18 October 2010

A Certain Sparky Post!

by 18:20
"I-It's not like M-Misaka posted this for y-your sake, y-you know? 
S-She's just doing it f-for someone e-else", says deredere Misaka.
Like Biribiri expressed, I'm not actually doing for your sake........maybe. (*゚ー゚)
*NSFW content included. You've been warned*

A Flux in the Forex

If anyone's been purchasing stuff online, especially in ¥, I'm pretty sure you've felt the recent pinch on the rates. Mr.Yen has risen to an absurd high, climbing since 2007 by 40% against the euro and dollar. Haven't felt the rise much over here, but since my currency is tied up with the US dollar, it's only a matter of time.

Even e-trade has been slowing down, with online shops feels the sudden lag in sales.

To combat this, HLJ has just started a new pricing system called, "Our Price".
Supposedly, they price certain goods at better and more affordable rates than the normal retails prices.

As of now, their range goes up to airbrushes and other tools (which are absurdly costly for one to own), but they hope to include more products with a wider range of "Our Price" goods in the near future.

It's a rather small step taken, but nonetheless, it's a step to better prices for us all.

1TB Optical Disc

If you thought BD's capacity was the pinnacle, think again.

TDK has developed a monster disc, with a total size of 1TB (1000GB). BDs carry 4 recording layer at most. This monster carries 16 layer, on both sides. It's predicted to be awhile before this monstrosity ever gets to the shelves....

AKB48 Dating Sim

The girls of AKB48 (some of them) are involved with Namco Bandai's latest love sim, "AKB1/48"

Personally, I've got no clue on this group of ladies, but they've seem to be rather popular (might be an understatement here) in the idol industry as of late.
For those familiar with the usual 2D dating sims, this might raise a few eyebrows, while AKB48 fans might have something else raised.....

Japanese Demaeki vs. Roller Coaster

Demaeki (出前機) is a device used in the fast food delivery industry, particularly for motorcycles / mopeds to deliver food to the customer's doorstep with out the food tipping over, spilling or your ramen bowl turned upside down. In a nutshell, it's a stability device.

So what happens when you place a bowl of noodles in one, while strapped to the end of a roller coaster?

Watch and find out!

Skeptical? Maybe.... but hey, it's good TV =)

The Real Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Another video I'd like to share with, this time from NND. Twas browsing with a friend on NND and he gave me this linky labelled "Real F Class".
To my surprise, Shimono Hiro (Yoshii-kun) and other members form the cast were in the video!
Looks like a reality program, but it' really funny/relaxing to see seiyuu's getting around and having fun IRL.

Since some of the readers here are not well versed in Japanese, I chose this video for your entertaiment.
It's a test on their English vocabulary with various themes.

I'd say Hiro is playing his character very well. Gotta love that Shimono idiot xD

Poster Projector

Been following "Itabeya-san" for quite sometime now, and he's been providing tons of customizable DIY goodies.

This time, he's got himself a humongous "Yosuga no Sora" poster of Sora. As you can see, it's a wee bit too large for him to open his wardrobe properly. So what does Itabeya-san do?

He turns it into a projector screen and plays some PS3 on it, and maybe watch Strike Witches in HD.
For more interesting DIY goodies, follow his Japanese livedoor blog for regular updates.
One of his latest post was about GK Miku, and I'll post some of the custom Nendoroid Miku's his acquaintances have come up with later on.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ Majo to Suiri no Rinbukyoku~ PS3 game

If you didn't get enough of the anime's bone-twisting plot, here's a little something extra to go with.
Now in PS3 platform, enjoy your guro scenes in it's HD glory for this Umineko game.

And the loli........ well.........I-I'll have that cake now please.....

Love Love Arcade

Boyfriends rejoice as the arcade version of the relationship-murdering franchise, "Love Plus" has been given a release date, in February 2011.

Over the previous weekend, boyfriends in Kyoto got the chance to try out the arcade machines at a test site in Kyoto on Oct. 16 - 17.

Love Plus Arcade Colorful DaysLove Plus Medal Happy Daily Life

2 arcade versions is slated for release, "Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip" and "Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life", with various play functions such as "Janken" and other fun daily activities to enjoy with your 2D girlfriend.

Hyakka Ryouren Bundles Ero Goodies

The currently airing "Hyakka Ryouren: Samurai Girls" has already started to accept orders for the DVDs/BDs. Bundled together is Part 1 of 6 mini OVAs that come with every BD, with sample images below;

Believe me, this was the only SFW preview. You've already agreed to this site's adult content, no?
That's not all, as the bundle will include "kisskiss  Pillowcover", with various girls giving you that "Chuchu" rendition on pillows. Just, remember to wash them, ya?
*only for limited edition release*

Also, a mini stand of the Samurai Girls will be included with the bundle, overrating the above, in comparison to a Yagyuu Juubei stand.

Anyone with the sudden urge to procure the "First limited edition BD/DVD" to claim all the goodies above are welcome to start ordering at your nearest online shop now, reasonably priced only at, 7140円

A Certain Index-erized Computer Collaboration.

With the popularity of the currently "To Aru Majutsu no Kinshomokuroku II", an interesting collaboration project took place between PC-maker "Antec" and the "To Aru" series.

When purchasing an Antec SOLO WHITE desktop, one may choose the "indexpc" option to have either an Index or Misaka cover, with an official "To Aru Majutsu no Kinshomokuroko II" logo attached, for a Biribiri approved PC.

Interested? Hop over to their site now for more details.

This offer lasts until 31st October 2010.

Highschool Bus of the Dead

The infected have claimed a bus of their own to propagate their infection to the masses, as well as the DVD/BD release dates.

This is a little old news, but relevent to my interest anyways.

Obligatory close ups of the orgy bus as follows;

Second Sequels

Kimi ni Todoke is getting a season 2, starting in January 2011.

Forgot where I stopped in the manga.
This might be a good chance to re-read the chapters (^∀^)

Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2nd season is already slated for next April airing.

We've barely started and S2 is in the works?
Are the ratings that good???

Well, the manga is anyhow, so.....

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