29 April 2011

Persona 4 Glasses For Sale

by 10:49
In the world of Megami Tensei comes the special "defogging" glasses from recent green-lit anime, Persona 4.

So why are these glasses special?
For those who've yet to play the game (why haven't you done so?), these glasses are used in the TV World in P4 where Personas gather. They allow the wearers to seen through the thick "fog" that constantly surrounds them while exploring various dungeons.

And now, you can wear them too and become your own main protagonist, thanks to COSPA!
These glasses come without power but can be switched to powered lenses for daily usage!
Just take it to any specialised glasses shop and get a pair of lens for it
(or just wear it as a fashion accessory if you don't require megane)


Temple length approx: 142mm
Nose width: 16mm
Lens width: 53mm
Price: ¥7,350
Release date: late-August

*Comes with specially made P4 Cleaning Cloth

I might just get this since I'm been looking for a replacement for my own pair (yea, my eyes are screwed too)
But I think I've seen something similar in one of the shops before ^^

Now I'm itching to replay P4 again. Should be a good time since the game's internal calender starts in April 2011 xD

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Sam Times said...

Whoa, they finally thought of selling these eyeglasses, huh? Seeing those glasses makes me want to play Persona 4 The Golden in the PS Vita. But first, I have to get myself a PS Vita.

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