03 May 2011

"One Piece Dome Tour" Exhibition

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Docking at a dome near you!

Welcome pirates and landlubbers, to the greatest One Piece exhibition in history; the "One Piece Dome Tour"!

UPDATE: Tokyo Exhibition Day images added.

During the One Piece Dome Tour, the world of One Piece will be DON!-densed (condensed) into several domes across the nation, fashioned into an indoor theme park event as part of the greatest One Piece exhibition in history!

Come and experience the scaled world of One Piece, such as a Thousand Sunny model with an overall length of 20m, life-sized models of the "The Seven Royal Warlords of the Sea", the gigantic whale Laboon, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirate's adventures during the open exhibition!

The tour will take place in 3 domes across Japan; Osaka Dome, Tokyo Dome and Sapporo Dome.
The Osaka Dome has finished hosting the tour, with the next stop in Tokyo Dome for 5 days,
from April 27th (Wed) till May 1st (Sun), before moving up north to Sapporo Dome in June from the 17th till 19th.

This is a must go for all One Piece fans, as the tour will include, not just a few exhibits, but E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G related to the One Piece universe in chronological order. From East Blue to the Grand Line islands and even the Marineford Showdown, everything will be displayed for fans to come over and enjoy the scaled models of anything and everything related to the pirate world.

The tour will be at Tokyo Dome by next week (April 27th), so if by chance you've got the time, you might want to drop your anchor there ^^"

Applause for Zero-chan as he lined up the images from the server once more, cause I can't be assed to do that, really. Bless him ( ´∀`)

(This event coverage consist of images taken before and during the tour at the Osaka Dome last March.)

I'll try to cover Tokyo's tour next week if I can get any good pics from somewhere, but it'll probably be the same as the following pictures. I'll update this later if there's anything different for Tokyo and Sapporo.

One Piece Dome Tour
Area 1
"East Blue/ Reverse Mountain"
"Little Garden Island"
Area 2
"Drum Island"
"Sky Island"
Area 3
"Water 7 / Enies Lobby"
"Thriller Park"
Area 4
"Sabaody Archipelago"
"Impel Down"

As we all know the world of One Piece is ridiculously vast (and we're only at sea for crying out loud) for attendees to recall or know, the Zoro and Sanji's Voice Guides should help navigate you through the dome tour and its attractions, providing information on every "Area" and their significance for a mere ¥2,000

The voice guides looks something like this:

East Blue / Reverse Mountain

Little Garden Island

Giant Hats! (,,゚Д゚)

Laboon followed them to Tokyo ( ´∀`)

Drum Island


Sky Island

Water 7 / Enies Lobby

This elusive Thousand Sunny model has been spotted a few times in the open, 
and was quite a hot topic in the BBSs and social networks sometime back. 
So it was for this Dome Tour after all ^^

Thriller Park 

Sabaody Archipelago

Impel Down

Den-Den Mushi! ( ´∀`)


Most epic scene in OP. 
Feel like reading that part back again but it's too sad for me (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Reminder: all life-sized ^^
The expression and detailing is incredible ^^
They look exactly like in the manga/anime (well, more to mange for me)

A One Piece Dome Tour Newspaper will be handed out as a gift to all visitors. 
The tabloid-sized newspaper has 8 full pages of colour and plenty of information regarding each corner and goods. 

Here's a quick peek  ^^

Checked the catalog. Nothing over ¥3000. 
Price list can be found here and here.

This is the supposedly Limited Edition Portgas D. Ace Dome Tour ver. only available at the event. 
The fire is casted as "vivid" opaque flames instead of transparent material which was used for the normal editions. 

The comparison:
Dome Tour Edition                                                        Standard Edition
The left is a winner ^^

The "world" map of the Dome Tour!
Don't think I have to explain here on what is where to a One Piece fan ^^
Entrance at Laboon, exit at bottom left corner. 

Luffy Toilets
They're extendable as rubber!

Better close up pics of the Thousand Sunny

The staff are dressed in Marine uniforms. Very appropriate indeed ^^

Marine Commander spotted. 
I think senior staff members wear the Justice caps (or it could just be cosplayers, I can't be sure lol)

I think I read somewhere that the Marineford stage had sounds and voices broadcasted from the anime to suit the atmosphere. I think its a great idea as you relieve that epic showdown for yourself ^^

Another reminder: 1/1 scale 

Live performance crowd

Tanaka Mayuri (Luffy) came on stage!
Is that Hirata (Sanji)?

Yamaguchi Kappei (Usopp) at the meet and greet area along with Tanaka Mayuri. 

Yamaguchi with his usual curly hair lol. 
As much as you think less of OP or think they've built too much hype on OP, its pretty much epic at this point. 
It's become part of Japanese culture. I mean, just look at the reception form the crowds! 
Its like the whole of Tokyo decided to visit Dome Tour lol. 

They're also accepting donations for the earthquake relief fund. Proceeds go to Red Cross btw. 

GolDen-Den Mushi! 
Yea, I fused them together. 

And off to Sapporo!!!

Tokyo Dome

(Tokyo) 2011 April 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, May 1st
(Sapporo) 2011 June 17th, 18th, 19th

Opens at 10:00 / Closes at 18:00 (last admission: 17:00)

  • Advanced Booking : Adult (high schoolers and above) ¥3,000 / Child (middle school and below) ¥2,500
  • On-site Tickets : Adult (high schoolers and above) ¥3,500 / Child (middle school and below) ¥3,000


View Larger Map

JR Line
1 minute walk from Suidobashi Station, Sobu Line

Tokyo Metro
1 minute walk from Korakuen Station, Nanboku Line

Toei Subway
3 minutes walk from Kasuga Station, Toei Oedo Line


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