03 April 2011

When Madoka Meets Doraemon

by 02:06
Was surfing 2ch when I spotted this.
As someone who grew up watching Doraemon from time to time, this had me spilling my drink.

Even when time travelling, do remember to look out for paradox crossroads and the occasional warp tunnel bumps 

Now, if only we can jump forward in time to see the supposedly leaked 12th episode scenario title.


Blacksun88 said...

haha i cannot stop laughing. time-travelling had never been so fun XD

Anonymous said...

Lawl seems like Homuhomu has a hard head. Put quite a dent on Doraemon's time machine`:3 And what are you doing wandering timelines Makoto~

That "No Homu Allowed" sign is quite appropriate :3

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