19 April 2011

Season's Summation - Winter 2011

by 00:51
Another season (or 3 months) has passed and, once again, it's bittersweet.
Bitter, cause all the good shows have ended but sweet since I'm on break and its Spring!

Finals has ended and yours truly is on a (short) spring break and I've been playing non-stop all the game titles that have built up and watching final episodes of series that has ended ever since. Been playing Shogun 2 and it's been a blast.

Truly, the path to ascension from the Daimyou (Clan Leader) to ultimately Shogun (Ruler of Japan) after toppling the previous Shogunate is indeed a hard and long path. The Date clan were impressive, but the shogunate deemed me too dangerous and sent the whole (or what's left of the clans after conquering 20+ provinces) nation against me. Tried out Chosokabe next and with their farm income bonus, funding my war plans was relatively smooth as I took the South and East Japan easily.

Also, if you've noticed, I've changed my banner and background image after playing around with some image editing tools to suit my current obsession, Hatsune Miku and Nendoroids, along with a few companies and figure series that I love. Funny part is I swore I would cut down on Nendoroids but alas, Evil Smile Company won't let me off the hook that easily. ( ´∀`)

Zero says theres too much cuteness here now and he'd like the previous banner back.
I say ( ゜∀゜)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
What do you guys think about the new banner and background image? ^^

But enough about conquest and figures. It's time to summarise the previous season's lineup:

This season's was smaller compared to Autumn 2010, but nonetheless, it was fun. Almost everything ended within the same season, with a couple riding on and joining Spring much to my delight. The number of interesting shows has plummeted but that shouldn't stop me from enjoying whatever the industry has to throw. Spring looks really promising so we'll have to see how that ends up later.

Time to sing out my youth!

Some personal opinions on what went down in Winter's lineup with, again, bold ORENJI on those particularity worth watching;

Bakuman - Love the manga, so there's no doubt I love the show too. This season pretty much explained the hardships of "getting" serialised in a magazine company. Next season should continue off from where they left, this time trying to "maintain" a serialisation. Who knew creating manga was this hard and thrilling! Respects to all mangaka and wannabe-mangaka.

Beezlebub - Been following the manga instead. The anime has turned into some kinda manzai setting with so much tsukkomi (straight-man) comebacks. Sadly they didn't portray Oga as terrifying as the manga did (like head planting seniors in the ceiling which was a.w.e.s.o.m.e). The setting ain't following the manga plot but its enjoyable in it's own way. Hopefully in the later part of the series we'll reach the climax of an arc.

Dragon Crisis - Kugumiya going all "dere-dere" and finally "tsun" at the end. Iniitally watched it cause of the seiyuus involved (Shimono) but it was kinda...well, boring. Still, it was interesting till the end.

Fractale - If you took a look at the ratings of Aoitemina's latest show, Yamakan should be packing up his bags and leaving the industry but still stayed lol. I wouldn't say it was that "bad" but it could have been better. Next time, give us our purple, 'kay?

Freezing - Perhaps I'm comparing the manhwa and the anime too much, but the manhwa had much more gore and depth for the battles. I enjoy a good plot with the frill of art and storyline but it was kinda shallow if I may say so. Didn't feel for the characters as the whole thing was too fast, I was just expecting too much or I already knew the outcome. Still, could have been better- no, waaay better if they did it more on the darker side than offering papier-mâché clothings. Should have given it to UroG lol. 

GOSICK - Hardly sickening at all. Love the detective and mystery elements which I must say, kept me in suspense for quite a while, especially when they drag an arc for a few episodes. One of the few we'll see in Spring as it trots on to double digit episodes.
Haiyou Nyau-ani Remember My Love Craft-sensei - I wish there's a longer version of this or something. The manzai here was awesome and it kept me hooked, only to have the credits showing up after the first few minutes. But as a short flick, it was good.

Hourou Musuko - Another low rating show during the Winter season. Honestly, I love this show to bits just like most gender-bender, but this was more on an emotional level and personal scale. There's actually tons of people like these around but they're just too afraid since society deems them in a simple category: freaks. Truthfully, I'm pretty much open to such horizons as I've a friend who wished to be a girl. Now, he (or she) is one at the moment after much trials, hardships and raised or frowned eyebrows. Good luck to the rest of you cross-dressers ^^

Infinite Stratos - Another haremic show to please the masses. And to think a show like this made the Oricon Charts as one of the highest in sales of BD (or was it DVD). I'll admit it was pretty cliché but I guess thats another factor to watch. Nonetheless, omoshiroi desu (it was fun).

Kimi ni Todoke 2 - And the great drama has ended! Finally, those two can be together, get married, have kids, grow old and live happily ever after. It's pretty much the end of the line for these two since I can't see anymore hurdles for the two lovebirds. It fine if they end it there and then, both anime and ongoing manga.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? - Hilarious most of the time, I kinda forgot it was based on a dark setting. Another  cliché theme: zombies but it was interesting as it wasn't the usual decapitation or gory blood scenes (okay, so there was a few) but it was hilarious at a certain point. Definitely a try as long you don't expect too much.

Level E - This has got to be one of the greatest manzai acts I've seen in anime. The level of deception and tricks played by both sides too was mind boggling till the very end, catching me off guard and forcing me to watch that part twice before fully understanding the situation. A definite recommendation to all comedy lovers ^^

Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica - I don't think an explanation is required to express how good this show is. In fact, the only reason its popular was it defied the "norm" or expectations of what or how a "mahou shoujo" should be. So twisted in fact, that I pretty much lost myself halfway into the show, which can be reminisced here. If it followed the usual "norm" of "mahou shoujo", I can pretty much guarantee it would have been overlooked by many just as another magical girl fighting off evil to save the day. The fact is, its not. Madoka Magica has claimed the No.1 spot in the most talked about topic in 2ch, surpassing Nanoha and many others, represented in a chart here.The darkness is strong in this one and it shall strike back with the last two episodes in late April.

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! - Kinda glad they ended it at 8 episodes as it wasn't as funny as the first season. Kinda lacking the factor which was humorous but glad it was put down before anymore damage was done.

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne! - My lovely Kitamura Eri has been reduced to a pile of brother-complex-perverted girl. Seiyuu have to either choose their works more carefully or are just too good at jobs to fit a certain role for the character.

Rio - Rainbow Gate - Gambling element was interesting but it was rather predictable as it was going at a pace everyone was familiar with. Kinda like déjà vu.

Starry Sky - I know, I know. Its a reverse harem series, so shoot me. Heck, sue me. I've watched and read my fair share of shoujo themes, perhaps more than the average girl reads (my cousin has read more shounen titles than I have anyway) but I've found reverse harems interesting. If anyone remembers Fruits Basket ("Furuba" for the old guys/gals), it's pretty much like that. Episodes as split into all guys based on the horoscope signs, divided into 2 part episodes. Each characters has quite alot of depth and I'm impressed they could reveal so much about a character in a short 10 minute episode.

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto - Ah yes. This. Where do I start... Maybe I should start with it being hopeless. Yes, hopeless. It was hopeless indeed. As hopeless as kid refraining himself from getting another from the cookie jar. As hopeless as water droplets falling from storm clouds. As hopeless as sun shining the very next day. The final episode was as much as I hoped for or even more as I watched it through tear filled eyes; an epic battle, the struggles of overcoming the finale and the bonds of friendship conveyed, not through words, but the understanding each others hearts. The timing, the play up to the end of everything, and music arrangement: perfect. The message at the end of the day was conveyed through the actions of Takuto; take everything and anything and shine tomorrow brighter than today. This one goes into the archives forever. May everyone continue to shine, in your own special way!

Suite Precure ♪ - I know this ain't exactly something that suits everyone's taste or would normally pick up in their normal state of mind, but after Puella Magi, I needed some normal "mahou shoujo". Seeing as I grew up with Cardcaptor Sakura, this is no different (or maybe it is) and its quite entertaining if you look at it at a whole and not nit pick it. I might watch the new movie thats coming out, starring all the Precure characters ^^

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspectors - Coming from a Gundam fan, this was quite enjoyable. As I'm quite new to the whole Super Robots history, I'm still a trainee pilot but I've got Zero whose's quite knowledgeable in SRW.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II - It was, once again, an awesome novel adaptation. People complained how it was too fast but for someone who didn't read the novel at first, I found it paced pretty well. Got to see more of Misaka, Misaka Imouto, Last Order and Misaka's mom. I'm a happy man indeed ^^. As I'm sure most of you know (or at least those following the novels), this season might be the very last of those "peaceful days" from the Index novels, cause everything from here on, will plunge into war and chaos. Check out the novels if you've the time ^^

Yumekui Merry - The concept of dreams, humans and drea-mons is quite thrilling in a sense. The suspense was just right to keep me hooked. Hopefully, season two will be considered seeing as the response and ratings were favourable ^^ 


Yourtime said...

@banner, it's okay.. little bit irritating because of the many brands, but the Nendoroids are awesome x)..

@Bakuman agree <3 love it, bought the manga immediately afterwards.
@Beezlebub it reminded me at the manga of Shinta Fukuda everytime. xD for me It was okay.3
@Dragon Crisis I loved the eyes XD and that was it xD.
@Fractale I don't get why everyone didn't like it, it was a awesome story.. specially better of the most seen ... *cough* over and over that a hundred times! :/ I mean, is it really just because of the colors? :/ I only think it was too short..
@GOSICK awesome character.. xD, about the background story .. well.. who cares XD.. still watching and I'm glad to see the season is longer than 13ep.
@My Love Craft-sensei wth XD when was that? xD *gives in his todo list*
@Hourou Musuko agree, but I felt it would be like Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica (well I only watched of mahou one ep. till yet x_x) , but I will watch it! *too serious*
@Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! Q_Q.. well I loved it and loved the gags bot season, well .. looks like we have here different tastes xD. maybe it's because of the drawing I f*cking love it *_*.. and makes it more sympathic
@Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne! I liked it the story and the drawing fitted the atmosphere, the ending was like the name.. they didn't do something. About the fact which you said with the seiyuu, wasn't much aware of it :s
@To Aru Majutsu no Index II missed it -.-.. but will watch it, after seeing so much comparising with ika musume.. I have to xD
@Yumekui Merry true TRUE. I really liked the concept of dreamings (allthough I think I know a smiliar one) and dreams. Love the clothes of merry. Are there rumours about a second season? oo

@loli heroins picture: awesome best ones in one picture x) but wait loli? Isn't Eucliwood older than 1k years?XD and about Merry I don't know :D anyway *saved as potential new wallpaper*

greets Yourtime

PS: I have a question about Nendoroids, better about figures.. how much types are there? I'm thinking about buying my favs characters <3, but I don't mix them too much >_<

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Hey Yourtime ^^

Fractale was okay but not fantastic. Mitsudomoe was fun but it felt like they were running out of jokes in season two. Still, I watched it till the very end, so that counts for something. And the way they ended Merry, they could start a S2 anytime if they wanted or left it at there since there wans't any cliffhanger or unfinished business left.

Not really sure what you're asking about figures. Could you rephrase that? ^^"

Anonymous said...

love the new banner, but maybe I am bit biased cuz I adore Hatsune Miku (HEY THERE COMRADE!) and like Nendos XD

Agree with all da review XD, though the thing is I kinda dont like Madoka character design (wide face is wide), but hey it was an awesome story XD

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Your biasness is forgiven ^^

When you leave the character designs to the same person who did Hidamari Sketch, you're in for some epic proportions ^^

Yourtime said...

@Yoshii-kun Hi ^^

I meant, Do you know how many types of figures are there? I see there are Nendoroid and "normal", but are there more names for different types? Is there a difference between chibi and nendos? *duck*

greets Yourtime
thanks for the answer :3

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Well, to simply put, there are a few types or categories you can label most figure these days.
Firstly, you have the 2 main sides: scaled and non-scaled.
Then you have different categories like action figures, PVC, super deformed, trading figures, gachapon, plushies and gunpla/model kits.

Nendoroids are part of the super deformed division. As you can see, their heads are abnormally larger than their body which is part of the charm. These are not "scaled" (follows the exact scaling measurements) figures, but they're normally at the height of 10cm. This goes for their "Nendoroid Petit" series too, and they're much smaller than nendoroids at around 6cm each. I've got an army of these.

Then you have action figures with bendable joints. These are usually non-scaled as well, and they come with tons of accessories. Perfect examples wiould be the figma and Revoltech series. Nendoroids are also labelled as action figures, so they're "super-deformed action figure"

Lastly would be PVC. PVC is mostly static. It can't move, its cold-casted and beautifully detailed. These ones are normally scaled, as they fit the proportions of the characters height with scales like 1/4, 1/7 and 1/8. I've made it a point to try and get only Miku PVC since they can be costly. But stuff like prize figures aren't scaled normally but have excellent quality and pretty cheap to boot.

Yourtime said...

thanks for the great explaining x) .. so this figure is then pvc? http://www.kxan-chibis.com/sites/default/files/upload/2010/koi-wa-sensou_hatsune-miku-1.jpg I want buy it, but don't know where -.- I even don't know the name of the miku figure.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Wow. Bro, I've gotta admit. You've got taste.

Yup, that's PVC and she comes with a huge dual microphone base. That's the "Love is War" version. Its under GSC and has yet to be announced.

You can take a look at the master model here at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer which I've previously covered.

Yourtime said...

Ah thanks xD I have found it some month ago and since then I'm searching it xD..

@link thanks
I thought it would be the love is war version.. I think it's this figure. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_V_fJzJSfnxo/TExdqK1Ak0I/AAAAAAAACvw/79z5PgyOIq8/s1600/135027264-d2d7f2b52a6d391fc310e5e6b24791ac.4c4c5f80-scaled.jpg , but do you think it's possible to get the first one (non color) o_o? I like it more xD..

there are 2 angel beats one too <3.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Then you're looking for GK (garage kit) parts already. I only know of one such online store in the states which is E2046.com.
They sell her painted and non-painted if they can get the supplier. You'll have to keep an eye out when she does.

Yourtime said...

ah thanks, will keep it.

Blacksun88 said...

the banner are good as long as they look cute XD

For me, nothing much can comment as i only watch these anime long after they ended (I am still watching anime for last year though...) I would say Madoka is commercially extremely successful as even people like me that havent watch new season is hooked in the craze of it =.=

Yoshii-kun said...

@Blacksun88 I hope these summaries of mine don't ruin your fun or change your opinion on them.

We all have different tastes after all ^^

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