26 April 2011

One Piece GPS

by 00:29
Dinos Japan has announced its first One Piece PND (GPS) to the market.

The GPS comes with a dedicated GUI, such as the Thousand Sunny ship as your tracking icon and a stylus fashioned as an oar. Its possible to choose your favourite One Piece character (only the Straw Hat Pirates crew I think) as the voice guidance which is emitted through the Thousand-Sunny's-figurehead-shaped speaker above the GPS.

Now, if only it works in Grand Line... ( ´∀`)

- Via Akihabara News (English ver.)


Anonymous said...

Looks nice, Japan really comes up with a lot of such stuff

Anonymous said...

I wonder, does it only works in the sea?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous That's..... a good question. Pretty sure it works on land like any GPS with map navigation but perhaps its too much to contain sea bearings and such?
Will have to look into that later when it comes out ^^

Andrew said...

In my opinion, it shouldn't work on sea. Since, GPS mainly work through wired network and there can't be wires inside sea. To make it workable in sea, some new technology has to be used.

Anonymous said...

... what are the chances of this gps working in canada? :)

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