20 June 2011

Anime Map by Japan National Tourism Organization

by 02:50
To promote the insurgency of more international visitors, the Japan National Tourism Organization has turned towards the brave global demography, hopefully willing to endure the rumours of nationwide radiation that has driven away most of Japan's visitors and anything that stands in their way; the otaku population.

The brochure/pamphlet highlights the various day to day activities one may attend or partake to enjoy the otaku culture in the land of the supposedly-radioactive-country. There is also a map at the back, providing a detailed view of the map of Japan, with famous "pilgrimage sites" highlighted for one to embark upon.

Coincidentally, the land of "True Tears", Toyama, is the same one used for currently airing anime "Hanasaku Iroha" as they're both under the same studio, PA Works. I'll post about that later on (unless you'd like to search about it yourself, please be patient. I'm so farking tired ( ´∀`) )

High reso images live in PDF form, available at JNTO's official website.
(The map is only available in English and no other language (checked). Sorry guys)


tomphile said...

Interesting - though it doesn't look too eyecatching.

Blacksun88 said...

aaahhh!! my dreamlands!! how i wish i could go... btw i lol-ed at the "ganpura"

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