30 December 2010

C79 (冬) Day 1: Calm Before the (Shit)Storm...

by 03:01
Okay, so the plan was to post a cluster of links to interesting C79 images and other related sites.

But exactly at 7pm-ish, I took a look at Twitter with the #C79 tag and facepalmed, hard.
For every minute, 125 new tweets were tweeted, and I was still reading tweet no. 23,573.

This is NOT possible. Plan has phailed, hard.

Solution; upload all clusterfuck images onto a site where millions congregate daily for their daily fix of anime/figure/mecha/japan related news: figure.fm.

And now, I shall direct you to the post with all the coverage. Enjoy.

PS: Yes, I will do the same thing for Day 2 and 3, accessible at figure.fm. Stay tuned. 

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