29 September 2010

Season's Summation - Summer 2010

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Summer's sweltering heat can only last for so long, before the chilly winds and typhoons of Autumn blow it away. The time for Aki (秋/Autumn) to step in has come, bringing out the best of colours from the trees and plants before it starts shedding. So, start putting away those summer uniforms and bikinis, and bring out those winter uniforms and overalls as we brace for another cool season.....

Summer was rather quiet for me, as it gave me some time to be nostalgic and reminisce about my childhood (for some reason). Been watching oldies and classics like "Cardcaptor Sakura" (this is the part where you jeer and laugh at me. Go on) while catching up with some other titles as well.
And yes, Sakura is still my No.1 'mahou shoujo' in terms of story, personality and history. Safe to say my childhood wouldn't be complete without her.

Maybe now's a good time to step back and rewatch some of our old favourites before Autumn's lineup?

Meanwhile, I wish I could take a huge leap back into time and start on my "already completed" projects much earlier, and avoid "the worst 3 days of my life" scenario from ever happening again....

Thankfully, my first semester is ending, giving yours truly a well-deserved 1 month break from coding and reading. Then maybe I can catch up with some of my backlogged posts and news to share with everyone....

The same MO for previous Spring's evaluation.
Now for summer's overall grade;

Summer had much of what I expected and much more. Must be the summer theme they were going with but others were rather satisfactory and a rare few were enjoyable to watch, with 3 of which are continuing into Autumn while everyone else ended this month.

Some personal opinions on what went down in Summer's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;

Amagami SS - Another one of those show that make you regret, 5 times over. I could care less if the male protagonist dies in the following episodes, but each girl carries their own story and charm, which I've come to love, even for girls which I prejudged with low expectations at first. Continues into Autumn, while no Amagami on 1st October.

Asobi ni Ikuyo! - This reminded me of a similar series, "Onegai Sensei", which had some resemblance to the plot, except for that other alien race intervening. It was interesting at first, but I felt the focus on each girl's story was wrongly timed during dire situations where "DANGER" was all around them. Still, it's fun to watch if you don't read too much into the story. OVA is coming up in March 2011 too.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu - "Medival + magic = relevant to my interest", especially when Fukuyama Jun is part of the cast and main characters. Each characters history is still blurry at the moment, which I suspect is part of the plot, which in turn, makes me more and more curious by the week.

Giant Killing - I've said it before and I'll say it again; this is not Captain Tsubasa or some lame show with special-latent-powers-to-make-ridiculous-defying-the-laws-of-physics shots. It's very human, down to the point of psychological warfare and character background. Worth picking up actually, as I too was reluctant at first.

Heroman - I have to admit, the later episodes got better. I guess I had to let the story ripen a little more before prematurely deciding it if it was good or not. Possible season 3 on the way, but I'm in no hurry.

Highschool of the Dead - One of my favourite manga-to-anime adaptations ever produced, with a little change to the plot here and there. Apart from the heaps of fan-service we all enjoyed, no matter how repulsive or disgusting one may find it, you should have expected it.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Some what follows the manga plot, with little deviation. Was pretty interesting at first but the slow unraveling of a hazy plot kind of made me lose interest. Yet, I watched it till the end. Good art is such a waste...

K-ON!! - With a movie coming soon, the moe-blob continues to roll on. I'm rather pleased at KyoAni's decision to lower the pace of character and plot (if there was any for that matter) development, making it a lot more enjoyable to appreciate the "day-by-day" attitude, which I think was the core of show. Much like Lucky Star's slow pace, this was good stuff.

Kuroshitsuji 2 - Many have dubbed it with a "fan-ending" title for the final episode, as I believe many had wished for this kind of ending. In the end, there was only room for 1 (now 2) demons in the show. And together they shall be, for all of eternity.....

Mitsudomoe - One of those humorous shows of the season. Very enjoyable I might add, as it lasted slightly longer than a typical 4-koma manga setting. Hitoha was my favourite btw. Tomatsu Haruka FTW as usual.

Nurarihyon no Mago - This has shounen written all over it, yet it has attracted the female audience as well. I can't blame them tho. The manga itself was very captivating, with a very suitable setting which many Japanese can relate to: folk lore. I myself have always been intrigued by the world of ayakashi and youkai, making this show even more interesting to me.

Ookami no Shichinin no Nakamatachi - If it wasn't for Itou Shizuka and a few others, I might have not been that interested in the show. It was good to a point, then dropped and ended with a somewhat ending. Now that I think about it, there wasn't much to redeem from it. Still, I watched it till the end.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin - It was more or less interesting, with the interesting part close to Hikasa Yoko's casting. The time travel was interesting, along with many occult stuff and can't normally be explained. Still, a very happy ending, for the rest of those in the ignorant past.

Seitokai Yakuindomo - Personally, this is going into my No.1 books. Really awesome tsukkomi/bokke play here, with erotic Japanese jokes meddled in between. I think I learned most of my current erotic knowledge from this show to be honest. But very entertaining for a 4-koma, indeed.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ - Me guessing a season 3 is due, as soon as the manga gets a big head start. Kuu-chan was very sweet, Musubi was ever energetic and Tsukiumi's been "tsuntsun" through out the series.

Sengoku Basara 2 - I'm guessing the production team decided to zoom in on Sanada Yukimura's and Date Masamune's character development this time, hence a lack of slashing and hacking and more talking at times, in contrast to what we are used to seeing during the Sengoku era. Still, the ending was explosive, with the announcement of a Sengoku Basara Movie in 2011 giving it that extra "bang". Let's get our WTF faces on! YEAAAAAAAA~!

Shiki - I think I'm still trailing this series 5 episodes behind. I'm not good at horror or guro stuff, actually. So please wait for my reserved thoughts as this continues into Autumn.

Shukufuku no Campanella - This was fan-service overload, even for a eroge adaptation. Lacked any kind of plot at first, but the ending did have one. Unless you don't mind fan-service and moe overload, this is a show for you.

Strike Witches - I can hear the cries of "What?! No continuation?!" comments being made. Unlike the previous season which had a "to be continued" ending, this officially closed the books for Strike Witches. Will there be a OVA or maybe a movie? Who knows....

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