20 June 2011

Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica Cafe

by 21:29

UPDATE 5 (6/20): A special "Kyuubee Contract Set" meal has been introduced, attracting over 200 customers! with new coaster designs, all at the Latest Update section.

UPDATE 4 (6/20): The sudden invasion of fujoshi, leaving behind a trail of incredible fan art, viewable at the Latest Update.

UPDATE 3 (6/20): One of GSC's staff went around the cafe taking photos of the latest merchandises, including figma Kaname Madoka, the Cheerful Japan Nendoroids and charity products! See them all at Latest Update section.

UPDATE 2 (5/18): A huge plush doll of Charlotte the Witch has been set up in the cafe!
New section created for new content added to the cafe over the following weeks/months; Latest Update

UPDATE 1 (5/17): Nendoroid Gumako: Support ver has been added to the cafe!
She will be on display together with Nendoroid Kaname Madoka!

The Good Smile Cafe invites you into the world of magical girls and witches, with their latest cafe theme, the Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica Cafe, from May 3rd to July 18th.

From the mahou-shoujo-massacre anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the Good Smile Cafe has turned into a portal to a magical dimension, where tons of decorations and merchandises plastered and littered everywhere within the cafe, from tables to shelves and even the toilet.

Come immerse yourself into the world of magic here in Chiba, where you might just dine with Kyuubee!
Who wouldn't want to dine with the great Incubator?!

The theme will last for 3 months ending on in July, which is the longest theme to be held by the cafe.
Perhaps its the great reception from the viewers and fans of the show?
Or perhaps its a marketing strategy with each BD/DVD volume being released?

Whatever the reason, don't pass up this chance to view genuine scripts, original character designs and much more from the anime.

I hereby deemed this a holy site and that all followers of the Church of Madoka must make a pilgrimage to this sacred sanctum, where the great savior died for your sins.

To those who would love to stop time and travel to the cafe right now but can't, I hope these images can bring you that much closer to the cafe.

Also added a "Back to Top" button on the bottom left (orange arrow) for easy navigation. Don't know why I didn't add in this feature before *facepalm*

I do not claim to own the following images, as these were pooled together by the resources of Yoshii-kun from other sites and galleries, formatted into a tour layout format for your entertainment.

This was taken on May3rd: Day-1 and still looks like this for the next few days, causing certain dishes to be sold out. As you'd expect from a series that almost butchers the entire main cast, everyone wanted to see it due to great reception. Too good infact, that over a 100 were queuing up just to enter the cafe at one point.

But people still queue up orderly, without pushing or ensuing arguments or line cutting.
One thing you'd hardly find in my country or most countries for that matter.

Good Smile Cafe constantly tweets information at their official tweeter for those at the back of the line to know what's going on at the front. Information like the status of the store or the estimated waiting time of over 2 hours.
And yes, the back of the line is still waaaaaaaay to the left of this image.

The teaser image prior to the cafe opening.
To be honest, I had decided to wait till next (next) week for decent images of the cafe to appear but instead found a bunch of them with a few followers making their pilgrimage just days later. This was sooner than I expected as I thought the cafe would be bursting with customers and getting decent blurry, packed images of humans instead. ( ´∀`)

No Kyuubee Welcome Mat (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Lots of mystic runes ahead. Hope your fluent in Faust-go.

Yui is still.....floating around since the Nendoroid Cafe theme ( ´∀`)

Lots of Madoka goods sold at the cafe as well. I'd like a Kyuubee shirt to ward off magical girls ^^"

Enter at your own risk.


Tabletops have been plastered with scenes from the series. 
They come with 2 sections of the cafe: Mami'd or non-Mami'd ( ´∀`)


Please do not touch the interior display items in the store. 
 ※Photography of the whole store interior is allowed.
During congested hours, a 60 minutes limit will be imposed when all orders are ready before leaving within the time limit. 
During congested hours, additional orders will not be accepted. 

Script cover design for Episode 1 and 2

Script cover design for Episode 3 and 4.

Script cover design for Episode 5

Script cover design for Episode 6

Script cover design for Episode 7

Script cover design for Episode 8

Script cover design for Episode 9

Script cover design for Episode 10

Script cover design for Episode 11

Script cover design for Episode 12
Guess 2ch was right about that leaked episode title back on April Fool.

Exchange Notebook.
I think customers are allowed to doodle their art here.

Available for preorder now.

Don't be surprised Nendoroid Akemi Homura will be announced anytime soon (hopefully)
Will update this when/if she's added to the cafe.

figma Kaname Madoka might be on display as well in the coming weeks, so I'll add/update that too.

Nendoroid Gumako has arrived! She'll be there at the cafe for public viewing.
Won't you eat some udon with her?

No, its not real. Its an airgun model shaped after a 9mm M9. Its available on Amazon.

This is...well, you can it see for yourself. 

Update 2:

On May 18th, the Good Smile Cafe included an exhibit of Charlotte the Witch!
Straight from Mikatan twitter update, this plush doll was thanks to "Yoshida Design".

This will ensure everyone sticks to the 1-hour dining limit!
Eat quickly or she eats you! xD

The Mami Monster!
Am mam mam mam mam mami.

On another note, the MadoKafe made the news on the ASCII site.

Update 3
Good Smile Company staff member, "gsc_shii" has provided a lavish number of new images on the happenings of the cafe. The table is a reference to Mami's table at her apartment.

Behind the scenes on "How to Concoct a Witch and a Devil" in the kitchen. Wonder if they give cooking lessons...

The "QB" model that shapes your rice on the "Kyuubee Plate" to give it that extra evilness and sinister death stare.

Clear Files and Pillow Cases

A stool to elevate your delicious head as an offering to Charlotte who "hangs" around the cafe ^^. 
Don't forget to printscreen yourself when you dothe Mami'd.

From the last exchange notebook, it seems they've grown by quite a number. Also, the noteboook serves as a doodle space for customers to show off their artistic talents while waiting for their meals.

Nendoroid Gumako is up at the cafe! Too bad I'm not getting her. The shipping is murder.

Compact Mirrors

Pass Holder

Photo Album

More exchange notes

Spot Charlotte!

There's something wrong with Seijin-san's eyes.....

iPhone Cases.

figma Kaname Madoka is up at the cafe! Be sure to get a good look of her.

Phone Straps

The latest figures and Cheerful Japan charity products, including the 1/1 scale Kyuubee!
You can surely expect more to arrive and be displayed, hopefully the Nendoroid Puchitto Rock Shooter is next, along with recently announced Nendoroid Kaname Madoka Uniform ver.

Update 4:

A rare spectacle of dozens of fujoshi at the cafe, with the whole line consisting mostly of women on a certain day. Seems it was a planned trip on a much later date to avoid the huge crowds like Day 1.

But what caught everyone's attention was the doodle art by the fujoshi customers. Posters mentioned very detailed fan art in those notebooks, which mean they're either letting their creativity run wild, or they had to wait that long for their meals to arrive. Either way, they used quite a few notebooks. Check them out if you've the time.

One particular 2ch user decided to immortalize their experience in hardcopy format, with printed images of photos of the Madoka cafe, turning it into a photo book.

Update 5:

A promotion meal has been conjured by the guys at Good Smile Cafe to further promote their goods, particularly their first official Madoka Magica figure, Nendoroid Kaname Madoka. The meal titled, Kyuubee Contract Set, is going for ¥4,000, with 3 items in the package; a Kyuubee Plate, a special tin badge and a reservation number for pre-order figure, Nendoroid Kaname Madoka.

In my opinion, its a great opportunity to reserve and dine at the cafe in one go.
The nendoroid already retails at like, what? ¥3,500-ish?

Wasn't really into the Madoka Craze back when it was still airing, but I did get a little looney when they started butchering the cast, one head at a time. So, I'm not that into getting this nendoroid (limited funds is also another factor). Still, medetashi medetashi...

The new addition to the menu has sparked a sudden boost in customers, increasing it from the usual 30~60 to over 200 customers! Average waiting time was 7 hours at one time with 4 hours the minimum, which you can consider yourself lucky at this point.

To keep things orderly and not trouble the neighbourhood with ridiculously long queue which extend around the block, a ticketing system has been introduced, with a time stamp of the expected session for the customer to enter the premises (just check it today. Seems there's even a queue to get the numbered tickets). As of now, quite a few "contracts" have been signed by eager customers in black and blood, in hopes of shaking the hand of the devil himself to seal the deal....

Also, new coaster designs. I soooo want that Kyuubee coaster ^^

"Kyuubee Plate"          "Witch's Sweet Obession Dessert"

As you can see, the Witch Dessert dish sold out, all on Day 1. 
They've restocked but still getting tweets on it selling out, fast.

Refresh your soul with Soul Gem Drinks, each named after 5 episodes in the series with respective Puella Magi color.
・"There's No Way I'd Regret This" (Sayaka)
・"I'll Never Allow That" (Kyouko)
・"That Sounds Wonderful" (Madoka)
・"I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore" (Mami)
・"My Best Friend" (Homura)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Coasters
Another 3 coasters will appear when they release the other Soul Gem Drinks. 

Front and Back

Front and Back

"Kyuubee Luncheon Mat"                     "Shop Card" 





Now you can dine with the great Incubator! 
◕ ‿‿ ◕

I want you to make a contract with me and become a Puella Magi

Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica Cafe Original Mini Sticker

"2 QBs and 2 Witches, coming right up!"

And that's for Mami!

This concludes the Madoka Magica Cafe theme. 

Be sure to check out Good Smile Cafe's previous themes too:
[Good Smile Nendoroid Cafe]

Cafe Du Madoka Magica

4 minute walk from Matsudo West Entrance, Chiyoda Line, JR Joban Line

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 11:00 to 20:30 (last order at 20:00)
Friday - Sunday: 11:00 to 21:00 (last order at 20:30)
(lunch hours: 11:30 to 14:30)


Finally found that custom Nendoroid Homura lol.


Anonymous said...

I like the drink names, but the place needs more merchandise. Stuff like QB paper masks or key chains. That would make the place a real hangout for fans

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous True. Feels like its lacking something. But seeing this is a joint effort, there might be limitations as to what exactly can be put on display.
Could use those Kyuubee Cushions or Kyuubee Marshmallows tho lol

Yourtime said...
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Yourtime said...

Selamet Pagi!

oh finally the post x) thanks for uploading :D
Yui will be caged for ever there ;D.
Well I like it, but wouldn't buy the "Witch Dessert" it looks more expensive than worthy xD.. but I like the drinks x) specially,"There's No Way I'd Regret This" (Sayaka)
@merchandise I agree, there are keion merchandise, because of the lack x_X' I like the custom made nendo x).. hopefully they make one too official + the imouto gotou *kirinos face* <3 XD

I think there HAVE to written on the menu "if we make contract, you can order something" or when the waitress comes, she has to say "do you want make a contract?" xD.. are there waitress? and how are they dressed o_o?

Well I didn't watched it yet >_<, but I like the blue one most, because of her appearance xD.

Blacksun88 said...

damn my friends that are all crazy about madoka will be dying to go =.=

Nadja said...

That is so cool.

It is my dream to attend a cafe that's similar. *0*

Yourtime said...

Did I say that mami means in german Mother? :D

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