26 April 2011

Leaked Copy of Madoka Magica BD Spotted

by 12:45

Today is the 26th, less than 12 hours away from the official release of Vol.1 BD Puella Magi Madoka Magica, yet someone has managed to get an early / leaked copy before the official date, 27th. 

UPDATED: Booklet images added.

Denizens of 2ch express themselves with simple one-liners;
Uwaaaa! Madokaaaaaaa!

With all the hype Madoka has generated, be prepared to see the Madoka Magica series climb the
Top Weekly Chart in Oricon somewhere this week, real soon, expecting it to join the current list of Top Selling Anime Vol. 1 BD's with other titles such as Bakemonogatari, K-ON!!, Macross Frontier, Angel Beats!, Code Geass R2 and Infinite Stratos. 

Rest of the contents:

Original 4-koma manga included by Ume-sensei
(she's responsible for the character designs of Madoka and Hidamari)

Here's a visual chart to keep track of the "Tota1 Number of Vol.1 DVDs & BDs Sold" in the Anime division if you hate seeing numbers after numbers, courtesy of 2ch, fashioned in Infinite Stratos ED style

I'm betting Madoka will easily outsell Bakemonogatari, currently standing at 82,803 copies for Vol.1, so expect it to surpass Araragi and Hitagi on the bike somewhere even further to the left ( ´∀`)

Pretty sure there'll be a new chart to replace this soon. Will share it when it's out (^∀^)


Anonymous said...

Thats an interesting graph you have there. However, I wonder where you'd draw the line for an acceptable amount of sales on that graph. I would have expected Kami Nomi to have sold better, but it hasn't been out long. Clearly there are other determinants to what gets a season 2.

We already have a sequel in Manga form. Would be cool to see Orika Magica get animated. I can't be the only one who wants to see what happens after Madoka made the ultimate sacrifice to divide by zero.

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous The fact that these studios and companies only profit from the sales of disc sales, an "acceptable line" should break even the production costs or more.
Of course, I've no idea what the production costs are for that "line", but if a few thousand copies are sold, safe to say that series was successful to a certain point.

Btw, this graph only shows the total sales of VOL.1, not the other volumes that have been sold later on =)
Treat this graph as the initial response from the masses when the Vol.1 of an anime went on sale.

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