30 April 2011

Kyuubee Marshmallow

by 00:12
Title pretty much explains it; Kyuu-mallows are now available to sink your teeth in or to roast in the fires of hell. 
I like mine charred tho :3

Spotted at Lammtarra Media World in Akiba. Made by a certain circle, D-STAGE (iinm)

Best consumed when refrigerated. 630¥ for 3 Kyuumallows

They forgot to label "evil" as the main ingredient...

Squishy, but I wanna smash it.

Edible Kyuubee, just like in the series.


And here's dessert if you've still got room; 


Yourtime said...

omfg XD nice marketing idea, but looks to good for eating Q_Q... could make it own *takes marker* XD..

god how bold is this? 13k¥ for 5 episodes and 2 nendo petits? (fractale) .. I mean you pay 6k for the nendos and 7k¥ for 5 episodes of fractale.. that is really expensive oO. too bad, I was interested in the 2 fractale nendos ._."

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Err.. wait for it to appear on eBay? lol. Still cheaper than paying for 13k (my god)

Yourtime said...

you mean waiting for the 2 figures on ebay? I think they will sell it more than 100k¥ XD.. but that's maybe a good idea :D (buy 2 now and sell one later for much double prize :D) Hm..

About the DVD/BD for fractale, I will wait for a whole box or something .. It's unbelievable that western cartoons like simpson got per season 20ep and costs maybe 30€ and animes are sold into "volumes" (-.-).. for 10-15€ (for 3 ep).. god and then they wonder, why no one buy their dvds?.. why that are so many fansubber?.. *head shaking*

Yoshii-kun said...

@Yourtime Some prefer staggered purchases tho, instead of everything at one shot, they bleed out little but little so it doesn't hurt so much.

And they do buy the DVD/BDs tho.

RyuumiGaroukuni said...

... So expensive... But, eating QB is so worth it!

Blacksun88 said...

nani? taste nice XD

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