28 September 2010

Figures Ordered (Q3 - 2010)

by 18:28
Again, I've completely forgotten this little segment of the blog. Loads of stuff IRL happened, is my excuse but that's pretty common, no? 

September is ending, while I enjoy a short break before my next paper later this week. A lot of shows have ended already, with many impressions left behind, which I'll save for a post later on.

On another note, I laugh at those who have been following their ladies in the ISML Postseason tournament, only to have Mio and Mikoto cut them down! My two favourites have entered the finals (so happy!), and now I'm at a dilemma;


There's a high possibility of Mio winning again since she beat Mikoto previously, but I'm quite satisfied if either won. xD

Now here's the part where I try to convince you into getting one these lovely ladies I've come to love. Can't wait to get my hands on'em, so let's see if I can remember what I ordered;

Max Factory Figma Hirasawa Yui School Uniform Ver.

Most of the K-ON members are getting restocks, with this one being the 3rd. 

Never though much of getting her, but I gradually came to liking her "Let's GO" attitude (excuse the pun), and thankfully the announcement of her restock came at a good time. 

She comes with an extra blank face, which is for the use of decals to express more than 1 of her famous expressions. This was probably the main reason I wanted her. 

Also, I think she is the best figma rendition among K-ON characters, save for Nodoka Manabe

I'm still thinking of getting her to pair up wif Yui....

HobbySearch just replenished their stock

GSC Black Rock Shooter -animation version-
ブラック★ロックシューター -animation version-

During the BRS craze, I was pretty much going with the flow like everyone else too. Except my craze started back with the original art.

Actually thought of getting the original art version with either rock cannon/blade but I was a little late in getting them.

So I settled for the animation version, which I came to love more and more with every look at her.

And guess what? Rock Cannon ver. is getting a re-release.

Ah, whatever then. I'll settle for this piece of motion art instead.

HobbySearch still accepting at 15% off. Hurry!

GSC Nendoroid Puchi Angel Beats Set 1
This was a sudden purchase on my part. I think it was the cuteness of the eyes that made me click the order button. And I'm starting to regret it....

The Puchi lineup is a real money-sucker and GSC knows it. And yet I still fall for it....
This might be my very last Puchi purchase, unless another pair of eyes hypnotize me again.

HobbySearch has them at 15% off!

Nendoroid Saber: Super Moveable Edition
ねんどろいど セイバー スーパームーバブル・エディション

After all these years, Saber still keeps fighting to stay afloat. This time as a Nendoroid.

She was supposed to be the first lineup to try out GSC's new base and stand, hence the "Super Moveable" edition, with upgrades to the arm and leg joint for added mobility, but BRS Nendoroid beat her to the base.

I find the glow around Excalibur pretty fascinating, much like the invisible sword strike from the series.

Other than that, she's an emerald-eyed cutie.
This is one I can't wait for!

Get her at 15% off too at HobbySearch!

Max Factory Figma Dead Master
figma デットマスター

I find myself compelled to get BRS figma a partner to play with when I'm not around. And who else better than Dead Master!

I think that finger-licking-good pose was what prompted many of us to jump on her. Or it could be that ginormous scythe that would make a cool accessory to your figma collection.

Not into DM that much like others, but I do like her seiyuu, Sawashiro Miyuki who did a nice job on her character.

She comes with those 2 black-skull-servants as part of her arsenal, or a platform for her to sit on whenever she tires. They come with their own stands too, which is a bonus!

She's due in October, so all reservations have closed. Hurry for the others coming on the same month too!

Max Factory Nendoroid Katsura Hinagiku
ねんどろいど 桂ヒナギク

*Kyaa! Kyaa!*

Do you remember that sensation from your childhood during Christmas, where there was that one toy you ABSOLUTELY had to have, no matter what?
This is one of them.

I think I went into a near euphoric-state of happiness for a good 10minutes when I read the news about this.
I blame MaxF for that lapse.

This time it's MaxF doing the work, with some mobility upgrades to the arms (arms are bendable at the elbow joint) and legs.

With a nekomimi and tail to go along, your collection is going to look REEEEEEEALLY sad without her! xD

PlayAsia has plenty of PO to give out still!

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: 
Absolute HMO Edition
ねんどろいど 初音ミク アブソリュートHMO・エディション

....was my first impression. 

She is literally beyond the comprehension of cuteness in my dictionary. Absolutely gorgeous!

My collection is missing a Miku Nendo even though they keep re-releasing the Nendo ver. like recently too. But this HMO ver. is a waste if I don't get her, so this shall be my highlight! xD

Comes with LOADS (and I mean loads) of accessories like negi-sabers, sunglasses, keyboard and a drum set too!

PlayAsia just added this to their inventory!

WAVE Beach Queen Series:
Misaka Mikoto
御坂 美琴

This might be my very first WAVE addition to my small collection. Just because it's Mikoto =P

There's an exclusive Dengeki ver. but ain't into donating a kidney just to go through proxy services + shipping to get the other extra face. 

Still thinking about it, very hard I might add. Strong possibility as it's during a good time next year too. 

The beach queens series has been getting a load of good responses of late, a good thing for WAVE btw. 

But then, who wouldn't want a bikini edition of their waifu? 

HobbySearch just opened their POs yesterday!

Max Factory (ASCII) Figma Misaka
This...........................................is sacred, I tell you. 

Only 20,000 of the Misaka sisters will be made with special unique serial numbers, and I don't care if it's gonna cost me a kidney or a leg or both; I MUST HAVE HER!

Such a rarity and quality, especially her add-on like Barret .50cal and bullpup ! 
I must have those guns!!!!!

Dengeki exclusive, but that's never stopped others from getting other exclusives.
This could be a good time for me to try out proxy services! xD

Just contacted a proxy provider to PO her, but it's gonna cost me more than just a leg.
They said I can keep my other kidney tho.....


OtakuShawn said...

You might want to compare the prices between amiami and hobbysearch for some of the items...
been a loyal member of hobbysearch for a long time but the hiccups that occur once in a while just doesnt make me feel safe anymore:o.. have a look around amiami hahas :3

The Extroverted Otaku said...

Ever since Amiami opened their doors and english site, I've always preferred them to HS, no offense. Big discounts are their main draw, so it can't be helped if I lean towards amiami.

But of course, when HS does have their sales, I'm too happy to support them as well.

And the links are just for references sake tho.
Not indicating one is better than the other as I buy stuff from both ^^

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