22 April 2011

"Madoka ★ Magica Cafe" Opening Soon

by 13:51
A new theme has been decided: the Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica Cafe

UPDATE: The cafe is open!

UPDATE: figma Kaname Madoka image added as part of the goods that might go on display during the new theme.

Good Smile Cafe will be hosting a new cafe look, themed "Madoka ★ Magica Cafe" on May 3rd. The current Nendoroid Cafe theme will be brought down on April 30th with the cafe (usually) closing until the reopening date
(May 3rd) with the new Madoka theme.

Expect the cafe to be (possibly) magically draped in colours of the Madoka series, original illustrations from the studio and some other merchandises such as the supposedly Nendoroid Kaname Madoka or figma Kaname Madoka and much more.
Perhaps more information on the new Nendoroid game shall be revealed there ^^

And you can expect the same coverage here as I'll be keeping a close eye (or both eyes) on this development. More to be announced as we get closer to the opening date May 3rd, which falls on "Golden Week" so tis be a good opportunity (or excuse ^^) to visit the cafe (again) if you haven't done so.

Of course, all this is perfectly timed with the ending of the Madoka series (last night), along with the release of the BD/DVD Vol.1 Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica on April 27th. If I'm not mistaken, Nendoroid Kaname Madoka will be available for pre-orders on the following day (April 28th) if what Mikatan posted is true ( ´∀`)

Don't you just love a planned marketing strategy? (╬‿‿╬)

Even without the premeditated marketing strategy by all related accomplices, this series has reach "epic" or "legendary" status in many of our books as a great piece of work, so the reception would still have been tremendous. Cause I have never seen 2ch or the blogosphere going into frenzy state this bad for the past few weeks.
As much as people would like to deny or look away from this "Perfectly Planned Magical Massacre" by our fellow sadistic writer Urobuchi Gen, you've got to hand it to him, he delivers (at the end).

Time to sit on our thumbs and wait for the supposedly 2nd season that SHAFT director wants to direct so badly lol.
Excuse me while I go unwind with some Precure now.


Blacksun88 said...

ha guess the craze of madoka is still not over yet... and no, please no second season, I prefer it to end this way

Yoshii-kun said...

@Blacksun88 Awww. Why not?
I think having Kyuubee as a proper familiar could be fun xD

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