-harem and shoujo shows, but just not this.

Working!! - Safe to say, Working!! is hardly working most of the time. Not that it matters, with an awesome seiyuu cast and a cross-dressing individual which I have a forbidden love on at the moment. Don't tell my mom though.

Yutori-chan - Rather refreshing, with each episode lasting 2 minutes or so. Quite enjoyable indeed, with Kana-chan and Aoi-chan casting ^^;

Now for some seiyuu bashing. 

Found this at Danbooru, which I think, is one of THE best crossovers.
Each character has a seiyuu doing both Working!! and Dhurarara, except for Popura.
From left, Daisuke Ono, Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi. 

As much as I hate Orihara Izaya, I know that's the role Hiroshi-san is playing. But if a character can get me riled up to the extent of resentment, I think the seiyuu did an awesome job, to the point I can actually hate a non-existent 2D character.

I guess that's why he was awarded Best Lead Actor award in 2009. From a teacher in despair to a cross-dressing celestial being member to an oddity and finally a chef and underground informant, he's been riding the right series so far, showing the true potential of his tsukkomi voice.

But I still hate you, Izaya =P

Tried searching for a video of Kamiya-san, and ended up with a hilarious clip of him attending a live event, where he did both a man's and woman's voice and a "nyaan", much to the delight of the female audience.

Another seiyuu related video I found together with Kamiya-san. It's the promo of Ichiban Daimaou with the seiyuu talking about the show. I nearly fainted at 00.04, 00.21 and 07.42.

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