02 May 2011

Madoka ★ Magica Cafe Opens Tomorrow

by 19:42
Tomorrow on Constitution Day, the "Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica Cafe" is ready for the grand unveiling!

UPDATED: The cafe is open!

UPDATED: Sneak peek picture of cafe interior added.

On May 3rd, Good Smile Cafe will play host to the mahou shoujo massacre anime, plastering their cafe with loads of Madoka art, merchandises and goodies.

The exterior of the cafe has Kaname Madoka as the "kanban-musume" (show girl) to welcome innocent young girls into contracting with Kyuubee entering the cafe.
I hope Kyuubee will be the welcome mat  ( ´∀`)

And as usual, I'll be covering the Madoka Cafe here, just like the Nendoroid Cafe (〃^∇^).
More info and pics on the cafe as I get them later on (hopefully somewhere within this week).

While waiting for the Madoka Cafe coverage, see Good Smile Cafe's previous themes;

[Good Smile Nendoroid Cafe]
[Panty and Stocking Theme]

Updated: I see lots of Madoka character designs! Must be Ume-sensei ^^"


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mami's head and Sayaka's heart is on the menu :p

Maybe they will sell soulgems that lights up with a led light?

Yourtime said...

still waiting for an azumanga daioh >:D xD

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous They're selling soul gem drinks ^^. Will explain that later or head over to their site to see their current special menu.

@Yourtime Can't see that ever happening in this timeline ^^"

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